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March 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • PRESIDENT PUTIN'S CHALLENGES Voice of America 30 March 2000 -- Vladimir Putin is obviously younger and healthier than his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. Newspapers around the globe are saying he will need more than this to run his country.
  • RUSSIA: MEDIA RIFE WITH SPECULATION ON 'BLACK BOX' PUTIN IN WAKE OF ELECTION WIN Issue Focus - Foreign Media Reaction 29 March 2000 -- With Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential race, overseas commentators were left to speculate--in the absence of a well-articulated campaign platform by Mr. Putin--on whether he is up to the "tall order" of righting the troubled Russian state without resorting to "authoritarian methods," and on what his reign signals for Russian-West relations.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS Voice of America 29 March 2000 -- Russian lawmakers have rejected a Communist Party move to strip former President Boris Yeltsin of his immunity from prosecution.
  • Russia After the Elections Thomas R. Pickering, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Address at Meridian House/Smithsonian Seminar "Russia: Sleeping Superpower?" Washington, DC, March 28, 2000 -- Sunday's presidential elections mark Russia's first democratic transfer of power in its 1,000-year history. One of the most overlooked facts about this election is that democratic elections are becoming unchallenged in Russia as the way to select leaders. Russia is still very much a work in progress. No one is under the illusion that Russia's path to democracy and a full market economy is getting any easier. And we realize that Russian transformation is not a matter of months or years but something that probably will take decades and generations.
  • RUSSIA REACT Voice of America 28 March 2000 -- Russia's newspapers have pronounced the country's political opposition dead in the wake of Vladimir Putin's resounding first round presidential election victory.
  • THE RUSSIAN ELECTION Voice of America 28 March 2000 -- Vladimir Putin, the 47-year-old former K-G-B intelligence agent, rode a high voter turnout to an absolute majority in this week's Russian election.
  • RUSSIA / RESULTS Voice of America 27 March 2000 -- Newly-elected President Vladimir Putin will officially take over as Russia's second post-Soviet leader in early May.
  • RUSSIA/ELECTIONS Voice of America 26 March 2000 -- The question is whether Acting President Putin will win in a first round victory, or if he'll face Communist challenger Gennady Zyuganov in a run-off.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN Voice of America 24 March 2000 -- Mr. Putin has a wide edge over his opponents, though a low voter turnout could hurt his chances for a first round victory.
  • RUSSIA / ELECTIONS Voice of America 24 March 2000 -- Acting President Vladimir Putin, who took over the Kremlin when President Boris Yeltsin resigned on New Years Eve, is widely expected to win.
  • RUSSIA: WHAT KIND OF ECONOMY? Voice of America 23 March 2000 -- Judging from growth, unemployment, inflation, and poverty data, Russia's economy is in worse shape today than it was before the reforms began.
  • RUSSIA ELECT / PUTIN Voice of America 23 March 2000 -- As Russia's presidential campaign draws to a close, the question is not who will win, but whether Acting President Vladimir Putin will get the majority he needs to win in Sunday's first round of voting.
  • RUSSIA / ELECTION / LIFE IN SIBERIA Voice of America 22 March 2000 -- Miners are afraid to strike because they will simply lose their jobs. Any illusions they once had that the Kremlin will come to their aid have long since disappeared.
  • Text: Panel to Review Energy Dept.'s Nonproliferation Programs in Russia 21 March 2000 -- U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson has appointed a panel to review and assess the Department of Energy's (DOE) nonproliferation programs in Russia and to recommend how those programs could be enhanced.
  • RUSSIA ELECTION / CANDIDATES Voice of America 20 March 2000 -- Twelve candidates will face voters in Russia's presidential election next Sunday. But only one, Acting President Vladimir Putin, is given any chance of winning.
  • KIRIENKO - RUSSIA Voice of America 20 March 2000 -- Former Russian Prime Minister and noted advocate of reform, Sergei Kirienko, predicts there will not be any sweeping reforms after Sunday's presidential election.
  • RUSSIA / SIBERIA / ELECTION Voice of America 20 March 2000 -- In southern Siberia, many voters say they are not impressed by what they see as the Kremlim's choice for a new leader.
  • PUTIN'S ECONOMY (PART 2) Voice of America 17 March 2000 -- Oil exporting Russia is benefiting from the tripling of oil prices over the past year and foreign investors are confident that Vladimir Putin will capitalize on improved government finances to launch a new round of economic reform.
  • RUSSIA / MEDIA Voice of America 16 March 2000 -- A Moscow newspaper specializing in hard-hitting investigative reporting has been victimized by computer hackers who destroyed the latest issue.
  • PUTIN'S ECONOMY Voice of America 16 March 2000 -- Largely because of the tripling of oil prices, Russian exports in recent months have been up over 20-percent. Foreign exchange reserves are up and have risen by over one-billion-dollars so far this year. The Russian budget has moved into surplus, and the stock market for the past four months has greatly out-performed Eastern Europe.
  • Speaker Names Policy Chairman Cox to Lead Russia Policy Review Team 15 March 2000 -- House Speaker Dennis Hastert named House Policy Chairman Christopher Cox (R-Calif.) today to chair a task force to review U.S. policy toward Russia, and make recommendations to improve it. "Despite the continuing importance of Russia and U.S.-Russian relations, the situation in Russia continues to deteriorate even as Russia's proliferation efforts increase, particularly to Iran, and its bloody war in Chechnya continues," Speaker Hastert stated.
  • RUSSIA ELECT / MEDIA Voice of America 15 March 2000 -- Russia's presidential race is shaping up as an almost certain victory for Acting President Vladimir Putin.
  • CONGRESS-RUSSIA Voice of America 15 March 2000 -- The Speaker of the U-S House of Representatives is setting up a special panel of Republican congressmen to examine United States policy towards Russia. Speaker Hastert says the benefits of America's Cold War victory over the Soviet Union have been squandered by the Clinton administration.
  • Putin Orders Faster Space Program Guidelines Development ITAR-TASS 02 Mar 2000 - The acting president also voiced his support for the prolongation of the service life of the Russian orbiting station Mir and called the arguments of its advocates "compelling". "We will work on it," he said.

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