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30 January 2005 - Iraq Special Weapons News

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Reconstruction Issues
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US Policy

  • President Congratulates Iraq The White House 30 Jan 2005
  • BUSH/IRAQ VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- President Bush says the people of Iraq have taken control of their destiny and are on the path to freedom. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports from the White House, the president says they have shown courage and commitment.
  • President Praises Iraqis for Successful Election AFPS 30 Jan 2005 -- President Bush today praised Iraqis for their courage and commitment in the face of threats and violence, which made elections possible throughout their country.
  • Rice: Iraqi Elections Going 'Better Than Expected' AFPS 30 Jan 2005 -- As Iraqis headed to the polls, most for the first time in a democratic election, the process progressed better than expected, the newly confirmed top U.S. diplomat said today.

United Nations

Reconstruction Issues

  • Votes Prove Stronger Than Bullets in Iraqi Elections AFPS 30 Jan 2005 -- "Iraqis have proved today that the strength of their votes are more powerful than the strength or the effects of bullets or terrorism," said interim Iraqi Vice President Ibrahim Jafari.
  • IRAQ/VOTING VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Millions of voters have cast their ballots in Iraq's landmark election. For the first time in 50 years, votes are being counted in what looks to be a free and open poll. The turnout around the country was higher than organizers had dared to hope.
  • IRAQ/KURDS/POST-ELECTION VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- In Iraq's northern semi-autonomous Kurdish region, hopes are high for strong Kurdish representation in Iraq's new National Assembly following Sunday's election. But many of the polling stations were in remote, mountainous areas, and the counting is expected to take several days.
  • IRAQ /EXPAT WRAP VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- While millions of Iraqis went to the polls in their native land, Sunday marked the last day when Iraqi expatriates could cast ballots through an out-of-country voting program. Rhe special polling stations opened for a total of three days to give those who live far away extra time to take part in the democratic process.
  • Voter Turnout Strong In Nearly All Iraqi Provinces RFE/RL 30 Jan 2005 -- The Iraqi Election Commission announced about two hours before the close of polls on 30 January that voter turnout has been strong among registered voters.
  • Quarter Of A Million Iraqi Exiles Vote In Polls RFE/RL 30 Jan 2005 -- About a quarter of a million Iraqis abroad, or 90 percent of registered absentee voters, cast ballots in their homeland's poll.
  • Iraqis Turn Out In Large Numbers To Vote RFE/RL 30 Jan 2005 -- With polls closed across Iraq, voter turnout is reportedly high and, so far, insurgents appear to have failed to carry out threats of spectacular attacks.
  • IRAQ ELECTIONS/JORDAN VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Among Iraqis living outside their homeland, about 20-thousand registered to vote in Jordan. Election officials there reported a high turnout.
  • ELECTION / KURDISTAN VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Voters in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq have been turning out in large numbers to take part in the country's election.
  • BRITAIN / IRAQ VOTE VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Iraqi exiles in Britain are casting their absentee ballots on the final day of voting. The Wembley Conference Center in London is one of three locations in Britain where Iraqis can vote.
  • KURDISH REGION / REFERENDUM VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Along with Sunday's official election to choose members of a new National Assembly in Iraq, people in the Kurdish region of the country also made their opinions known on the issue of Kurdish independence.
  • Al-Najaf Turnout High Amid Irregularities RFE/RL 30 Jan 2005 -- Voter turnout is strong in the governorate of Al-Najaf, but at least one political party has complained that its list was deleted from the local election ballot.
  • IRAQ / ELECTIONS VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Voting began in Iraq several hours ago and Iraqis in many parts of the country are braving insurgent violence to vote in their first multi-party elections in 50 years. Thousands are heading to the polls, expressing hope that elections will bring freedom and the stability they have long waited for.
  • Iraqis Go to Polls in Historic Election VOA News 30 Jan 2005 -- Polls are open across Iraq, where Iraqis are voting under tight security for a new national assembly in the country's first free elections in decades.
  • Iraq Armor Unit Helps Secure the Vote MNF-I/MNC-I 30 Jan 2005 -- Tanks and armored personnel carriers of the Iraqi Army's 1st Brigade, 1st Mechanized Division, rumbled through the streets of central Baghdad Saturday as they moved in to take up defensive positions around the city in support of the country's historic Jan. 30 elections.
  • Iraqi Troops Capture Attackers South of Baghdad MNF-I/MNC-I 30 Jan 2005 -- Iraqi Army troops captured two insurgents who had fired at their checkpoint south of Baghdad on Jan. 30.

Foreign Reactions

  • Democracy in Iraq a Blow to International Terrorism AFPS 30 Jan 2005 -- The rise of democracy in Iraq is a "blow right to the heart of the global terrorism," a major American ally said today.
  • BRITAIN / IRAQ VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair calls the Iraq election a blow against global terrorism, and he vows to stand by Iraq as it moves to build a democracy. Mr. Blair also paid tribute to British military personnel who died in a plane crash on election day.
  • Prime Minister pays tribute to UK Hercules troops 10 Downing Street 30 Jan 2005
  • TURKEY/IRAQ/ELECTIONS VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Turkey's foreign minister says foreign forces must withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2005, and that Sunday's elections are a first step toward returning control of Iraq to the Iraqi people.
  • IRAQ ELECTIONS / ARAB REAX VOA 30 Jan 2005 -- Many Iraqis both inside the country and outside have expressed hope that Sunday's election will bring meaningful change. In the Arab world, the election is being watched closely.

News Reports

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