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R-27 AA-10 ALAMO

The R-27 family of air-to-air missiles intercepts and destroys manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as cruise missiles in long-range and short-range, maneuverable air combat. Manufacturer: State Joint-Stock Holding Company "Artem", Kyiv. It has a three-module design, consisting of a hardware unit with a guidance head, a warhead and a solid propellant engine, with three power units of the suspension. It is part of the armament of MiG and Su aircraft.

Work on developing its own analogues of Russian parts began in 2015. DAKH "Artem", a private manufacturer "Radionics" and a number of other enterprises of the Ukrainian defense industry took part in the work. "As of today, this program (import substitution) is fully implemented and we can say with confidence that this product (R-27) is 100% Ukrainian," - said the company's president - Chairman of the Board of DAHK "Artem" Volodymyr Zimin. interview time in the program " Security talks with Valentin Badrak".

The state joint-stock holding company Artem is capable of producing R-27 air-to-air missiles without the use of Russian components. The head of the company acknowledged that R-27 is the “most important” and “most popular” product of Artem State Joint-Stock Company, ie it generates the largest amount of enterprise revenues. This product has great prospects for continued existence. Because the tactical and technical characteristics that are embedded in it - they still remain high, - said the president of "Artem".

Today, the plant has a "very serious volume of contracts" with India. During the AeroIndia-2021 exhibition, representatives of Ukroboronprom and Spetstechnoexport met with the Indian Air Force Command. Vladimir Zimin said: India was very much looking forward to these products. Because they are worried about the combat effectiveness of their air force. We have fulfilled all the necessary preconditions for this contract to enter into force in December 2020. At the moment, one formal issue remains - the issuance of a bank guarantee for the performance of the contract. It is in the final stages of approval by the Ministry of Finance.

It should be noted that there are several versions of the R-27 missile - with different types of GOS (radar passive, semi-active and thermal) and with different versions of engines. One of the latest Ukrainian works in this area is the development of an updated domestic version of the R-27T / ET missile with a passive optical (thermal) GOS-203T.

The impetus for the creation of a new thermal matrix homing head was signed by "Spetstechnoexport" contract with the Indian Air Force to supply R-27 missiles with the index "ET1" and the actual need import substitution of some elements of this missile, which were once manufactured in the Russian Federation, "said Stanislav Zavyalov, director of Radionix. Ukrainian specialists were faced with the task of import substitution of the obsolete Soviet GOS-36T, the radio detonator "Swift" and the autopilot unit "BU-72".

"We approached this task gradually. That is, first a decision was made at the level of a joint decision of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ukroboronprom, which stipulated the participation of Radionics in the import substitution of control units "BU-72" and radio detonator, and then a joint decision on import substitution of the "36T" product, ie a thermal homing head, was signed, "the head of Radionix said.

"Targets such as the Su-27 in the rear hemisphere, this head can detect at distances of about 90 km, which essentially exceeds the detection range of the optical location station of the Su-27 fighter and even more so the MiG-29 fighter. That is, the system created today yes, I'm not afraid of this word - unique. And it can serve as a basis for the creation of next-generation missiles, "- said the director of" Radionix ".

Tactical and technical characteristics

Weight, kg:253350245343248346
Length, m:
Diameter (caliber), m:0.23
Engine diameter, m:
Wingspan, m:0.770.80.770.80.770.8
Steering fin span, m:0.97
Starting height, km:to 25to 27to 25to 27to 20
Maximum starting range, km:
in PNS:6093508478110
in ZNS:18261520--
Maximum overload, g:85
Mass of the warhead, kg39
Guidance system:ON RL GOS with correctionPassive IR GOSPassive RL GOS


R-27R1 - semi RL homing, single-mode motor

R-27ER1 - semi RL GSN, increasing the range start, dual motor

R-27T1 - passive infrared homing, single-mode motor

R-27ET1 - passive infrared homing, increasing the range start, dual-mode motor

R-27P1 - passive RL GOS, single-mode motor. To defeat radio emitting air targets (active interference detectors )

R-27EP1 - passive RL GOS, increased launch range, dual-mode motor. For the destruction of radio-emitting air targets (active jammers)

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