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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraq Survey Group Final Report


Solid-Propellant Rocket Motor Case Manufacture

At Al Amin, an aging oven originally installed for the first stage of the proscribed BADR-2000 ballistic missile, which was “destroyed” by UNSCOM, was repaired. Iraq constructed a much larger annealing furnace, and an existing annealing furnace at a nearby Saddam General Company (now known as Al Ikha’ Company) was used in the manufacturing process for the Al Fat’h motor.This annealing capacity greatly exceeded the requirements of the Al Fat’h and Al ‘Ubur missile systems and provided Iraq with the ability to create motor casings greater than 1 meter in diameter and 6.5 meters in length, consistent with the plans now revealed for a larger, longer range missile.

  • During a site exploitation visit to Al Amin, ISG investigated the BADR-2000 aging oven that had been ‘destroyed’ by the UN and had been recomissioned for use in the production process for the Al Fat’h motor. To do this effectively, a cylindrical sleeve was inserted into the furnace to enable a better match with the 500-mm-diameter motor case. The aging oven was incapable of annealing 30CrMoV9 material of the Al Fat’h motor case.
  • Iraq built a new furnace that was capable of heat-treating a motor case about 1.25 meters in diameter with a length in excess of 6.5 meters. This furnace contained a fixture that could hold a motor case 1-meter in diameter. ISG could not determine if this furnace had been used or even commissioned.
  • Large annealing furnaces at an existing facility of the Saddam General Company were used to anneal solid-propellant rocket motor cases for the Al Fat’h missile.


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