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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

April 2005 Pakistan Special Weapons News

  • Pakistan denies giving North Korea's N-secrets to Japan IRNA 29 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan strongly denied on Friday giving information about North Korea's nuclear program to Pyongyang's rival Tokyo.
  • Pakistani tribesmen surrender heavy weapons IRNA 28 Apr 2005 -- Tribesmen in Pakistan Kheyber Agency, close to Afghan border, on Thursday voluntarily surrendered a large quantity of heavy weapons to the local authorities, reports said.
  • No U-turn on Kashmir issue, says Pak president IRNA 27 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf has defended his stand over Kashmir, saying Pakistan's policy on the dispute with India had not changed.
  • Pakistan to maintain minimum defence deterrence: Musharraf IRNA 27 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf has said that his country would maintain minimum deterrence in conventional and non-conventional areas.
  • Pakistani, Indian leadership want Kashmir resolution: Musharraf IRNA 27 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said both Islamabad and New Dehli have realized the importance of seizing the opportunity for lasting peace in South Asia through the resolution of long standing Kashmir dispute.
  • World: Pakistani President Renews Call For Islamic Tolerance, 'Enlightened Moderation' RFE/RL 20 Apr 2005 -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has renewed his calls for fellow Muslims to reject extremism and to promote religious tolerance. Musharraf said Islamic nations need to embrace a concept that he calls "enlightened moderation." It is an idea Musharraf put forward about a year ago as a way to combat the root causes of terrorism. At the same time, Musharraf said that Western nations must help resolve long-standing political disputes -- like the Palestinian conflict -- that have caused pain across the Islamic world.
  • Rocket Attack, Bomb Blasts Rock Southwestern Pakistan VOA News 20 Apr 2005 -- Pakistani officials say suspected dissident tribesmen in the restive southwestern province of Baluchistan have blown up three electricity pylons and caused five explosions in two major cities.
  • Pak top military official reacts strongly to US General's remarks IRNA 20 Apr 2005 -- A top Pakistani military official on Wednesday strongly reacted to remarks by Commander of the US-led forces in Afghanistan, Lt-Gen David Barno, who reportedly said that Pakistan is planning to launch an operation against militants in its North Waziristan tribal region.
  • Pak dailies' mixed reaction to outcome of Musharraf's India visit IRNA 20 Apr 2005 -- Two Pakistani newspapers came up with mixed reactions to a joint statement at the end of meeting between President General Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Monday and comments by Mr. Musharraf on settlement of Kashmir dispute.
  • Pakistan disputes US general's remarks on operation IRNA 19 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan on Tuesday disagreed with remarks by a top US general in Afghanistan that Pakistan is planning to launch an operation against militants in its North Waziristan tribal region, a military spokesman was quoted as saying.
  • Terror outfits flay Musharraf for talks with India IRNA 18 Apr 2005 -- Five militant organizations today accused Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf of surrendering before India and trading the Kashmir issue for monetary gains.
  • Report: Army in Pakistan encouraging religious extremism IRNA 18 Apr 2005 -- Far from restraining religious extremism, the military government has actively encouraged it, co-opting the religious right to bolster its legitimacy and relying on it to counter democratic opposition, claims a a report released by a Brussels-based think-tank Monday.
  • Peace process irreversible: India-Pak joint statement IRNA 18 Apr 2005 -- The much-awaited joint statement by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf stressed that the "peace process is irreversible.
  • 'Irreversible' dialogue declared by India and Pakistan gets warm support from Annan UN News Centre 18 Apr 2005 -- Ahead of his visit to the region this week, United Nations Secretary-General today expressed his warm support for the efforts by India and Pakistan to advance the ongoing dialogue which the two countries have now declared is "irreversible."
  • India/Pakistan: Leaders Call Peace Process 'Irreversible' RFE/RL 18 Apr 2005 -- The leaders of Pakistan and India say the peace process is "irreversible." The announcement comes in a joint statement issued at the end of a three-day visit to New Delhi by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. The Pakistani leader warns that it will take a long time to reach a final settlement on Kashmir. But today, he said both sides are now being more flexible on their positions and his visit has achieved more than expected.
  • INDIA/PAKISTAN VOA 18 Apr 2005 -- India and Pakistan have pledged to increase cross-border links in the divided territory of Kashmir, saying their peace process is now irreversible. But, as Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, the Pakistani president says the Kashmir dispute must be resolved before the nuclear rivals can achieve permanent peace.
  • Tripartite Commission Holds 10th Meeting AFPS 18 Apr 2005 -- The Tripartite Commission, composed of senior military and diplomatic representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States, held its 10th meeting in Rawalpindi, Pakistan today.
  • INDIA/MUSHARRAF/CRICKET VOA 17 Apr 2005 -- Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have agreed to push ahead with measures to help overcome decades of hostilities between their countries. The two leaders met in New Delhi, after watching their national teams face off in a cricket match.
  • INDIA / PAKISTAN / MUSHARRAF VOA 16 Apr 2005 -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has arrived in the Indian capital New Delhi on a three-day visit. He is expected to watch a cricket match between the national teams of Pakistan and India and hold talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the disputed region of Kashmir, in the latest round of so-called cricket diplomacy between the two South Asian rivals.
  • PAKISTAN / BHUTTO VOA 16 Apr 2005 -- Pakistani police have detained the husband of exiled former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, as he reentered the country Saturday to lead an anti-government rally. Hundreds of other opposition supporters have also been arrested in a government crackdown on political protests.
  • PAKISTAN/RUMSFELD VOA 14 Apr 2005 -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has wrapped up a tour of South Asia with a pledge that the United States would help Pakistan meet its defense needs. Mr. Rumsfeld also had praise for Pakistan's role in the war on terror.
  • Pakistan, China n-cooperation in compliance with NPT: Wen Jiabao IRNA 12 Apr 2005 -- Addressing a press conference of the respected editors and journalists in New Delhi at the concluding part of his visit of India, Wen Jiabao, the Chinese Premier said China's nuclear cooperation with Pakistan was in complete compliance with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and under the supervision and safeguards of IAEA.
  • PAKISTAN/ US SECURITY VOA 12 Apr 2005 -- Security concerns forced the U.S. consulate in Karachi to close Tuesday. Roads around the building have been closed and additional police are standing guard.
  • Nuclear experts hold talks in Pakistan IRNA 11 Apr 2005 -- Representatives of an international group, opposing nuclear proliferation, hold talks with Pakistani officials on Monday to discuss ways to control the spread of nuclear weapons, reports said.
  • N-experts due in Pakistan for talks on non-proliferation IRNA 09 Apr 2005 -- A high-level experts delegation of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is arriving here on Sunday for discussion on non-proliferation and control of nuclear and related exports, a local publication wrote on Saturday.
  • Japan links loan resumption to sharing of N-info: Pak daily IRNA 08 Apr 2005 -- Japan has said that it intends to resume loan facility to Pakistan, but similar to Islamabad share information on nuclear proliferation with Tokyo, a local press report said on Friday.
  • KASHMIR BUS UPDATE VOA 07 Apr 2005 -- A bus that set off from Pakistani Kashmir has arrived in the city of Srinagar, in the part of Kashmir under Indian control. The arrival marks the end of an emotional day across the disputed region, as passengers braved the threat of attacks by militant organizations who pledged to disrupt the historic new bus link.
  • PAKISTAN / KASHMIR BUS VOA 07 Apr 2005 -- Huge crowds of supporters Thursday greeted the first busload of passengers to travel from Indian to Pakistani controlled Kashmir. But the historic trip prompted mixed reaction across much of Pakistan.
  • India-Pakistan: Kashmir Bus Link Goes Ahead Despite Attack RFE/RL 07 Apr 2005 -- Indian and Pakistani authorities today are pushing ahead with the maiden voyages of a direct bus link between the divided parts of Kashmir -- the first such journeys in more than half a century. The transport link has raised hopes for peace on the subcontinent, despite an attack by suspected Islamic militants yesterday at the Indian government complex in Srinagar where passengers were staying
  • KASHMIR BUS VOA 07 Apr 2005 -- In a historical step, bus passengers have crossed the border separating Pakistani- and Indian-controlled Kashmir. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh launched the first buses making the journey. However, tensions were high along the route because of threats of attacks by Islamic militants.
  • Pakistan, China sign friendship treaty, 21 MoUs IRNA 06 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan's Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao held wide ranging talks to strengthen cooperation between Islamabad and Beijing in economic, defence and diplomatic fields.
  • China to step up cooperation with Pakistan in N-power generation IRNA 06 Apr 2005 -- Premier Wen Jiabao of China has said his country is prepared to step up cooperation with Pakistan in nuclear power generation even after the completion of the 2nd phase of Chashma Nuclear Power Project.
  • Militants attack complex lodging passengers, two ultras killed IRNA 06 Apr 2005 -- Just the evening before the launch of the historic Srinagar-Muzaffarbad bus service, militants attacked a building in the complex where 24 passengers, who are to undertake the journey tomorrow were lodged, setting it fire but all of them were safe.
  • Pakistan condemns attack on trans-Kashmir bus passengers IRNA 06 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan on Wednesday described as unfortunate an attack on a compound in Srinagar where passengers were kept for Thursday's landmark cross-Kashmir bus service.
  • United States Condemns Attack on Kashmiri Bus Route washington File 06 Apr 2005 -- The United States condemned in the strongest possible terms the April 6 attack by two Islamic militants on a complex in Srinagar, India, housing passengers scheduled to make a historic bus trip across the divided province of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian side to the Pakistani side on April 7.
  • KASHMIR ATTACK VOA 06 Apr 2005 -- Islamic militants have claimed responsibility for an attack on a government guesthouse being used to shelter passengers on the first bus in 50 years to cross between the Indian and Pakistani sides of Kashmir. But authorities say the bus will depart as scheduled Thursday
  • KASHMIR ATTACK VOA 06 Apr 2005 -- Passengers on the inaugural bus trip between the Indian and Pakistani sides of Kashmir were in protective custody, preparing them for the historic ride Thursday, when suspected Muslim militants attacked their shelter in the Indian city of Srinigar.
  • KASHMIR SECURITY VOA 05 Apr 2005 -- Two days before the inauguration of new bus service between the Indian and Pakistani sides of Kashmir, a bomb has exploded along the planned route, injuring three people, and two other bombs have been found and defused. The explosion followed threats of violence by Muslim militants against passengers planning to take the inaugural trip.
  • PAKISTAN/CHINA PM VOA 05 Apr 2005 -- China's Prime Minister has arrived in Pakistan at the start of a four-nation tour of South Asia. He is expected to sign a number of agreements with his country's long-time ally, as part of a general effort to raise China's prestige and influence in the region.
  • Pak-India back channel diplomacy alive - report IRNA 04 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan and India have kept the back channel diplomacy alive side by side with the on-going peace process, a local press report said on Monday.
  • Do not feel threatened by F-16 planes: Pakistan tells India IRNA 04 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan on Monday urged India and Russia not to feel threatened or concerned by Pakistan's acquisition of US-made F-16 fighter planes.
  • Chinese PM visit to strengthen strategic ties: Pak official IRNA 04 Apr 2005 -- Pakistan said on Monday that an official three-day visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao who arrives here on Tuesday, will strengthen the existing Islamabad-Beijing strategic relationship.
  • 6 Al-Qaeda suspects held in Pakistan IRNA 01 Apr 2005 -- The authorities in Pakistan have arrested as many as six Al-Qaeda (foreigners) suspects in Pakistan's Peshawar city.
  • Ranking Taliban commander surrenders in Pakistan IRNA 01 Apr 2005 -- A ranking commander of Taliban militia has surrendered, serving a blow to the Taliban, though he was no more active in the resistance movement against the US-led foreign troops.

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