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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory
Man'gyongdae Light Electric Plant
Man'gyongdae Light Electric Machinery Plant
Man'gyongdae Light Electric Appliances and Machine Plant
Maritime Missile Factory
Yakch'on Machine Factory
Yakch'on Machinery Plant and Jisangdae
Yakjeon Machinery Factory
Number 7 Defense Factory

According to Choi Ju-hwal, who in 1995 defected from his post as Colonel and Chief of joint venture section of Yung-Seong Trading Company under the Ministry of People's Army, missile production facilities include the Yakjeon Machinery Factory in Man'gyongdae-ri [Mankeyungdae, also known as Man'gyongdae and Mankeidai].

According to Kim Kil Son, who prior to defection to south Korea in August 1997 worked in a publications department of North Korea's Number 2 Research Center, the Number 2 Research Center has two missile factories -- the ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory and the Number 7 Defense Factory. Around 1,500 persons work at the ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory, of which about 600 are party members. The ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory, also reportedly known as the Yakjeon Machinery Factory, was established around 1978 and makes around 200 products. The HwaSong 1 (NoDong 1) is reportedly produced at this facility. The ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory was said to be located in an underground facility in YoungChuDong, YoungSongKu in Pyongyang.

There is evidently a problem with the location of this facility, since Man'gyongdae-ri is rather some distance from any candidate Yongch'u-dong. The only Man'gyongdae-ri known to NIMA located in the southwestern suburbs of Pyongyang, is an entirely desolate hill-top, while at least one Yongch'u-dong is evidently an industrial facility.

According to The Armed Forces of North Korea by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr (February 2001), the Man'gyongdae complex employs an estimated 6000 workers involved in the design and production of coastal defence and anti-ship cruise missiles. It is also believed to be involved in the production of surface-to-surface missiles, explosive compounds for warheads and possibly solid fuel engines.

According to Kim Kil Son, the Number 7 Defense Factory, located about five miles from the ManKyongDae Electric Machine Factory, produces missiles. The HwaSong 6 (TaePoDong 1) is produced at the Number 7 Defense Factory. This factory provides test equipment and manufacturing for the HwaSong 6.

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