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Musudan-ri/Musudan-ni Missile Test Facility

Rocket Motor Test Stand

NorthKoreanRange Test Infrastructure

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By Charles P. Vick

April 11, 2007

Static Test Firing & Dynamic Test Facility Infrastructure

This is the static test facility that may also serves as the stage dynamic test facility. The facility has a liquid rocket engine static test firing test cell as well as a stage and dynamic test tower above the test cell. The facility also has a two story plus tall offices and barracks for personnel that may serve as an upper stage MIK ready room also. The test facility utilizes a static test firing control building with a front entrance area and upper observation area some distance back from the test stand tower. The test Stand is surrounded by a double fence line with numerous camera positions. From time to time numerous truck based trailer tankers have been seen on the test facility concrete slab apron. These same tanker trailers were seen near the launch site prior to the launch of the Taep ’o-dong-2 class booster. Some appear to have Soviet era design heritage details. The present Taep ’o-dong-2 launch pad with its two meter inside diameter launch pad has been utilized for one static test firing of its first stage and the subsequent flight test of the Taep ’o-dong-2 class booster July 4-5, 2006. Subsequently static test firings for the Taep ’o-dong-2 stages took place on the nearby regional rocket engine and now launch vehicle stage static test firing facility infrastructure. In recent years that static test firing test stand has had a full launch vehicle stage static dynamic test tower built above the rocket engine test cell.

That static test tower design resembles the old Atlas static test towers seen at Edwards Air Force Base static test firing center. The characteristic of the test bench is very similar to the typical Soviet era design heritage styled static test firing stands built on a hillside above a valley (that has a drain off stream near the flame jet apron base) with a bench created and supported by two square pedestals above the sloping hill. The flame jet diverter is installed in the side of the hill and under the bench and between the two large vertical pillars. Several test firings have taken place there in recent years with at least one failure noted in 2002 but the facility was quickly repaired and put back in service with follow up tests. In general this static test facility continues to grow with infrastructure being added since the year 2000.

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