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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

December 2004 India Special Weapons News

  • PAKISTAN/INDIA/TALKS VOA 28 Dec 2004 -- Pakistan and India have concluded another round of their on-going peace dialogue but no significant breakthrough is reported in their most contentious territorial dispute over Kashmir.
  • PAKISTAN/INDIA/TALKS VOA 27 Dec 2004 -- Pakistan and India have reported progress in their year-long peace process but they remain far apart on ways to resolve their territorial dispute over Kashmir, the cause of two of the three wars between them.
  • INDIA/RAO DEATH VOA 23 Dec 2004 -- P.V. Narasimha Rao, a former prime minister of India, has died of heart failure. Mr. Rao is best remembered for opening up India's protected economy in 1991.
  • India, Sri Lanka carry out naval exercise IRNA 17 Dec 2004 -- The first joint naval exercise between India and Sri Lanka began about 10 nautical miles off Colombo yesterday, it was reported here on Friday.
  • Nuclear policy based on consensus: PM IRNA 16 Dec 2004 -- Declaring that India was now a nuclear power, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday asserted the country`s policies on nuclear and defence would be based on "continuity and national consensus."
  • Pakistan, India N-talks remain inconclusive but `constructive` IRNA 15 Dec 2004 -- Pakistani and Indian officials on Wednesday did not reach any agreement during their two-day talks on ways and means to avert any possible nuclear conflict but described the talks as constructive and cordial.
  • PAKISTAN-INDIA TALKS VOA 15 Dec 2004 -- Negotiators from Pakistan and India have completed two days of talks on measures to avoid the possibility of a nuclear war between the two nations. The talks are due to resume at a later date.
  • INDIA/RUMSFELD VOA 09 Dec 2004 -- The U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld has paid a visit to the Indian capital New Delhi for discussions on how to improve military relations between the two nations. Mr. Rumsfeld made no comment on India's warning to the U.S. not to sell fighter jets to neighboring Pakistan.
  • INDIA/PAKISTAN TALKS VOA 08 Dec 2004 -- India and Pakistan have ended two days of talks on a popular proposal to start a bus service linking the capitals of divided Kashmir. But the two sides apparently failed to resolve their differences over how to implement the proposal.
  • Russia to export warplanes to India IRNA 07 Dec 2004 -- Russia will meet its obligations to deliver to India multi-mission planes Su-30 MKI by the end of this year, the president of Irkut corporation, Alexei Fyodorov, said.
  • INDIA/NAGA REBELS VOA 07 Dec 2004 -- Separatist leaders from the northeastern Indian state of Nagaland and senior Indian officials have expressed their commitment to ending the country's oldest rebellion.
  • Russia, India set to expand military cooperation IRNA 04 Dec 2004 -- Russia and India intend to expand cooperation in military hardware predominantly in the aircraft and arms systems of the fifth generation.
  • Russia, India agree on military interaction in Central Asia IRNA 04 Dec 2004 -- A Russian military delegation source in the Indian capital told Itar-Tass on Saturday that Russia and India had agreed on the possibility of military interaction in Central Asia, including Tajikistan.
  • PAKISTAN-INDIA RAIL VOA 03 Dec 2004 -- Rivals Pakistan and India have agreed to reopen a key rail link between the two countries that has been closed for almost 40 years. The deal may be one of the most important transportation agreements between the two countries since air links resumed last year.
  • INDIA/PUTIN VOA 03 Dec 2004 -- At the start of a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to New Delhi, India and Russia have reaffirmed their commitment to a strong relationship. The countries say they will give new momentum to their long-term friendship by expanding military and business ties.
  • BHOPAL/LEGAL VOA 03 Dec 2004 -- Twenty years after the world's worst industrial disaster, the people of the Indian city of Bhopal still want justice. A breakdown at the Union Carbide pesticide factory caused a toxic cloud to fall on the city, killing thousands of people. But activists say efforts to compensate the victims fully have largely bogged down in lawsuits and bureaucracy.
  • INDIA/BHOPAL ANNIVERSARY VOA 03 Dec 2004 -- The central Indian city of Bhopal is marking the 20th anniversary of the world's worst industrial disaster, which has killed more than 15-thousand people. Local activists and global rights groups are at the forefront of the observances.
  • India: Twenty Years Later, Bhopal Still Reeling From World's Deadliest Chemical Accident RFE/RL 02 Nov 2004 -- It has been 20 years since the world's deadliest industrial chemical accident occurred in the central Indian city of Bhopal. Thousands of residents died in their sleep on the night of 2 December 1984, when toxic clouds of methyl isocyanate gas escaped from a pesticide plant. The Indian government says at least 15,000 people have died since then as a result of the accident. The owner of the pesticide plant at the time of the accident -- U.S.-based Union Carbide Corporation -- carried out an initial cleanup operation and made payments to the Indian government of $470 million. New Delhi, however, has yet to disburse two-thirds of those funds, which were meant to help victims. Meanwhile, chemicals from the plant continue to contaminate drinking water.
  • INDIA/PUTIN SCENESETTER VOA 02 Dec 2004 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in India for a three-day visit Friday to consolidate a historically strong friendship. The two countries announced plans to jointly develop high-technology military hardware.

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