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System A-235 /
RTC-181M complex 14TS033 /
ROC "Nudol"


A-235 Program History

Development of the upgraded version of the missile defense system A-135 was specified Resolution of the USSR #585-119 on construction of the A-135, which was released June 7, 1978 Design of the system was conducted NIIRP CSPA "Vympel" since 1986, General Designer - AG bassists (to 1998), Chief Designer - B.P.Vinogradov. After the death of A.G.Basistova in 1998 became chief designer NIIRP B.P.Vinogradov.

In accordance with the decree of the USSR from 15.07.1985, the #661-202 NIIRP, as a division of CSPA "Vympel", is the parent company of Russian multi-tier missile defense system as a whole, on the ground missile defense system and the system of information security defense system. The first conceptual design of a missile defense system A-235 is probably protected in 1985-1986 Description of the missile defense system A-235 is given in detail in the article on the missile defense system A-235 and ROC "Samolyet-M".

The first work on the ABM system A-235 began in the Soviet Union in 1985-1986. Since then, work on this system was continuing. Supposedly the place of deployment of a new, more advanced missile defense system should be a former district A-135 system bases near Moscow. The new complex will have ample opportunity to intercept warheads for ballistic missiles and spacecraft.

A "Memo on the actual situation in connection with the U.S. claims regarding the Soviet Union's compliance with obligations in the area of limitations of arms" is undated, but by all indicators it was prepared in the late 1985 - most likely ahead of the first Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Geneva in November 1985.

"In accordance with the Decision of the Central Comittee and the Council of Ministers of 15 July 1985, the work has began on further modification of the Moscow ABM system - the A-235 system (intercept of 8-12 complex ballistic targets and up to 40 Pershing-2-type missiles). The system will be presented for tests in 1995. At the same time, development is under way of a short-range intercept system S-550 for protection of single highly valuable objects (timeline -1988) and of a 'Sambo' system for protection of ICBM silo launchers (timeline - 1988).... All development is carried out in compliance with the ABM Treaty, with the exception of the S-550 and 'Sambo' systems, whose deployment would be inconsistent with the Treaty."

Development of interception missiles, most likely, is engaged in the design bureau «Novator», and the Executive Director would be a company "Avangard" from Ekaterinburg. The development of the A-235 deals with the Russian company "Almaz-Antey", leading the work on several projects: RTC-181M (the same A-235) and "M-plane" (the creation of new warheads for missiles). Reliable information about the missile defense system has not been updated. In 2009 the Concern "Radio Engineering and Information Systems" completed the modernization of the radar receiver sections, "Don 2NP" modernized and prepared kits transmitting station sections.

So far, work on the creation of a modernized version of the A-135 was conducted in an atmosphere of silence - the press leaked little information concerning the launching of missiles, the creation of improved structural members or prospects of the development of new types of missiles.

In November 2007 the final TTZ on upgrading the missile defense system of Moscow was approved the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry. By 2009 the positive conclusion of the Russian Defense Ministry on the preliminary design of a modernized missile defense system RTC-181M from NIIRP. JSC "Radio Engineering Institute. Academician A.L.Mints" performed work on the modernization of the receiving sections and procured a set of upgraded radar transmitting section 5N20 "Don-2N" near Moscow. In 2010 there was the first mention of work on OCD "Nudol" in the annual report of the "Vanguard".

So, in the year 2015 was first published in publicly available figure presumably mobile Launcher P222 far Echelon (14C033) prospective Russian missile defense system on the theme "Nudol", a development of JSC "Concern EKR" Almaz-Antey". Image of the launcher appeared in corporate calendar concern "Almaz-antei" and was quickly dispersed across the internet. It is worth noting that in the annual report for year 2013 incoming concern PVO Almaz-antey enterprise "Design Bureau of special machine building reported that under the theme" Nudol' "they had received chassis mzkt for (experimental) installation P222, while manufacturing equipment was provided in a consistent manner. Then, that LACA-KB special machinery — the year 2011 works within works on OCD «Nudol'» on the creation of design documentation on the SPU is a self-propelled Launcher, TLV-freight charges and machine TM-transport machine missile system, known from the annual report of the company.

Tests of new interceptors that would constitute this complex, Maj.-Gen. Andrei Demin, Commander of air defense and missile defense, said that along with missiles, there are currently efforts aimed at creating new means of detection and tracking, in addition to the ongoing modernization of the existing station "Don-2n. According to this station's features, Demin said, over the past few years capabilities had increased two-fold.

After trials in late spring or early fall of 2013, the A-235 may enter alert, but this seemed not to have happened by the end of 2015.

Presumably a place to deploy missile defense complex in the A-235 will be former area-based missile defense system A-135 Nudol near Moscow (the source). The complex will have the capacity to intercept ballistic missile warheads, as well as spacecraft.

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