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October 2006 News

  1. They're watching you By Jeremy Loome The Edmonton Sun October 30, 2006 -- John Pike wonders why. The former spokesman for the Federation of American Scientists, who now runs GlobalSecurity.Org, says to consider the targets the NSA watches.
  2. States holding on to missiles By Mary Clare Jalonick The Associated Press October 30, 2006 -- John Pike, director of the Washington-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said only a few weapons would be needed to hit North Korea.
  3. Millions worth of weapons missingMarketplace October 30, 2006 -- Defense analyst John Pike with GlobalSecurity.org says the numbers of weapons aren't huge, but the result is still troubling.
  4. IED-resistant vehicles speeding to war zones By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today October 30, 2006 -- "It's just going to be the standard for any vehicle on the battlefield over the next 10 years," John Pike, a military analyst at GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., said of the V-shaped hull.
  5. Nuclear Tests By Elisabeth Eaves Forbes.com October 27, 2006 -- “If one is off by even a millionth of a second, so that the implosion isn’t spherical, it’s not going to work,” says Lt. Col. (Retired) Edward Corcoran, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org and former strategic analyst at the U.S. Army War College.
  6. US signals a move out of Iraq possible in 12 to 18 months By Rupert Cornwell and Colin Brown The New Zealand Herald October 26, 2006 -- John Pike, the director of the Washington-based studies group Global Security.Org, said: "I think they are saying that Americans are going to be there for 18 more months, but we can start to draw that number down before the next presidential election."
  7. Midterm elections key to changing nation's course By Dirk Kemp The Journal News October 25, 2006 -- GlobalSecurity.org records October 2004 as having the most casualties with 137 Americans killed.
  8. Miramar: The Future of the Base By Rob Davis Voice of San Diego.org October 24, 2006 -- The Pentagon is not certain when it will begin producing the Joint Strike Fighter, said John Pike, executive director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based website that follows the defense industry.
  9. Older recruits fill out military By Brian MacQuarrie Boston Globe October 23, 2006 -- Older new recruits can make good soldiers if they are able to withstand the grueling physical demands of basic training, said John E. Pike , director of GlobalSecurity.org , a defense research group in Alexandria, Va.
  10. Guard unit's mission key to U.S. success in Afgahnistan By Chuck Crumbo The State October 22, 2006 -- “Part of the counter-insurgency strategy is ... to win the hearts and minds” of Afghans, said Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org. “These teams are... a way of demonstrating we’re the winning team, and if you kick in, you’ll be better off.”
  11. The Next Test By Michael Goldfarb The Weekly Standard October 19, 2006 -- LAST WEEK, John Pike, founder and director of globalsecurity.org, offered his opinion that the nuclear test conducted by North Korea may have been neither a "first test," nor a test of a conventional fission bomb.
  12. The Dear Leader's Little Nuke By Michael Goldfarb The Weekly Standard October 19, 2006 -- Of course, estimating yields is a science of "considerable imprecision" according to John Pike, the founder and director of GlobalSecurity.org, who cautioned against drawing any conclusive assessments of North Korea's success or failure.
  13. U.S. Says 'Keep Out of My Space' By Ned Potter ABCNews.com October 18, 2006 -- John Pike, another longtime space analyst who now runs GlobalSecurity.org, was more charitable. "Nearly six years into his presidency, the Bush space policy has been long overdue," he says in an e-mail to ABC News. "Despite fears that it would mark a bold new initiative to weaponize space, it largely codifies previously announced changes from Clinton space policies of a decade ago."
  14. U.S. Casualties Rise in Iraq as Mission Grows Lethal By John Nielsen NPR: All Things Considered October 18, 2006 -- The key number, says Pike, director of the site GlobalSecurity.org, is the number of wounded.
  15. Bush confirms Kim nuke test By James Gordon Meek New York Daily News October 17, 2006 -- Team Bush has issued "completely empty threats" since he accused North Korea, Iran and Iraq of being an "axis of evil," said defense analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  16. Going Nuclear at the North Pole ABCNews.com October 16, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, says there's a lot of gray area in the power options for any nation.
  17. Iraq war helps rev up sales of Force Protection vehicles By Noelle Phillips The State October 15, 2006 -- John Pike, executive director of the military information database GlobalSecurity.org, said the military was reluctant to spend money on machines it might not need in the long run.
  18. U.S. Gathers Clues on N.Korea Nuke Test By Katherine Shrader The Associated Press October 14, 2006 -- ``A lot of it is calculation - how deep you need to go,'' said John Pike, director of the Washington-based think tank Globalsecurity.org. ``There is some degree of imprecision involved. Some of these things emit more radioactive gas than others.''
  19. Corée du Nord: les sanctions pourraient mener à une confrontation By Jim Mannion Agence France Presse October 14, 2006 -- "Je pense que les Nord-Coréens vont riposter (...) il n'y a aucune assurance qu'ils ne se livrent pas à un jeu de riposte", résume John Pike, directeur d'un centre de recherches spécialisé dans les affaires de sécurité nationale, GlobalSecurity.org
  20. Israel accused of using 'Dime' bombsAljazeera.Net October 13, 2006 -- According to the website GlobalSecurity.org, the weapon was successfully tested during 2004 and 2005 but is being further developed.
  21. An African solution to African problems By Erald Kolasi The Cavalier Daily October 13, 2006 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org in a statement about the casualties of the Congolese civil war, "The International Rescue Committee says that between Aug. 1998 and April 2004.3.8 million people died in the [Congo]."
  22. Analysis: Battle looms of Kirkuk, its oil By Ben Lando United Press International October 12, 2006 -- "The problem is there's no oil in Sunnistan," as John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, refers to the swath of land in the middle of Iraq Sunnis would be left with, especially if Kirkuk becomes part of Kurdistan.
  23. Filings Illuminate IPO's Bumpy Ride By Griff Witte The Washington Post October 12, 2006 -- "They've got whole buildings out there in Tysons Corner that are funded by agencies that we're not going to even talk about," said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site that tracks the defense and intelligence sectors.
  24. Dubya's hunt for nuke proof By James Gordon Meek New York Daily News October 11, 2006 -- "For a relatively low-yield test like this, the things that might be unique for a nuclear test might be hard to sort out," agreed John Pike, an analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a defense research group.
  25. Japan - die fernöstliche Atommacht im Wartestand Von Frank Ilse Hamburger Abendblatt October 11, 2006 -- Die japanischen Atomkraftwerke produzieren ausreichend Plutonium, um nach Schätzungen des US-Strategieinstituts GlobalSecurity.org an die 1000 nukleare Sprengköpfe herzustellen.
  26. Survol virtuel des sites nucléaires sensibles en Corée du Nord LEMONDE.FR October 10, 2006 -- Globalsecurity.org recense les 22 sites nucléaires sensibles supposés en Corée du Nord, ainsi que les bases aériennes protégeant le pays.
  27. By William Cole and Gordon Y.K. Pang The Honolulu Advertiser October 10, 2006 -- John Pike, director of military think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said the U.S. stood up forces in the first half of 2003 with the option of strikes on nuclear facilities as well as conventional facilities for regime change.
  28. Wanting to act, but what to do? By Craig Gordon Newsday October 10, 2006 -- "It seems to me our level of risk-aversion is such that we don't want to go there," said John Pike, an expert in military capabilities at GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site specializing in defense issues.
  29. Looking for a way to retaliate By Craig Gordon Newsday October 10, 2006 -- "It seems to me our level of risk-aversion is such that we don't want to go there," said John Pike, an expert in military capabilities at GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site specializing in defense issues.
  30. Le Conseil de sécurité exhorte la Corée du Nord à renoncer à son essai nucléaire LEMONDE.FR Avec AFP October 10, 2006 -- John Pike, membre du centre de recherche GlobalSecurity.org à Washington, pense que l'essai sera effectué de façon souterraine plutôt que dans l'atmosphère.
  31. Fla. Air Force base studies N. Korea nuclear test By R. Norman Moody Florida Today October 10, 2006 -- "I would assume that they would have detected it right away," said national security expert John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. "They would have had somebody on watch."
  32. Experts divided on Iraq solution By Anna Badkhen San Francisco Chronicle October 09, 2006 -- But John Pike, who heads the GlobalSecurity.org military think tank in Washington, said such a solution would not work in central Iraq, because it is not religiously or ethnically homogeneous.
  33. Crafting a Collective Response By Elaine Shannon Time October 09, 2006 -- "I think there has been a lot of wishful thinking in the region. There was a tendency to think that North Korea was not a nuclear weapons state," says John Pike, a weapons expert with GlobalSecurity.org.
  34. Answers about 'the bomb' Compiled by James W. Crawley Media General News Service October 09, 2006 -- Japan, says military analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. Japan is within range of North Korean missiles.
  35. U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply By Ann Scott Tyson The Washington Post October 08, 2006 -- "September was horrific" in terms of the toll of wounded, and if the early October trend continues, this month could be "the worst month of the war," said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based Web site that tracks defense issues.
  36. Tensions build over threat of nuclear test By Hans Greimel The Associated Press October 08, 2006 -- SOURCES: GlobalSecurity.org, Star-Telegram
  37. Drückt Kim jetzt auf den Knopf? Die Presse October 07, 2006 -- Laut dem militärstrategischen Onlinedienst "GlobalSecurity.org" deutet einiges auf den Berg Mantap in der Provinz Nord-Hamkyong hin.
  38. North Korea expected to do underground nuclear test By Michael Adler Agence France Presse October 06, 2006 -- John Pike, from the Washington-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said North Korea was not expected to carry out an atmospheric test, although he admitted this would have "a theatrical impact."
  39. Group: U.S. had secret prison in Germany By Robert Barr The Associated Press October 06, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-area military policy think tank, said it appeared plausible that Ramstein, in southwestern Germany, was used as a refueling stop for CIA planes carrying detainees.
  40. US military response to North Korean test called unlikely By Jim Mannion Agence France Presse October 05, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.Org, cites nuclear cooperation between the North Koreans and Pakistanis, and speculates that Pakistan may have tested a North Korean warhead in one of two nuclear tests conducted in 1998.
  41. What if North Korea tests a nuclear bomb? By Howard LaFranchi and Donald Kirk The Christian Science Monitor October 05, 2006 -- "Nobody has a clue where the uranium program is, how big it is, or how far along it is," says John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  42. F-14 fighter flies into the sunset By Carmen Gentile ISN Security Watch October 03, 2006 -- According to John E Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, the F-14 was susceptible to wear and tear unlike other planes in the Navy's fleet.
  43. Counterinsurgency Center in Kansas to play crucial role in Mideast wars By Joel Mathis The Lawrence Journal-World October 01, 2006 -- “One might say it’s overdue,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based Web site that covers defense matters. He added: “It’s obviously worth doing because counterinsurgency is a different type of war.”