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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

18 March 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 18 Mar 2004 [PDF]

  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 18 Mar 2004 -- Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, Deputy Director for Coalition Operations and Dan Senor, Senior Adviser, CPA
  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 18 Mar 2004 -- Maj. Gen. Martin Dempsey, Commander, 1st Armored Division
  • As Threats in Baghdad Shift, Coalition Shifts AFPS 18 Mar 2004 -- As the threats shift in Baghdad, coalition forces are shifting to counter them, said Army Maj. Gen. Martin Dempsey during a press conference today in Baghdad.
  • IRAQ WRAP VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- In Iraq, at least six more Iraqi civilians have been killed by suspected insurgents -- three of them when a bomb exploded outside a hotel in the southern city of Basra. It was the second time an Iraqi hotel has been targeted in as many days. The increasing violence against civilians comes as Iraq approaches the one year anniversary of the start of the war that toppled Saddam Hussein.
  • Officials Revise Hotel Death Toll Downward AFPS 18 Mar 2004 -- Coalition officials said today that the March 17 bombing of Baghdad's Mount Lebanon Hotel killed only seven people, not 27 as previously believed.
  • IRAQ / ATTACKS VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- Mortar attacks and bombings continued in Iraq Thursday as the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq approaches. V-O-A'S Greg LaMotte in Cairo reports military officials are blaming some of the violence on Muslim militants linked to al-Qaida.
  • Iraq: U.S. Overwhelmed Saddam's Army But Struggles With Insurgency RFE/RL 18 Mar 2004 -- The U.S.-led coalition can look back with satisfaction at the ease with which it overwhelmed Saddam Hussein's forces in the first weeks of the Iraq war. But things have not gone so smoothly since.
  • Iraq: Insurgency Increasingly Targeting Foreign Workers, Civilians RFE/RL 18 Mar 2004 -- A massive blast in Baghdad last night destroyed a hotel popular with foreigners, killing at least 17 people and wounding many more. The bombing is the latest in a string of attacks targeting foreign workers in Iraq. Eight Western civilians were recently killed in separate attacks. The attacks appear to mark a shift in the tactics of the Iraqi resistance.
  • SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS FROM OIF: THE FIRST YEAR CENTCOM Release 18 Mar 2004-- Operation Iraqi Freedom Coalition Forces have successfully liberated 25 million Iraqis from the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.
  • 3rd MAW plays pivotal role in success of transfer of authority Marine Corps News 18 Mar 2004-- Third Marine Aircraft Wing Marines and Sailors, who have been in the Al Anbar Province for approximately one month, are assisting the I Marine Expeditionary Force and 1st Marine Division in completing their Transfer of Authority from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.
  • Bulk fuel gases up Marines in Iraq Marine Corps News 18 Mar 2004-- Fuel fumes drift through the air as the warm, Iraqi sun cuts through the rolling dust cloud that precedes the approaching convoy of rumbling vehicles.
  • Have gear, will travel: Embark Marines wait for trucks Marine Corps News 18 Mar 2004-- Marines are used to waiting - waiting in line for shots, waiting in line for the computer, waiting in line for a haircut. However, the embarkation Marines from Marine Wing Support Squadron 374 are waiting for the trucks that will take the rest of their equipment north into Iraq.


US Policy

  • CONGRESS - IRAQ VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- Senate Democrats who just returned from a trip to Iraq are concerned the U-S-led administration there has not done enough to prepare the country for the hand-over of power at the end of June.
  • Bremer Says Terrorists Trying to Break the Will of Iraqi People Washington File 18 Mar 2004 -- Anyone who says that terrorists don't have a global reach or are not willing to attack any type of target "are denying reality," says Ambassador Paul Bremer.
  • State's Armitage Says U.S. Intent on Successful Transition in Iraq Washington File 18 Mar 2004 -- The United States is intent on a successful political transition in Iraq, said Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage in a March 18 interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • BUSH IRAQ VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- President Bush is marking the first anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq with a series of events meant to make his case that the war has made the country safer from terrorist attack. The president spoke to U-S troops in the southern state of Kentucky.
  • BUSH MADRID VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- President Bush says international efforts to fight terrorism must remain united following last week's attacks in Madrid. Spain's new leader is threatening to pull his troops out of Iraq unless they are placed under U-N control. The Bush administration says Iraq is the central front in fighting terrorism.

United Nations

  • Iraq: Annan to send UN team 'as soon as practicable' UN News Centre 18 Mar 2004 -- Responding to a letter from the Iraqi Governing Council welcoming United Nations help with the transition to sovereignty at the end of June and future national elections, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today that he was prepared to send a UN team into Iraq "as soon as practicable."
  • U-N/OIL FOR FOOD VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- The United Nations is preparing to expand its investigation into charges of widespread corruption in the Iraq "Oil For Food" program. The program was shut down last November, amid allegations that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein used it to funnel billions of dollars to friendly individuals and governments.
  • Iraq: Governing Council Asks For UN Help, But Signals Are Mixed RFE/RL 18 Mar 2004 -- Officials from Iraq's Governing Council say they have sent the United Nations a letter asking for help in guiding Iraq's transitional political process. But it is not clear how much support for a UN role there is from influential Shi'a leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Meanwhile, continuing security problems, punctuated by another terrorist bombing, are likely to prevent any major UN efforts in Iraq in the near future.

Reconstruction Issues

  • Iraq: Reconstruction Worked In Germany, Will It Work In Iraq? RFE/RL 18 Mar 2004 -- A year after the United States went to war in Iraq, rebuilding efforts seem to be faltering. Insurgents are interfering not only with physical reconstruction, but also with the ability to establish indigenous security forces. Washington has spent billions of dollars on the effort, but the question remains: Can it succeed in making Iraq self-sufficient as it did with Germany after World War II?
  • JORDAN / IRAQ TRAINING VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- The first class of Iraqi military trainees graduated Thursday from a two-and-a-half-month course for platoon and company commanders in Jordan.
  • Iraqi party leader says Interim Constitution provides for Iraq`s disintegration IRNA 18 Mar 2004 -- The Secretary General of Iraq`s Islamic Solidarity Movement (IISM) Jamal al-Wakil said in an interview on Wednesday that the newly passed Interim Constitution of Iraq can pave the way for Iraq`s disintegration.
  • IRAQ: Police recruits learn about human rights IRIN 18 Mar 2004 -- At a dusty, austere centre in the middle of the desert, a group of Iraqi recruits are learning the Western ways of policing.

Foreign Reactions

News Reports

  • New Data Indicate Saddam Hussein Took $10 Billion From U.N. Oil Program Washington File 18 Mar 2004 -- U.S. congressional investigators estimate that Saddam Hussein's regime received more than $10.1 billion in illegal revenues related to the United Nations' oil-for-food program from 1997 to 2002.
  • Iraq: Reporter's Notebook -- The Battle For The Talil Airfield RFE/RL 18 Mar 2004 -- RFE/RL correspondent Ron Synovitz was embedded with U.S. troops during the first weeks of the Iraq war. In this "Reporter's Notebook," he looks back at the first major battle fought by soldiers from the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division -- the siege of the strategic Talil airfield near the southern Iraqi city of Al-Nasiriyah.
  • AMNESTY / IRAQ VOA 18 Mar 2004 -- Amnesty International says, one year after the war in Iraq began, improved human rights for the Iraqi people is still a distant promise.
  • IRAQ: NGOs keep lower profile following Baghdad hotel bombing IRIN 18 Mar 2004 -- Following the hotel bombing on Wednesday in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, that killed at least 27 people and injured at least 45 others, several NGOs are keeping an even lower profile than usual for the next few days.

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