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Thailand Islamic Insurgency


On 31 January 2009, a grenade blast killed eight people and wounded twenty-seven others during an outdoor celebration next to a Buddhist temple.

On 20 February 2009, Muslim insurgents ambushed a military convoy and beheaded 2 soldiers in the second such attack that month.

On 13 March 2009, Muslim militants killed 3 soldiers in an ambush in southern Narathiwat province. Six days later, a Thailand army spokesman said a roadside bomb had killed 4 paramilitary rangers on an intelligence-gathering operation in southern Pattani province.

On 7 June 2009, Islamic insurgents shot dead a villager and then detonated a car bomb as a crowd gathered, which killed one and wounded 19 in the Yi-ngo district of Narathiwat. The next day, gunmen opened fire on a mosque in Narathiwat Province's Hoh-I-Rong district killing at least 10 people and wounding 19 others.

On 13 June 2009, insurgents riding a motorcycle hurled a bomb at a bus, killing one passenger and wounding 13 others in downtown Yala city. In Yala province's Bannang Sata district, a husband and wife were shot dead in an ambush while riding their motorcycle. In Narathiwat Province a village headman's wife was killed and another person wounded while riding a motorcycle to a market.

On 18 June 2009, Thailand security forces killed 4 suspected Muslim militants in a gun battle in southern Yala Province.

On 19 July 2009, in Thailand's Yala Province, a 48-year-old rubber plantation owner was shot dead in a drive-by shooting as he returned home by motorcycle. In another attack, a gold shopkeeper was killed after suspect insurgents fired assault rifles into his shop in Narathiwat Province before they fled on a motorcycle. The next day, 2 assailants on a motorcycle shot and killed a Buddhist man who was traveling on a road in Pattani province.

On 26 August 2009, Muslim insurgents detonated a car bomb outside a crowded open-air restaurant during lunchtime, which wounded 26 people.

On 2 September 2009, a number of drive-by shootings in the provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala left 8 dead, including a Muslim teacher and his son. Thai Security forces raided a rubber plantation in Yala and a house in Narathiwat, sparking separate gun battles in which 2 suspected insurgents were killed. The following day, on 3 September 2009, a bomb hidden in a motorcycle parked outside a row of open-air shops and restaurants in Pattani city exploded, which killed a Buddhist man and wounded 24 others.

On 4 September 2009, a bomb believed to had been planted by Islamic insurgents exploded outside a restaurant where security forces were eating breakfast, killing a policeman and wounding 12 other people. On 13 September 2009, Muslim insurgents shot and killed 5 paramilitary troops in Yala Province.

On 28 October 2009, Muslim insurgents shot and killed 2 Buddhist civilians in separate drive-by attacks in the insurgency-plagued south.

On 6 January 2010, a civil servant, a female defense volunteer, and a mechanic were killed in drive-by shootings, while security forces shot dead a suspect who resisted arrest in a gun battle that followed a search operation at a house in Narathiwat.

On 7 January 2010 a roadside bomb went off in Yala Province, killing a paramilitary ranger on patrol. Another small bomb went off earlier in Yala, about 200 meters (656 feet) from where Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit later presided over a ceremony to open a new road. A police officer in the security team for the visiting delegation was slightly wounded. Another roadside bomb was detonated in neighboring Pattani province, but no casualties were reported.

On 14 January 2010, unknown assailants shot dead and burned the bodies of a Buddhist couple who were riding to work on a motorcycle that morning in Pattani province. A Buddhist family of 3, including a 12-year-old girl, were wounded in another drive-by attack in the same province. A bomb was later detonated outside a tea shop in the same province, wounding 4 civilians, and in neighboring Yala a bomb exploded outside an open-air market, wounding 3 soldiers and 3 civilians.

On 27 February 2010, 4 banks were targeted with small explosives, but no one was hurt.

On 1 April 2010, suspected Islamic insurgents shot dead 6 Buddhist villagers in Thailand's restive south. Ten policemen and soldiers were also wounded when a roadside bomb exploded as they were traveling to the scene of the shootings.

On 8 June 2010, 11 Muslims were killed while praying in a mosque in Narathiwat province. Thai government officials claimed it was the work of Muslim insurgents, however local villagers stated that Muslims would not fire on other Muslims, especially in a mosque. The attack fueled the tension between the government and Islamic insurgents.

On 1 July 2010, suspected Muslim insurgents detonated a roadside bomb and opened fire on security forces in southern Thailand. The following day, 3 soldiers were killed in a second attack by a similar roadside bomb blast.

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