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2nd Space Launch Squadron [2nd SLS]

The 2nd Space Launch Squadron oversees the conduct of safe, reliable and timely launch operations from the Western Range to support Department of Defense, national and commercial customers.

The squadron's location on California's central coast makes it the only squadron in the Air Force capable of launching directly into low-earth polar and sun-synchronous orbits.

The 2nd SLS is responsible for launching the Titan IV heavy lift vehicle, the Atlas IIAS medium-heavy lift vehicle, the Titan II and Delta II medium lift vehicles, a diverse mission unmatched by any other Air Force Squadron.

Additionally, the 2 SLS provides mission planning and mission integration support for the commercially launched Athena, Taurus, and Pegasus light lift vehicles.

Supporting the Squadron's mission are 106 active-duty military and DOD civilians, including administrative support, maintenance and engineering, and mission-ready launch crews.

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