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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


The AS-3 air-to-surface missile is a large, supersonic, turbojet-powered, cruise missile weighing approximately 24,500 lb with a range of 100 to 350 nm. It carries a 5000-lb nuclear warhead. For guidance it uses a preprogrammed autopilot for launch and climb, an autopilot with command guidance for mid-course flight, and a preprogrammed dive to target. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in an anti-ship role and a CEP of 1 to 3 nm when used against land targets. One AS-3 is carried aboard the Bear B and Bear C aircraft.

X -20M - Air-Launched Cruise Missile of class "air-surface", with RK by control system and turbojet engine. Glider - all-metal monocoque, midwing monoplane, wing is arrow-shaped (35(), of riveted construction. Front cone - sliding. One fuel tank is made from the alloy AMG-E, another - from rubber BUT -68. Basic materials used: D -16, V -95, ML -5 (large-dimension casting), E0KHGSA, E0KHGSNA (loaded details). Application of press riveting of the rivets with a diameter of 8 mm.

The new technological process of manufacture of flexible tanks from oil and gasoline resistant rubber was mastered with the starting of rocket X -20M into the production. Vacuum boiler was acquired for this process; to the rubber- the plastic of workshop shop # 17 is made the addition. The new technological process of manufacture of flexible tanks required fairly complicated rigging - composite punch, which consists of several sections. To the punch stuck damp rubber BUT -68, intensified by rubberized fabric ACRE, then were pasted entrance and exhaust carbine. All this was placed into the vacuum boiler, vulcanization was passed at a temperature of yyae(shch(S. The tank was cut with the end of curing process, and collapsible punch section after the section was extracted from it. Section was then glued up by the already vulcanized sheet rubber with the glueing of seam by cloth AKHKR. Difficulties were with the cementing in of carbines and reaching of the airtightness of tanks, but also they were preodoleny. The assembled and tested to the airtightness tanks were surrendered to assembling of articles. I were active participants in the mastery of this new technological process. V. pugacheva, A. i. kartashov, M. V. mirovich and L. f. azhirkova.

Initially on the technological documentation the main fuel tank of rocket it was provided for to make from sheet steel, but could not be solved the problem of the corrosion of internal cavity after etching, and steel was replaced with the sheet material of brand AMG-'.

With the mastery of article X -20M was mastered and inculcated one additional new technological process - process of large-dimension magnesium casting. For this purpose in the shop # 12 established the melting furnaces of larger power. From the section of trimming colored casting they separately isolated the section of trimming magnesium castings and the section of trimming aluminum casting; the cases of mixing the trimmings of colored casting were excluded thus, defective index was reduced.

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