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July 2004 News

  1. 9/11 Report Iffy on Tech By Michael Myser Wired News July 31, 2004 -- "Information sharing is one of those ideas that's been around for a long time, but nothing significant has been done," said George Smith, a senior fellow with GlobalSecurity.org. "Technological fixes don't fix human nature. And the bureaucracies we have won't allow that to really happen."
  2. Disclosing Intelligence Budgets Might Be Easiest of 9/11 Panel's Recommendations By Douglas Jehl The New York Times July 29, 2004 -- The figure of $40 billion for current intelligence spending -- more than most countries in the world spend on their armies -- that is cited by nongovernmental experts is at best a ''guesstimate,'' as one of those experts, John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, has acknowledged.
  3. Protesters Challenge Sudan Government by Hazel Trice Edney The Wilmington Journal July 27, 2004 -- At least 1.2 million persons have been displaced and more than 170,000 have taken refuge across the border, the Amnesty report states. More than 2 million people have died either by violence, disease or other war-related impacts over the past decade, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  4. U.S. Lawmakers Warn Of Wider EMP Threat by William Matthews Defense News July 26, 2004 -- "Hawaii was back during the vacuum tube era," said John Pike, director of the military think tank Globalsecurity.org. "Since then, American society has come to depend on about a zillion embedded chips, and they are quite susceptible" to electromagnetic pulse.
  5. Intelligence failure at the networks by Taylor Dinerman The Space Review July 26, 2004 -- The report was done by John Pike's organization, "GlobalSecurity.org," one of the few groups anywhere that has tried conscientiously to use satellite imagery to enhance ordinary citizens' understanding of current affairs.
  6. U.S. Bases Overseas Show New Strategy By Michael Mainville Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania) July 26, 2004 -- "This marks a new epoch in American force posturing," said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, a Washington clearinghouse for strategic intelligence. "It's one of only a half-dozen similar reposturings since the American Revolution. It's a very significant change."
  7. CIA culpa; Inlichtingendiensten By VUIJST, F. Vrij Nederland July 24, 2004 -- Groepsdenken, leugens. Zijn er nog meer aanwijzingen voor de verloedering van de CIA? John Pike denkt van wel. Volgens hem is de CIA wellicht het slachtoffer geworden van een briljante desinformatiecampagne. Pike volgde jarenlang voor de onafhankelijke Federation of American Scientists het werk van de inlichtingendiensten en doet dit nu voor zijn eigen denktank GlobalSecurity.org.
  8. County companies reap appropriations/7-24 By Chris Dumond Hamilton Journal News July 23, 2004 -- According to the defense information Web site globalsecurity.org, the armored Humvees have shown much greater resistance to the homemade mine blasts.
  9. Feds might dump one rocket builder By Roger Fillion Rocky Mountain News July 23, 2004 -- "Whoever has the government for an anchor customer, it would be hard to compete against," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy group.
  10. Soldier On Patrol Killed Newsday (New York) July 22, 2004 -- SOURCE: IRAQI COALITION CASUALTY COUNT; GLOBALSECURITY.ORG
  11. I-Team: Toppling of Saddam's Statue Staged? By Andrea McCarren WJLA-TV July 22, 2004 -- Tim Brown, Globalsecurity.org: "It wasn't completely stage-managed from Washington, DC but it wasn't exactly a spontaneous Iraqi operation."
  12. Oceana-based jets bomb insurgent targets in Iraq, Navy says By Matthew Dolan The Virginian-Pilot July 22, 2004 -- The Guided Bomb Unit-12 uses a 500-pound general purpose warhead, according the independent military Web site Globalsecurity.org.
  13. Death a whisker away until Manila's retreat The Australian July 22, 2004 -- Source: Globalsecurity.org
  14. OUR VIEWS; White Sands El Paso Times (El Paso, TX) July 21, 2004 -- And it's expected to be very accurate, according to www.globalsecurity.org, with a "three meters circular error probable for surveyed target."
  15. Senate panel favors intelligence reform By Edward Epstein The San Francisco Chronicle July 21, 2004 -- Source: GlobalSecurity.org
  16. Possible assignment to actual war zone 'very, very real' By William Cole The Honolulu Advertiser July 21, 2004 -- John Pike, director of the military think tank GlobalSecurity.org, last month said he doubted the Hawai'i Marines will remain out of the war zones. "At the rate we're going, everyone's going to get an opportunity to get a campaign medal," he said.
  17. US Casualty Rate High Since Handover By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe July 19, 2004 -- "We are having a bad month in the war," said John Pike, a military specialist at GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va. "Until the Iraqi security forces are properly organized, trained, and equipped, the US is going to continue to have significant exposure. That is going to be true for another year or two."
  18. Big Money: Troubled waters ahead By B K Tan The Edge Singapore July 19, 2004 -- An Associated Press interview with John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity. org, a research centre on security issues, quoted Pike as saying that in the past, the US Navy could not deploy so many carriers at once but "now they are demonstrating that they are set up to do it". "If anybody anywhere gets any ideas - if North Korea gets frisky or the Red Chinese get too risky - they might have a half-dozen carriers show up on short notice," Pike said.
  19. Israel's Soreq nuclear reactor -- the one they show to journalists By Michael Adler Agence France Presse July 18, 2004 -- But John Pike, of the US-based GlobalSecurity weapons monitoring organization, told AFP by telephone that Soreq is "the functional equivalent of the US Livermore or Los Alamos national weapons laboratories. It is responsible for nuclear weapons research, design and fabrication."
  20. Agency Suspects N.Korean Hands in Cyberattacks By Park Song-wu Korea Times July 16, 2004 -- In an e-mail interview early June, John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which maintains an online guide to the North's military, said he would be surprised if Pyongyang did not operate a contingent of hackers. ''It is an obvious thing to do and is not that hard to do,'' Pike said.
  21. Pentagon plans military tribunals for Guantánamo prisoners By John Andrews World Socialist Web Site www.wsws.org July 16, 2004 -- The order can be read at http://www.globalsecurity.org/security/library/policy /dod/d20040707reviewpdf
  22. USA FRYGTER KAEDEREAKTION AF KIDNAPNINGER By Poul Husted Politiken July 15, 2004 -- Kilder: GlobalSecurity.org, Time og BBC
  23. Philippines begins withdrawal By Evan Osnos The Chicago Tribune July 15, 2004 -- The Philippines is the fifth nation to remove its forces from the coalition, according to Globalsecurity.org, which tracks military deployments.
  24. NEPAL: Beijing pledges to help suppress Maoist rebels By Eva Cheng Green Left Weekly July 14, 2004 -- A 2004 globalsecurity.org study reported that the Nepalese Maoists control seven such districts and have significant presence in 17 others.
  25. Safety issues plague 5-ton truck By Lisa Zagaroli The Detroit News July 12, 2004 -- Source: General Accounting Office; Globalsecurity.org; U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command
  26. Death toll rising for part-time U.S. forces By Wayne Woolley The Star-Ledger July 11, 2004 -- Although inadequate training of Army Reserve troops may have contributed to the abuses of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison, there is no way for reservists to protect themselves from the indiscriminate violence throughout Iraq, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan military think tank in Virginia. "A mortar attack does not respect the military occupational specialty or whether a soldier is a reservist," Pike said.
  27. Shays named as short-list candidate to replace CIA chief By Peter Urban The Connecticut Post (Bridgeport, CT) July 10, 2004 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said it is extremely unlikely Bush would nominate a replacement prior to the November elections, given the almost certain opposition Senate Democrats would have to confirming any candidate with a whiff of partisanship. "I just think it is too close to the election for them to confirm anybody," Pike said.
  28. U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan at 17,900, and expected to hold steady By Lisa Burgess Stars and Stripes July 09, 2004 -- Meanwhile, some think-tanks and military watchdog organizations use press reports and other sources to attempt to reconstruct U.S. orders of battle, including the website Global Security, (globalsecurity.org).
  29. Hawai'i National Guard Iraq-bound in February By William Cole The Honolulu Advertiser July 08, 2004 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based think tank focusing on the military, most troops at Anaconda had been moved by June into trailers with air conditioning. Four cafeteria-style dining facilities are run on the post.
  30. Intelligence Work Comes to CACI Via Acquisitions By Ellen McCarthy The Washington Post July 08, 2004 -- "The easiest way for a company to get into this line of work is to buy a company that's already in this line of work," said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and intelligence think tank in Alexandria. Acquisitions provide immediate access to intelligence customers and a workforce with experience in the sector, he said.
  31. Die Jagd Auf Bin Laden Von Uli Rauss Stern July 08, 2004 -- John Pike, Experte für Aufklärungssatelliten, sieht das anders: "Es ist die Suche nach einem Stück Heu im Heuhaufen."
  32. >For Want of a Bolt ... By Fred Kaplan Slate July 07, 2004 -- The Army encoded the report on its Web site in a way that made it impossible to download, store, or print. The only way to read the report was to do so online-believe me, not a pleasant task. Only late today, after poring through all 540 pages, did I learn that the ever-useful techies at globalsecurity.org had decoded the block and put the report on their own Web site in a more user-friendly format.
  33. $5 billion in contracts: Amount made up an eighth of Homeland Security costs in first year By Thomas Hargrove The Albuquerque Tribune July 07, 2004 -- John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a nonpartisan research organization, said the department's accounting leaves questions hanging. "It's very difficult to understand how Homeland Security is spending money," he said. "Their publicly released budget information is incoherent. I like to call it a budgetlike object."
  34. Do terrorist threats justify sacrifice of American values? By Veronica Rollin University Wire July 07, 2004 -- ccording to www.globalsecurity.org, Justice Department lawyers knew the detainment in Guantanamo Bay was better than detainment in the United States because Guantanamo has "the legal equivalent of outer space."
  35. 'Miracle' helicopter project nears liftoff By Andrew Petty The Korea Herald July 07, 2004 -- John Pike of the thing tank Global Security said if problems arose along the way, it is possible the production schedule will be delayed and cutbacks made along the way to meet the deadline, resulting in a fairly different craft than projected.
  36. Lawmakers call for U.N. to act in Sudan By Brian DeBose The washington Times July 07, 2004 -- Sudan has been in tumult for more than 100 years. Like many African nations, the effects of European colonialism and Arab conquerors remain, according to historical data compiled by GlobalSecurity.org, an organization devoted to finding approaches to the security challenges of the new millennium.
  37. Eye in sky not hot air MX (Melbourne, Australia) July 07, 2004 -- "There is probably more in terest in airships today than there has been for some time," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defence consulting group in Virginia. "Whether any of it is going to pan out is a different question."
  38. Convocatoria a reservistas de EU demuestra vulnerabilidad de su ejército, según analistas La Crónica de Hoy July 06, 2004 -- ohn Pike, director del centro GlobalSecurity que se especializa en asuntos militares, manifestó que "nadie esperaba que la guerra en Irak fuera a prolongarse". "Rumsfeld pensó que (el exiliado iraquí caído en desgracia) Ahmed Chalabi iba a bajar en paracaídas en Irak e iba a hacerse cargo de todo", añadió.
  39. U.S. Authorizes Families to Leave Bahrain By James Glanz The New York Times July 05, 2004 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said the warnings underscored how difficult it was becoming to keep the terrorist threat in the Middle East confined to one or two countries. "I think they potentially could turn up just about everywhere," Mr. Pike said. "My gut hunch," he said of analysts at the Pentagon and the State Department, "is that they are looking at the number of foreign fighters that are turning up in Iraq and saying `we've got a problem.' "
  40. Details emerge in Fletcher flight's security scare By James R. CarrollThe Courier-Journal July 04, 2004 -- But John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit military and security think tank, said the incident uncovered "a number of flaws" in the security network that is supposed to protect Washington.
  41. Soldiers charged in Iraqi drowning By Tom Roeder The Gazette July 03, 2004 -- John Pike, executive director of Virginia defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said the deaths have stung a Defense Department that is increasingly worried about public perception of the Iraq war. "They understand that this war is becoming unpopular," Pike said.
  42. How Iraq will change US military doctrine By Brad Knickerbocker Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA) July 02, 2004 -- "The surprise-free assumption would be 50,000 US troops in Iraq for at least the next generation, along with the current footprint in Central Asia for at least as long," says John Pike, of GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  43. Pentagon forces 6,500 troops to return to army service By Andrew Buncombe The Independent July 01, 2004 -- John Pike, director of the military think-tank GlobalSecurity.org, said: "No one was expecting the war in Iraq to be a protracted affair. Donald Rumsfeld was planning for Ahmed Chalabi to parachute into Iraq and take care of everything. This is not what they were planning for. The army was not designed for this."
  44. Stealth fighter-bomber unit is temporarily deployed to S. Korea By Joseph Giordono Stars and Stripes July 01, 2004 -- The F-117A Nighthawk is a single-seat attack aircraft designed to penetrate dense threat environments and attack high-value targets with precision munitions, according to a profile of the aircraft on Globalsecurity.org, an online military information clearinghouse.