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CZ-11 Kuaizhou Space Launch Vehicle

China's first launch vehicle using solid fuel would improve China's ability to loft military satellites on short notice thanks to its solid fuel, is due to fly under the designation Long March 11. China's first solid-fuel rocket Long March-11 is expected to make its first launch before 2016, a senior official of the rocket's designing institute Xinhua reported 02 March 2013. Liang Xiaohong, deputy head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, said the rocket will be easy to operate and cost-efficient to launch. It can remain in storage for long period and reliably launch on short notice.

"The development of the Long March-11 will greatly improve China's capabilities to rapidly enter the space and meet the emergency launching demand in case of disasters and emergencies," he told Xinhua on March 04, 2013. The Long March-11 rocket system consists of a solid-fuel rocket and a launching support system. It will apply China's largest solid-fuel rocket engine, he said. China has made more than 160 launching of liquid-fuel rockets successfully but is yet to make breakthrough on the development of the solid-fuel rockets.

The carrier rocket will be easy to operate and cost-efficient to launch, and it can be stored for long periods to launch at short notice. "If a major earthquake - like the one that rocked Wenchuan of Sichuan province in 2008 - strikes again, we will be able to quickly send satellites into space that can take photos of the devastated area and help with rescue work," Liang said.

Liang expects the next generation of carrier rockets will operate together with earlier models to serve space missions for the next 10 to 20 years. "A new launch vehicle will not be fully reliable until it carries out at least 10 missions where hidden problems can be exposed and fixed. Sometimes, even after a model has carried out many missions, deeper technical problems will not emerge until it encounters special situations in space," he said.

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