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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

1999 South Korea Special Weapons News

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  • 31ST REPUBLIC OF KOREA-UNITED STATES SECURITY CONSULTATIVE MEETING Joint Communiqué November 23, 1999 Washington, DC -- The two Ministers concurred that smooth implementation of the light-water reactor (LWR) project in North Korea is critical to the resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue. They also noted that North Korea's chemical and biological weapons pose a threat to ROK and US security interests and urged North Korea to abide by international conventions banning the production, possession, and use of these weapons. In particular, they stressed that North Korea should accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention without delay.
  • S.Korea Develops Surface-to-Air Missile People's Daily Tuesday, November 16, 1999 -- South Korea said on November 15 that it has developed a surface-to-air missile named Chonma with a shooting range of up to 10 kilometers which is to be deployed in December.
  • Seoul Denies Longer-Range Missile Bid By Son Key-young Korea Times 15 November 1999 -- Korean officials have categorically denied as ``groundless'' Saturday's New York Times report that Seoul is seeking to secretly develop longer range ballistic missiles in violation of an agreement with Washington. Korean military authorities had recently moved a missile test station from a fishing hamlet to an island because the tests have hampered fishermen from doing their job, causing them financial losses.
  • Gas masks to be issued Monday By Allison Perkins Pacific Stars & Stripes November 12, 1999 -- - The military will begin distribution of gas masks to non-mission essential U.S. civilians in South Korea on Monday.
  • Seoul Undecided on Missile Choice For Defense Program: Defense Ministry People's Daily Thursday, November 11, 1999 -- South Korea denied on November 10 that it had decided to buy US-made Patriot missiles for its new air- defense program.
  • Proposed FMS to Republic of Korea - PATRIOT Advance Capability MEMORANDUM FOR CORRESPONDENTS No. 173-M November 9, 1999 -- The Republic of Korea has requested a possible sale of 14 PATRIOT Advance Capability 3 (PAC 3) fire units consisting of: 14 AN/MPQ-53 radar sets, 14 AN/MSQ-104 engagement control stations, 76 M091 launching stations, and 616 MIM-104D missiles. The estimated cost is $4.2 billion.
  • NK: 148,000 S. Koreans Were Massacred By U.S. Troops By Jim Lea, Pacific Stars and Stripes November 5, 1999 -- North Korea says U.S. troops massacred more than 148,000 South Korean civilians at 23 locations during the Korean War.
  • Reaction Mixed To Plan For Distributing Gas Masks By Jeremy Kirk, Pacific Stars and Stripes November 2, 1999 - Civilians say the U.S. military's decision to issue gas masks this month to all nonessential personnel doesn't come as a shock given the peninsula's politics, but the move may cause increased concern about chemical warfare.
  • KOREA KILLING PROBE Voice of America 02 November 1999 -- Pentagon officials have asked a group of distinguished Americans to advise the military on its investigation of the deaths of civilians during the Korean War.
  • 14,000 U.S. Civilians In Korea To Get Gas Masks In November By Jim Lea, Pacific Stars and Stripes October 30, 1999 - About 14,000 family members, nonmission-essential civilian employees and contractors in the U.S. military community in South Korea will begin receiving gas masks next month, U.S. Forces Korea announced Friday.
  • U.S. Noncombatants in South Korea to Receive Protective Masks By Linda D. Kozaryn American Forces Press Service 29 October 1999 -- U.S. Forces Korea has taken another step to protect military families and other DoD-affiliated non- combatants from the threat of weapons of mass destruction.


  • U-S / KOREA MASSACRE Voice of America 29 October 1999 -- A team of U-S Army investigators has begun a probe into an alleged massacre committed by American troops during the Korean war.
  • KOREA MASSACRE - SURVIVORS Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Survivors of the alleged massacre at Nogun-ri say their stories may be disturbing, but they insist they are the truth.
  • KOREA MASSACRE - INVESTIGATION Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- A team of U-S experts is in South Korea to begin investigating allegations that American soldiers massacred civilians during the Korean War almost 50 years ago.
  • KOREA MASSACRE INVESTIGATION Voice of America 13 October 1999 -- U-S Assistant Secretary of State Stanley Roth says the two countries will most likely conduct separate but coordinated investigations into the alleged massacre of South Korean civilians by U-S troops during the Korean War.
  • KOREAN MASSACRE Voice of America 08 October 1999 -- The U-S Defense Department has opened an investigation into allegations American soldiers killed South Korean civilians several weeks after the outbreak of the Korean War.
  • KOREAN G-IS - MASSACRE Voice of America 07 October 1999 -- American veterans have spoken out for the first time about an alleged massacre of South Korean civilians just several weeks after the outbreak of the Korean conflict. Interviews three of these former soldiers and reports they have conflicting views as to what exactly happened on July 26th, 1950 in the South Korean hamlet of No Gun Ri.
  • Another Korean War Massacre Report Surfaces By Jim Lea, Pacific Stars and Stripes October 7, 1999 -- Reports of a second incident of alleged killing of South Korean civilians by U.S. troops in the early days of the Korean War have surfaced.
  • SOUTH KOREA NUCLEAR Voice of America 07 October 1999 -- There have been angry demonstrations outside a nuclear power plant in South Korea, following a radiation leak which affected 22 workers. The demonstrators called for an independent inquiry into the accident and voiced concern over safety.
  • S. KOREA NUCLEAR Voice of America 06 October 1999 -- There have been angry demonstrations outside a nuclear power plant in South Korea, following a radiation leak which affected 22 workers. The demonstrators called for an independent inquiry into the accident and voiced concern over safety . The South Korean capital, Seoul, government investigators have stepped up their probe into the causes of the accident.
  • SOKOR NUKE SPILL Voice of America 5 October 1999 -- A leak at a nuclear plant in South Korea has exposed 22-people to radiation. The plant's owners say the radiation was contained in the building.
  • U-S KOREAN WAR MASSACRE ALLEGED Voice of America 04 October 1999 -- The Associated Press reported last week that, after a long, and painstaking investigation by several members of its staff, it had proof of a massacre by U-S troops early in the Korean War.
  • Cohen Orders Review of Alleged Massacre American Forces Press Service 01 October 1999 -- Defense Secretary William S. Cohen has directed the Army to investigate allegations that U.S. soldiers massacred hundreds of South Korean villagers nearly 50 years ago.


  • DoD News Briefing Thursday, September 30, 1999 -- The early weeks of the Korean conflict were very chaotic. U.S. soldiers, although they fought with great courage under very harsh conditions, were ill trained and ill equipped to fight because of the large reduction in resources available to the military for training and equipment following World War II.


  • CHINA - SOUTH KOREA Voice of America 24 August 1999 -- China's defense minister has accepted an invitation to visit South Korea, in what diplomats say is a sign of the increasing closeness between the two former Korean War adversaries. These are the first-ever talks between the two countries' defense chiefs.
  • S. KOREA - U-S MILITARY Voice of America 16 August 1999 -- The United States and South Korea have begun twelve days of joint military exercises which they describe as an effective deterrent to external aggression. The operation comes amid concerns that neighboring North Korea may be preparing to test fire a long-range missile.


  • U.S. To Discuss S. Korea's Wish For New Missile By Jim Lea, Pacific Stars And Stripes July 30, 1999 -- The United States agreed Wednesday to hold working-level talks with South Korea on Seoul's request to develop longer-range missiles capable of striking much of North Korea.
  • Press statement following the ROK-U.S. summit meeting July 2, 1999 -- President Kim and President Clinton reviewed the circumstances relating to North Korea's possible missile test launch. Sharing the view that North Korea's additional missile test launch could bring about negative consequences, they agreed to work together with firm determination to prevent North Korea from conducting another launch.
  • US Department of State Daily Press Briefing 01 July 1999 -- ROK President Kim Visit / Bilateral Meeting With POTUS / Efforts to Deal With DPRK / Missile Activities / US Technological Support to ROK's Short Range Missile Capabilities / US Nonproliferation Objectives / DPRK Missile Program / Secretary of Defense Perry in Pyongyang / "Serious Consequences" / Detained American Citizen in DPRK / Fishing Boats Dispute / General Officer Talks


  • The Korean Government Lodges Stern Protest National Security Council statement June 15, 1999 -- The Republic of Korea Government has lodged a stern protest with North Korea against the incursion on June 15 into an area south of the Northern Limit Line by North Korean war ships and the armed provocation.
  • ROK-U.S. Military Committee to Issue Warning Against North Korean Provocations June 15, 1999 -- An ROK-U.S. Military Committee meeting, cochaired by the chairmen of the Korean and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, was held at the Korean Ministry of Defense this afternoon to jointly cope with the series of North Korean incursions over the Northern Limit Line (NLL) by its patrol boats.
  • South and North Korean Ships Clash in the Yellow Sea June 15, 1999 Ministry of Defense -- At about 09:25 hours on June 15, North Korean war ships encroached upon an area south of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea. During the process of trying to block the encroachment, North Korean ships fired at our naval vessels, and we had to fire back in response.


  • USAF Squadron Arrives at Kwang Ju Air Base (USFK) May 19, 1999 - The first 12 of 18 U.S. Air Force F-15E aircraft and approximately 200 personnel from the 90th Fighter Squadron from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, began arriving around 1 p.m. today at Kwang Ju Air Base, South Korea.
  • ROK Won't Join Missile Program By Jim Lea, Pacific Stars And Stripes May 5, 1999 Pg. 3 - The South Korean Defense Ministry has reiterated that it has no plans to join a U.S.-Japan theater missile defense program because it lacks the money and technology to take part in the project.


  • The Government of the People's Policy on Inter-Korean Exchanges and the Current Situation April 13, 1999 -- Based on the principle that all pending inter-Korean issues should be resolved through South-North dialogue, the Government of the People¡ªthe Administration of Kim Dae-jung¡ªhas, since its inauguration, been making various efforts to entice North Korea into dialogue.
  • The Government of the People's Sunshine Policy toward North Korea and Plans for Implementation April 12, 1999 -- The Sunshine Policy is the mainstay of the Republic of Korea's North Korea policies aimed at achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula through reconciliation and cooperation with the North. It is not a simple appeasement policy in that it pursues peace on the basis of a strong security stance.


  • EXERCISE TESTS COMMAND'S EVACUATION PROCEDURES (USFK) March 25, 1999 -- U.S. Forces Korea will conduct Courageous Channel 99-1, a semi-annual noncombatant evacuation operations (NEO) exercise, March 25-28. This exercise will test the command's NEO plans and procedures for an ordered evacuation from the Republic of Korea (ROK).


  • REUNIFICATION OVERCOMING A NATIONAL CRISIS,THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA RISES UP AGAIN A Year of Trials and Challenges for President Kim Dae-jung February 1999 -- By aggressively pushing the Four-Party Meeting with North Korea, the U.S and China and interaction and cooperation with Pyongyang under the three principles of the policy toward North Korea, the country has earned enthusiastic support in the international community for its Sunshine Policy, and laid a firm foundation for settlement of peace on the Korean Peninsula.


  • SUNSHINE POLICY IN A NUTSHELL - January 1999 -- The sunshine policy seeks to bring about a state of peaceful coexistence in the Korean Peninsula by effecting changes in North Korea through reconciliation, cooperation, and mutual exchange, all founded upon a basis of airtight national security.
  • The Government of the People of the ROK and its North Korea Policy - January 1999 -- The Government of the People of the ROK declares the driving purpose of its North Korea policy: to establish a triumvirate of peace, reconciliation, and cooperation for marked improvement of InterKorean relations. Priority at this moment must be given to peaceful coexistence of the ROK and the DPRK over attempts at hasty unification.

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