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State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Mashinbuilding Plant named after A.M.Makarov»

For a long-term history State Enterprise “Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building plant named after A.M. Makarov” (YUZHMASH) is a basis of rocket-space industry of Ukraine. Yuzhmash is known for its products for the military and space industry, for which the city of Dnipro received the nickname "Rocket City". Since 1950s of the 20th century, four generations of strategic missile systems, about 400 spacecraft of 70 various modifications and space launch vehicles of “Cyclone”, “Cosmos”, “Zenit” series have been created in Dnipropetrovsk. YUZHMASH has strong branch industries including metallurgy, assembling, testing, welding, casting, forging and machining. The company has mastered and implemented unique technological solutions.

State Enterprise "Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant. AM Makarov "(hereinafter - PIVDENMASH) - a production complex of world importance, which carries out serial production of samples of modern rocket and space technology. Many of them are the embodiment of scientific and design developments, which have no analogues in design and execution in the world.

For 70 years, the company has created four generations of launch vehicles (RN), and today PIVDENMASH is the basis of the rocket and space industry of Ukraine. The production association has at its disposal powerful branch productions: - metallurgical, assembly, testing, welding, foundry, forging and machining. The company has mastered and implemented unique technological solutions. The versatility of PIVDENMASH allows to manufacture products for the following areas of activity: - defense industry; - air transport; - agricultural engineering; - civil products; - production, testing, operation of space launch vehicles.PIVDENMASH is a full-cycle enterprise. The production of the main part of components and assemblies, assembly and testing in conditions close to the natural environment, is carried out on its own unique production base.

To implement the world-famous international project "Sea Launch", PIVDENMASH has produced a two-stage environmentally friendly launch vehicle "Zenith-3SL". Under the program of this project, more than thirty-five RN launches were made from a specially built floating platform from the Pacific Ocean, which launched several dozen satellites into orbit to order from around the world (Russia, USA, etc.). In order to launch such RNs from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a ground-based joint venture was established.A new modification rocket, currently being developed as a result of a joint Ukrainian-Brazilian project to launch satellites from the Alcantara spaceport in the Federative Republic of Brazil, is being developed.

The production base, which has been created for decades, in combination with high technologies allows Pivdenmash to produce a wide range of industrial products: trolleybuses, tractors, aircraft chassis, etc. Pursuing a policy of improvement and innovation, the company continues to create new technologies and expand the range of products.PIVDENMASH is interested in expanding cooperation with participants in international space and other programs, carries out foreign economic activity in more than 20 countries, is constantly looking for partners and is ready to consider business proposals for cooperation and partnership.

Yuzhmash originally operated as "Plant 586" in the Soviet Union. In 1954, Russian aviation engineer Mikhail Yangel created an autonomous design bureau, designated OKB-586, on the basis of the former chief design department of plant 586. Yangel previously headed OKB-1 (now RSC Energia) and was primarily a supporter of liquid fuel technology - unlike Sergey Korolev from OKB-1, who was a supporter of missiles using cryogenic fuel. To continue the development of ballistic missileswith the use of stored liquid fuel, Mikhail Yangel received permission to transform the main design department of the plant into an autonomous design bureau. After that, OKB-586 was renamed into the South Design Bureau (better known as the South), and plant 586 in 1966 was renamed into the South Machine-Building Plant with an emphasis on the development and production of ballistic missiles. Later the plant was renamed into the Southern Machine-Building Production Association or Yuzhmash.

The missiles produced at Yuzhmash included the first Soviet nuclear-armed missile R-5M (SS-3 Shister), R-12 Dvina (SS-4 Sandal), R-14 Chusovaya (SS-5 Skin) , the first widely used Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile R-16 (SS-7 "Seddler"), R-36 (SS-9 "Scarp"), MR-UR-100 Sotka (SS-17 "Slap") and R-36M (SS-18 "Satan"). In Soviet times, the plant could produce up to 120 ICBMs per year. In the late 1980s, Yuzhmash was selected as the main production facility for the RT-2PM2 Topol-M (SS-27 Serp B) ICBM.

After the start of perestroika, the demand for military products dropped significantly, and Yuzhmash's product line was expanded to include non-military uses such as civilian equipment. One line of products added after 1992: trolleybuses . Models include the articulated YuMZ T1 (1992–2008), Its non-articulated brother YuMZ T2 (1993–2008) And the more modern YuMZ E-186 (2005–2006) With a low-floor cabin. Leonid Kuchma, a long-time general manager (1986-1992) of the company, became Prime Minister in 1992 and then President of Ukraine in 1994.

In addition to production facilities in the Dnieper, PO Yuzhnoye includes the Pavlograd Mechanical Plant, which specializes in the production of solid-propellant missiles. ... The significance of Yuzhmash was reinforced by its connections with the former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, who worked for Yuzhmash from 1975 to 1992. He was the general manager of the plant from 1986 to 1991.

In February 2015, after a year of intense testing. relations, Russia announced that it would end its "joint program with Ukraine to launch the Dnepr missiles" and [was] no longer interested in buying Ukrainian Zenith launch vehicles , which exacerbated the problems for space [Ukraine] Program and stranded plant Yuzhmash ". With the loss of Russian business, some thought the company’s only hope was to expand its international business, which seemed unlikely within the allotted time frame. Bankruptcy seemed inevitable as of February 2015, but it was averted.

The company was a key maker of missile f or Soviet ICBMs and space exploration programs. Historical and Yuzhmash launch sites included:

  • R-5M the first nuclear missile in the Soviet Union
  • R-12 Dvina theater ballistic missile
  • R-14 Chusovaya theater ballistic missile
  • R-16 the first widely used intercontinental ballistic missile of the Soviet Union
  • R-36 (8K67) ICBM
  • RT-20 , first mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (not deployed)
  • R -36orb , first intercontinental ballistic missile with an orbital warhead (not deployed)
  • R-36M ICBM family (converted to Dnepr missile )
  • MR -UR-100 MBR family
  • rocket for perimeter system
  • RT-23 Well done ICBM family
  • Thunder (missile system) mobile short-range ballistic missile system

    Space launch vehicles

  • Dnieper
  • Cyclone (based on R-36 / 8K67)
  • Zenith
  • Boosters for Energia (based on the first stage of Zenith)

    Rocket engines

  • RD-843

    Automatic control system for nuclear weapons

  • Dead Hand - similar system in the US known as the Emergency Missile Communication System (ERCS)

Versatility of YUZHMASH allows manufacturing products for the following areas: production, testing, operation of launch vehicles; defense industry; air transport; agricultural machinery; thermal power-stations. YUZHMASH is a full cycle company. Production of the main body of components and units, assembling and testing under conditions similar to the open space is carried out at its own unique industrial base.

YUZHMASH has big advantages over other companies: powerful industrial potential; unique and modern technologies; qualified staff for the main directions of production.

By implementing improvement and innovation policy, the company continues to develop new technologies and expand its production line.

YUZHMASH’s team is interested in expanding cooperation with members of the international space and other programs. YUZHMASH carries out foreign economic activity in 23 countries, is in a constant search for partners and is willing to consider proposals for cooperation and partnership.

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