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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Zone 4 - Nuclear Staging Facilities

Pantex is composed of several functional areas, commonly referred to as numbered zones.

Modified-Richmond (M-R) magazines 4-19, 4- 21, 4-25, and 4-30 through 4-44, and Steel Arch Construct (SAC) magazines 4-101 through 4-142 are located in the western part of Zone 4, known as the MAA, which is approximately in the center of the Pantex Plant. The MAA is used as a staging or interim storage area for weapons, weapon components, and other process-related material. These magazines were built in 1944 for storing conventional munitions. Each M-R magazine is 1,400 square feet, and each SAC magazine is 1,182 square feet. The total storage area is 71,362 square feet. Essential safety systems include the concrete security barriers, earth overburden, magazine structures (walls, roof, steel doors), and sand bag compartment barriers. Five types of items may be placed in these magazines: weapon assemblies, pits, ORO items, RTGs, and NELAs. Weapon assemblies include any type of nuclear explosive device (warheads, bombs, reentry vehicles, or artillery shells). Weapons and pits cannot be stored together in the same magazine.


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