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The Samen, Sejjil, and Ashura Iranian New Ballistic Missile Developments

© By Charles P. Vick (All Rights Reserved)

Senior Technical Analyst,


Confirmation of the Samen/Ghadr-101/Chinese M-9/DF-15 Solid Propellant Ballistic Missile

On Sunday September 21, 2008 Iran quietly paraded without fanfare it version of the long predicted Samen/Ghadr-101 tactical solid propellant ballistic missile. It is the Iranian variant of the Chinese M-9/DF-15/CSS-6 the technology of which was received from China several years ago along with other solid propellant technology received from Pakistan then existing A Q. Khan proliferation network as predicted by this web site. Two images of the new one meter diameter ballistic missile long since perfected and deployed in Iran were shown in two photo images from the FARS News Agency. The only noticeable difference is the display version essentially identical to the Chinese M-9 rocket body design is the shortened conical nose cone installed on this variant of the derived design. It also capable of utilizing the advanced tri-conic warhead design seen on the Shahab-3B and Shahab-3C/Ghadr-1 launch vehicle. This is an undisputable example long suspected of Chinese ballistic missile technology proliferation to Iran . It is also believed to have received help with its Ashura/Ghadr-110A medium range ballistic missile replacement for the Shahab-3A/3B ballistic missile with it 2,000 km range capacity. The Ashura/Ghadr-110A is in production and is being deployed. Literally Iran developed, flight tested and put this missile in production, and deployment without ever saying a thing about. It proves in this particular case that the Iranian "People's Mojahedin of Iran" prediction of this introduction was indeed spot on accurate intelligence released to the world. (16)

Samen single stage solid propellant ballistic missile



Range Kilometers 750-800
Diameter Meters ~1.0-1.25
Height Meters ~9.0
Stages   1-2?
Launch Mass Kilograms  
Warhead Mass Kilograms 1,158-650
Chinese Origin Heritage M-9 missile



By Charles P. Vick © All Rights Reserved 2007

Senior Analyst,

Finally on January 29, 2007 the US government acknowledged for the first time the existence of several new Iranian and North Korean missiles under development through a speech by the deputy director of the Missile Defense Agency of the Pentagon Army Brig. General Patrick O’Reilly before the George C. Marshall Institute.  In that speech he described the Iranian multi stage Ghadr-101 with a 750-800-1000 km range and the two-three stage Ghadr-110 (Ashura) solid propellant missile with a range of (1,324 miles) 1,995.16 or close to 2,000 kilometers. It has been known that the Iranians are working on the Ghadr-101 as well as the Ghadr-110 (Ashura) solid propellant missiles. The Ghadr-101, 110 solid motor development was completed in 2005. He also described the two stage Taep’o-dong-2C/3 as having a range of (6,200 Miles) 9,975.8 kilometers and the three stage version with a range of (9,300 miles) 14,963.7 kilometers with a 200-250 kg warhead. He went further in his slides presentation to show that the liquid propellant No-dong-B/Mirim has a demonstrated range of 2,000 miles or 3,218 kilometers (3,000 kilometers) when it is capable of flying (2,485 miles) or 4,000 kilometers. (24) The No-dong-B was described as “a qualitative improvement in the performance” from earlier North Korean missile systems. The Iranian Ghadr-101, 110, 110A will in fact also provides Iran with an ASAT capability besides its operational MRBM and IRBM capability.


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