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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Al Jesira / al-Jazirah / Al Jrezira
Al Kindi General Establishment
Jaber bin Hayan General Establishment

The nuclear facility at Mosul, located in northern Iraq, was Iraq's site for full-scale production of uranium feed materials. A large variety of unenriched uranium compounds was stored on site including yellowcake, uranium dioxide (UO2), and uranium tetrachloride (UCl4). This site was heavily damaged by bombing during the Gulf war. Inspectors have visited this facility several times and have monitored the Iraqi efforts to consolidate and dispose of the contaminated equipment and waste sludge from the site.

The Iraqi nuclear weapons effort, which was directed from the PC-3 headquarters received raw uranium for processing from mines at Ukashat. Seven facilities were promiment in the calutron enrichment program. Four of these facilities, al-Jesira, al-Atheer and al-Rabbiyah and al-Dijjla at Zafaraniyah, had not been identified by American intelligence as being associated with the nuclear weapons program and consequently escaped any significant damage from coalition airstrikes during the Gulf War. The three other facilities -- Tuwaitha, Tarmiya, and al-Fajar -- were previoiusly identified by American intelligence as being associated with the nuclear weapons program and suffered extensive damage during the War. Another program for the production of uranium under the Petrochemical-3 project used gas centrifuge enrichment, with two facilities at Al Furat and Rashidiya, and a third under construction at Taji.

Mosul is the reported location of the Jaber bin Hayan General Establishment, producing UF6 for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons. It is also the location of the Al Kindi General Establishment, which according to some reports has engaged in production of UCl4 for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons.

Al Jesira Factory was a Uranium feed stock production facility. Iraq built facilities to produce uranium oxide and uranium tetrachloride feedstocks. The facility is located 385 km NW of Baghdad near Mosul [which may or may not be near the region of Al Jazirah, which seems a bit distant to be "near Mosul"]. The undeclared uranium conversion plant in Jesira, capable of producing UO2 from yellowcake and UCl4 from UO2 should have been declared and, consequently, should have been subject to IAEA safeguards. Iraq conducted extensive deception to hide the true nature of the chemical plant.

The facility was planned to be the site of future production facility for uranium hexafluoride. Products included: uranium dioxide, uranium tetrachloride, and uranium hexaflouride. Facility 212 processes U2O8 and U3O8 into UO2. The raw U2O8 and U3O8 is a by-product of al-Akarhat fertilizer plant, not itself part of the Iraqi nuclear program. Facility 244, which is adjacent to 212, processed the UO2 from facility 212 into uranium tetrachloride (UCl4).

The facility was attacked during the Gulf War. The critical areas of the 212 Facility were not damaged during the Gulf War, while Facility 244 suffered no more than 20% aggregate damage. [GulfLINK]

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