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CZ-11 Mobile Launcher

The Long March 11 carrier rocket uses an integrated storage/ transportation/ elevation trailer, and its storage and transportation launch tube looks close to China's Dongfeng-31 intercontinental missile. The rocket was developed by the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and has the ability to prepare quickly and launch quickly. Compared with the "Kaizhou" rocket, the Long March-11 rocket has a higher payload. A model photograph of the Long March 11 solid-fuel rocket launch vehicle appeared on the Internet in mid-2016. On the rocket body in the photo was written with the word “CZ-11”. It uses a 10-axis super-long launcher to realize the integration of transportation, erection, and launch. This rocket launcher was somewhat similar to the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental missile launch vehicle that was previously exposed on the Internet and may be mainly technically the same. According to the report of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Long March 11 rocket would be launched in 2016.

In November 2016 Popular Science reported of this transporter at the Zhuhai 2016 Airshow "While Chinese space launch rockets at previous Zhuhai shows had to rely on civilian trailer trucks, the LM-6 gets a TEL (transporter erector launcher) vehicle that's also used by the heavy DF-41 ICBM. The 103-ton LM-6 space launch rocket, which can launch a 1-ton payload to 435-mile orbit, first flew in September 2015. It's also land mobile, with a model at Zhuhai 2016 showing off a transport erect launch (TEL) vehicle that resembles that for the DF-41 ICBM (though its kerosene/liquid oxygen engine means that the LM-6 could not stay deployed out in the field for long)." The Long March 6 rocket has a 3.35 meter diameter first stage and 2.25 meter diameter second stage carried about 15 tonnes of propellant. The 29.3 meter tall rocket was capable of lifting more than 1,000 kg of payload into a 700 km sun synchronous orbit. The TEL PopSci saw at Zhuhai was unmarked, and looked nothing like the model of the CZ-6 TEL that was sold on e-Bay.

The Long March 11 launch vehicle completed its first launch mission at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on September 25, 2015, and successfully delivered the Pujiang No. 1 and three other tiny satellites into space. The Long March 11 Rocket has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and speed, and all-weather launch. It does not have much requirements for the launch site, but it can also be used for mobile launch. If the special transport chassis (TEL) was integrated for transport, vertical erection and launch integration, its launch preparation The time would be shorter and it would greatly increase the response speed.

The 10-axis special chassis would be developed by Taian Aerospace, a subsidiary of Aerospace Science and Technology. The high-powered heavy-duty, super-heavy chassis developed by Taian would be used as the chassis of the Hongqi series and the Dongfeng 15, Dongfeng 26 ballistic missile chassis. Compared with its subsidiary Wanshan Special Vehicle, a subsidiary of China’s CASIC, the Taian Special Vehicle has the technical background of the Belarusian Minsk Traction Vehicle Factory (MZKT), but the autonomy of the Taian Special Vehicle was even greater. It combines the advanced technology of Europe and America with the introduction of Minsk's technology, especially the standard airbag suspension of the whole series, instead of Wanshan inheriting MZKT's double wishbone independent suspension, the airbag suspension can reduce the bumps during driving, especially in complex terrain, it can effectively alleviate fatigue of long-distance maneuvers.

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