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People's Daily Online

PLA anti-corruption campaign shows determination to combat issue

People's Daily Online

(Global Times) 10:04, March 16, 2015

China's fight against military corruption has been brought into sharp focus nationwide. The probes into 14 senior military officers suspected of corruption, including Guo Zhenggang, deputy political commissar of the Zhejiang Military Area Command, demonstrated not only the significant achievements of the anti-graft campaign in the PLA, but also the fact that this battle against graft will continue.

Foreign media outlets are also paying close attention to which officials have come under investigation. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article, claiming that in the PLA the trade in ranks over the past decade was so widespread that they came with unofficial price tags attached. The article also argued that corruption may 'rot away at the whole military apparatus.'

The anti-corruption campaign presents a paradox, showing on the one hand, that the Party and the government are serious in pushing the fight against graft, but on the other hand, the seriousness of the corruption.

The level of corruption in the Chinese military does seem very critical. This year, the Chinese military authority released a list of 30 senior military officers, including those of general rank and above, who have been investigated or convicted, which is totally horrifying and unprecedented in the history of the Chinese army.

Yet it is inappropriate to claim that Chinese citizens have lost confidence in their military. The truth and direction of the times is that the military anti-corruption campaign has strengthened people's trust in State power.

The Chinese military has never stopped growing stronger while confronting problems and challenges. The PLA's combat ability has been further enhanced after the 30 corrupt officials were taken down, and now China is more able to build a strong army. This is the mainstream of the anti-corruption campaign in the Chinese military.

The Western media, however, focus on the seriousness of China's corruption when reporting the government's fight against graft.

In their opinion, counter-corruption movements are only proof of corruption. The more sincere China is in fighting against graft, the more evidence they have of their 'China collapse fantasy.'

It must be pointed out that this kind of understanding is against the general view Chinese society holds toward the anti-corruption campaign.

It is clear that many among the Western media have expressed the wishes of certain people who are willing to regard all kinds of problems as a signal that 'China is declining' while 'the West has a bright future.'

We do not need to worry too much about the Western interpretation. While the military exposes its own corruption scandals, it has also revealed its determination to address the problem. We have more than once noticed that our army has always stormed to the forefront whenever a disaster occurred. In the light of such circumstances, we do not believe the rabble-rousing which claims that all ranks in the army come with a price tag and all Chinese civil servants buy their promotions.

It is regrettable to witness the corruption in China, however, our anti-graft campaign as well as substantial quantities of officials of integrity, have also shown the positive side of development. Otherwise, today's achievements wouldn't exist.

The PLA anti-corruption campaign will carry on. We haven't heard of any developed country in the world that has collapsed because of the fight against graft. Therefore, those who hope that China will collapse because of the anti-corruption drive will be disappointed.

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