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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

15 October Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations


US Policy

  • Pentagon Still in Charge in Iraq, Rice Tells Reporters AFPS 15 Oct 2003 -- National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said she wants to make "very clear" that the Pentagon is still in charge of post-war Iraq.
  • U.N. Iraq Resolution Vote Postponed in Hopes of Winning Greater Support Washington File 15 Oct 2003 -- After receiving indications of wider acceptance for their proposed resolution on Iraq, the United States and three co-sponsors introduced a final set of amendments October 15 and agreed to postpone a vote on the draft for 14 hours.
  • Bush Welcomes Japan's Announcement of $1.5 Billion in Iraq Aid Washington File 15 Oct 2003 -- President Bush, in an October 15 statement, welcomed Japan's announcement that it will provide $1.5 billion toward immediate reconstruction needs in Iraq.
  • EDITORIAL: RICE AND POWELL ON IRAQ VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was a threat not only to the United States but to the Middle East region, says U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice
  • CONGRESS IRAQ VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Republican leaders in the U-S House and Senate say both chambers of Congress are expected to vote on President Bush's 87 billion dollar funding request for Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of the week.
  • CONGRESS/IRAQ ONITER VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Congress Thursday continues consideration of legislation to fund military operations in and rehabilitation of Iraq, as well as Afghanistan. The House of Representatives began formal debate (late Wednesday) on the 87-billion dollar funding request, while the Senate continues its deliberations.

United Nations

  • U-N / IRAQ OVERNITER VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- The United States and Britain appear confident of winning broad support for a crucial U-N Security Council resolution on Iraq. A final vote has been delayed by one day, to allow for last-minute consultations.
  • U-N/Iraq Update VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Last minute negotiations at the U-N Security Council have forced a brief delay of the vote on a U-S sponsored draft resolution on Iraq. U-S officials appear confident that a Council consensus is emerging.
  • Iraq: As Donor Meeting Looms, U.S. Calls Security Council Vote On Resolution RFE/RL 15 Oct 2003 -- UN Security Council members are due today to vote on a resolution to endorse Iraq's path to political transition and reconstruction. Late-night negotiations on the latest U.S. draft ended with the United States rejecting recommendations by France, Russia, and Germany to provide a specific timeline for the handover of power from the U.S.-led coalition to Iraqi authorities. The resolution is expected to be adopted, but without full support from all 15 Council members. The vote comes ahead of a key international donor conference on Iraq.

Reconstruction Issues

  • Transcript: CPA Briefs on Iraqi Currency Exchange 15 Oct 2003 -- "As you know, today the new Iraqi dinar has been put into circulation. The three-month exchange process began today. It is a one-for-one exchange for the old dinar versus the new dinar."
  • First Day of Dinar Exchange Proceeds Smoothly, Represents Big Step in Iraq AFPS 15 Oct 2003 -- The director of the Iraqi currency exchange for the Coalition Provisional Authority called the first day of the currency exchange in Iraq "a great success" that begins the country's move toward "sustainable economic growth."
  • IRAQ / BANKS VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- There was excitement at banks in Iraq, the first day of issue for Iraq's new currency. Crowds of people mobbed the banks to trade in their old cash for the new.
  • Iraq: Baghdad Bids Farewell To Saddam Banknotes RFE/RL 15 Oct 2003 -- Iraq today introduced its new currency. For the next three months, 240 banks throughout the country will be swapping old Saddam Hussein-era dinars for the new notes, and the government will begin issuing salaries in the new dinars as of November.

Foreign Reactions

  • Berlin views new Iraq resolution as `another step in right direction` IRNA 15 Oct 2003 -- A German Foreign Ministry spokesman here Wednesday called the latest American-backed draft of a United Nations resolution on Iraq `another step in the right direction`.
  • Three differences over US draft resolution on Iraq remain-Fedotov IRNA 15 Oct 2003 -- Differences on the US draft of a new UN Security Council resolution on Iraq remain, but they have now been reduced to two or three key points, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Fedotov said.
  • Pakistan troops for Iraq under UN: Minister IRNA 15 Oct 2003 -- Pakistani troops would be sent to Iraq under UN or OIC cover and a decision would be made after taking the parliament into confidence, Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday.
  • Turkey: Ankara Determined To Send Troops To Iraq, Despite Embassy Bombing RFE/RL 15 Oct 2003 -- A car bomb exploded yesterday in front of the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad, leaving the suicide bomber dead and six wounded. The attack occurred one week after the Turkish legislature approved the deployment of troops to Iraq as part of U.S.-led stabilization efforts there. Ankara, however, claims that there is no linkage between the two events and insists it will proceed with plans to dispatch soldiers.
  • RUSSIA/IRAQ VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Russia has denied reports in American newspapers that it is willing to accept a U-N resolution that would retain U-S authority over Iraq's political future.
  • JAPAN/IRAQ VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Just two days before a visit to Japan by President Bush, the government of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has announced it will immediately provide one-and-a-half billion dollars in grants to help rebuild Iraq.
  • UN: Russia Urges U.S. To Consider Amendments To Iraq Resolution RFE/RL 15 Oct 2003 -- Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov (pictured) today called on the U.S. to make changes to its draft UN resolution on Iraq, but stopped short of saying he would veto the current draft.
  • KCNA Assails Japan's Decision to Dispatch Troops to Iraq KCNA 15 Oct 2003 -- The Japanese government recently decided to dispatch its ground "Self-Defense Force" to southern Iraq within December on the basis of the so-called "law on the special measure to help rehabilitate Iraq".
  • OIC SCENESETTER VOA 15 Oct 2003 -- Leaders of the Muslim world are gathering in Malaysia for their first regularly scheduled summit in three years. Iraq and recent Israeli attacks in Arab territories are high on the agenda.

News Reports

  • IRAQ: Calls for increased protection for journalists IRIN 15 Oct 2003 -- With at least 12 journalists killed in the line of duty since the US-led war on Iraq started on 19 March, attacks on reporters continue to hit the headlines as they are mistakenly targeted by Coalition forces or singled out by terrorist groups operating in the country.

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