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DPRK Space & Missile Industries Infrastructure Sites:

© By Charles P. Vick (All Rights Reserved)

Senior Technical Analyst,


All of the space industry of the DPRK is dependent on the military ballistic missile industry and its associated design bureau’s, testing and production facilities organizations That organization infrastructure is spread over twenty or more industry identified site through out the country. When looking at the space industry of the DPRK it is actually the military supported and run ballistic missile industry all working under the same roof government employer. They in turn all operate under the same overall fiscal, Five Year Plan, State Planning directives. Among those sites identified are:

  • Artillery Guidance Bureau
  • 4th General Bureau Number 2 Research Center

  • Chiha-ri
  • Chunggang-up
  • Chunggye-dong
  • Hyongje-san,
    Hyongjesan-kuyok [ADM2]
    Factory No. 125
    125 Factory
    125th Machine Factory
    Pyongyang Pig Factory
  • Hochon
  • Kagam-ri
  • Kaech'on-gun,
    118 Factory
    Factory No. 118
    January 18th Machinery Factory

  • Kanggamchan
  • 26 Factory
  • Factory No. 26
    Kanggye No.26 General Plant

  • ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory
  • Man'gyongdae Light Electric Plant
    Man'gyongdae Light Electric Machinery Plant
    Man'gyongdae Light Electric Appliances and Machine Plant
    Maritime Missile Factory
    Yakch'on Machine Factory
    Yakch'on Machinery Plant and Jisangdae
    Yakjeon Machinery Factory
    Number 7 Defense Factory

  • Mayang
  • Namgung-ni
  • Namgungni-Sanum-dong
    Sanum-dong Research and Development Facility
    Sanum-dong Plant

  • Ok'pyong-nodongjagu
  • Paegun
  • Pyongyang
  • Sangwon-gun
  • Sinsonbi [Sinsong-ni ??]
  • Taegwan-up
    301 Factory
    Plant No. 301

  • Tokch'on-Kun
  • Toksong-gun
  • Yangdok
  • Yongjo-ri/Yongo-dong Yangdok





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