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Ground Forces Order of Battle

This is a reasonably accurate order of battle as of 2014. It must be evident that the identities of many units remain unclear. It must also be appartent from the Division and Brigade Orders of Battle that over the past couple of decades Ukraine at one time or another has deployed a large number of units that have subsequently be inactivated. That is, there are a lot of unit patches, and not very many units. As is increasingly the case around the world, Ukraine has dispensed with the Division as a command echelon, and today employs only Corps and Brigades.

Soldiers who laid down arms during military operation against protesters in east Ukraine will face a tribunal, coup-imposed acting President Aleksandr Turchinov said 17 April 2014. ôThe 25th paratroopers brigade, the personnel of which demonstrated cowardice and laid down their arms, will be dissolved. And the soldiers responsible will be held accountable in court,ö Turchinov said at a parliamentary session. The previous day crews of six Ukrainian armored personnel carriers sent to the town of Kramatorsk switched sides and joined the local self-defense squads. The defected troops, all of whom come from neighboring Dnepropentrovsk, explained their move by their unwillingness to go into battle against the local population.

Ground Forces Command

79 airmobile Brigade

107 Rocket Brigade

11 army aviation regiment

11 pioneer Regiment

13th Army Corps

Western Operational Command

Za┤hýdne operati┤vne combatant (ZahOK) operational unification of the ground forces of the armed forces in the western part of the territory of Ukraine, which was formed in January 1998 , on the basis of the Red Kiev Carpathian military district, which was formed in July 1945. Troops located on the territory of Western OK 9 areas: Zakarpattia, Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Volyn, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia oblasts. Before July 1, 2006, the composition of the Western operational command consisted of connection and part of the 13th Army Corps (13 K).

24th separate mechanized brigade
Lviv region.

51st separate mechanized brigade
Volyn region.

128 separate guards mountain infantry
twice red banner Brigade
Zakarpattia Oblast

300-separate mechanized Regiment
Chernivtsi reg.

15th separate artillery regiment
Lviv region.

19th missile brigade
Khmelnitsky region.

80th airmobile Regiment
Lviv region.

16th brigade of Army aviation
Lviv region.

7th Army Aviation Regiment
s. Guelder-Rose
Lviv region.

8th separate Regiment for special purposes
Khmelnitsky region.

703 Engineering Regiment

6th Army Corps
HQ Denepropetrovsk

Southern Operational Command

Pývde┤nne operati┤vne combatant (PývdOK) operational unification of the ground forces of the armed forces in the southern part of the territory of Ukraine, which was formed in January 1998 , on the basis of the Odessa military district, which was first mentioned in July 1862. Before July 1, 2006, the composition of the southern operational command consisted of connection and part 6 Army Corps (6 AC)

17th Armored Brigade
17-a separate tank Brigade
Krivoy Rog
Dnipropetrovsk oblast

28th separate mechanized brigade
SMT. Chornomorske Kominternovsky district
Odesa Oblast

92nd separate mechanized brigade
KlugoÜino-BaÜkirývka, Chuguev
Kharkiv oblast

93rd separate mechanized brigade
SMT. Cherkaske Novomoskovsk Mr
Dnipropetrovsk oblast

55th artillery brigade
Zaporizhzhia oblast

107 Rocket artillery regiment
Poltava oblast

25th separate Airborne Brigade
SMT. Dniprovske
Dnipropetrovsk oblast

79th airmobile Brigade
Mykolaiv region

11th Regiment AWP js'ko´ aviation
Kherson oblast

1039 anti-aircraft rocket Regiment
SMT. Dniprovske
Dnipropetrovsk oblast

3rd separate Regiment for special purposes
Kirovograd oblast

50th training detachment of special training
Kirovograd oblast

91 Engineering Regiment

8th Army Corps
Rapid Reaction

Northern Territorial Directorate

Territorial management "North" Ś the military district which is part of the army of the armed forces, which was created on the basis of the Northern operational command in accordance with the Directive of the Minister of defence of Ukraine dated April 20, 2005. Troops of the Northern Territory defense OK 7 regions: Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Poltava, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv oblasts. The operational command includes the connection and part 8 AK (Army Corps).

1-a single Panzer Brigade
village Goncharovskoe
Chernihiv oblast

30-as separate mechanized brigade
Zhytomyr Oblast

72-a separate mechanized brigade
Bila Tserkva
Kyiv region

26th artillery brigade
Zhytomyr Oblast

27th Rocket artillery regiment
Sumy oblast

95th airmobile Brigade
Zhytomyr Oblast

1129th anti-aircraft rocket Regiment
Bila Tserkva
Kyiv region

169th Learning Center suhoputni´ troops
NLT. Desna
Chernihiv oblast

28th Separate training battalion, Cavalry
NLT. Desna
Chernihiv oblast

12 Engineering Regiment

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