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Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project - Intercontinental bomber

Myasishchev, detached from the design work and transferred to the Moscow Aviation Institute, did not give up. He was constantly looking for ways to develop aircraft and offered new projects, one of which was the intercontinental bomber project. In a letter sent on July 15, 1946, M.V. Khrunichev, Vladimir Mikhailovich wrote:

"On a distant bomber.

I have considered the possibility of creating a bomber with a flight range of 12 000-15 000 km. Thoughts about the need for such a bomber were voiced by representatives of the command of long-range aviation.

The possibilities for creating such a bomber in the shortest possible time are as follows:

1. The bomber must have 6 ??-73?? motors with a motor altitude of 8500 m. The propeller motor group (???) should be taken exactly according to the drawings of the B-4 (Tu-4) aircraft, so that in the production of VMG with the engine of the AS-73TK this aircraft did not differ from the BMG of the B-4 aircraft in order to simplify the entire task of creating this new aircraft and shortening the aircraft construction cycle.

2. All items of equipment and weapons should be taken in common with the B-4 aircraft in order to ensure the issues described above.

3. The main characteristics of this long-range high-altitude bomber will be as follows:

4. The further development of this aircraft is the installation of pushing screws ..., which will raise the speed to 625 km / h and range up to 14 000 km with the installation of AM-39FTK engines.

5. When receiving screw-turbojet engines (meaning turboprop engines), which are very well installed on this aircraft, the characteristics can be increased, in particular, the speed is up to 700-750 km / h. The first experiments on the operation of these engines on American and British aircraft show extreme urgency in maximizing the acceleration of the manufacture of such engines for us to ensure the development of modern long-range aviation.

6. In order to develop a jet bomber and a transport aircraft, in connection with the very good installation of jet engines on such a large aircraft, parallel operation is also possible over this type of aircraft, as the development of the proposed long-range bomber with six ASh-73TK engines.

However, we must think that such large aircraft will be further developed as tailless aircraft due to the very great advantages presented by this type of large aircraft."

But, despite the requirements of the Air Force, OKB-482 was not restored, and the plane was quickly forgotten. At one of the sessions of the NTS MAI after the presentation of Myasishchev "Formation of the appearance of perspective aircraft", the scientists of the institute decided: "To ban VM. Myasishchev from continued research, recognizing his work as a technical adventurism."

In September 1948, he was released from the post of dean. A formal reason is a violation of the staffing schedule: there are many teachers, and their workload is small. The real reason was rooted in another. In disputes with professors, Myasishchev firmly followed his line, which is how to present the students. Disputes not only did not give birth to the truth, but also entailed a conflict.

But this did not stop the designer, on the contrary, work on promising projects involving students allowed Vladimir Mikhailovich five years later to "plunge" into his native element. In March 1951, at the plant No. 23 in Fili, OKB-23 was organized, headed by V.M. Myasishchev, whose main task was the creation of a reactive RDB - a high-speed long-range bomber, the future M4. Under the supervision of LP Beria, a design bureau was set up under Myasishchev to develop a strategic bomber.

Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project - Intercontinental bomber Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project - Intercontinental bomber Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project - Intercontinental bomber

Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project Myasischev - DVB 1946 Project

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