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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraq Survey Group Final Report


Annex F


Photography Highlights: Tuwaitha Mission,
20-22 November 2003

Building 37, Room 1. Crane outside room 1, pans/base, and water pumps.

Building 37, Room 3. Distillation columns, technicatiome items, and heat exchangers.

Building 163 (connex): Shipping crate (connex) (top left), digital equipment (top center and top right), high-voltage system (bottom left), and vacuum pumps (bottom right).

Building 53, Room 1. Water filtration system, processing tank, and press.

Building 53, Room 1. Bathtubs and dryer (left); clove oil production equipment (center and right).

Building 53, Room 1. Water-processing system (left and center); press (right).

Building 53, Room 1. Production of lipton wax (left and center); zinc oxide production (right).

Building 53, Room 1. Dryer (left) and pressure vessel (right).

Building 53, Room 9. Chemical laboratory (left) and lab-processing equipment (right).

Building 16: Festo pneumatic valves, table saw (bottom left), and liquid nitrogen bottle.

Building 59: Power dispenser (R1), reverse osmosis schematic (R3), and oven/incubator (R9).

Building 59: Stirrers (R9), hotplates and fermaldehyde (R9), and biohazard sticker (R11).

Building 59: Bacteriology laboratory (R14), chem/bio laboratory (R15), and chemicals (R15).

Building 59: Fume hood (R17), protected lab (R19), and brucella medium base (R20).

Building 59: Unidentified equipment (R23), water softener (R23), and autoclave? (R23).

Building 59: Reverse osmosis laboratory (R29) (left and center); burnt metal cases (R31) (right).

Building 59: Unidentified burnt equipment (R32), unidentified equipment (R40), and distilation equipment (R42).

Building 59: Rad. source-led cave (R45).

Building 59: Hallway; unidentified equipment, dose rate meter, and unidentified equipment.

Building 167, Room 2. Americium-241 radiological source on desk.

Building 17, Room 2. Mechanical/plumbing workshop.

Building 17: Mechanical/woodwork workshop (R19) (left and center); unidentified gas bottle (R16) (right).

Building 17: Tammuz/cooling tower (Osirak) (left and center); Tammuz-2 (ISIS) (right).

Building 3: Germanium detector cryostat (R24).
Building 82: Possible missile transportation canister (R4).
Building 7: Burned room.

Library (from berm), bunker (behind building 167), and view from berm.

11 November 2003 Mission: Optical spectrometer (near building 90; in report), Anderson sampler (dump near main entrance).


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