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Kung Feng 6

Kung-Feng 6 MLRS (multi-launched rocket system) is a high-power, mobile, easy-to-operate artillery rocket system. With suppression,shock and lethal capabilities, it is an effective anti-landing weapon. The Worker Bee 6 multi-barreled rocket launcher is manufactured by Taiwan’s "Sun Yat-Sen Academy of Sciences". The system was developed by Taiwan in the late 1970s and equipped with the Army Corps Artillery Battalion in the 1980s. The Taiwan army plans to deploy some of this type of rockets in the outer islands. This type of rocket is currently the main surface-killing firearm in the Taiwan army. The development did not start until the 1970s, and the Army Corps artillery battalion was equipped in the 1980s. There were two "worker bee"-6A rocket battalions, and some of these rockets are planned to be deployed in the Kinmen area.

In 1979, the U.S. government began to implement the "trilogy" of "abolition of treaties", "severance of diplomatic relations" and withdrawal of troops with Taiwan. The Taiwan authorities, worried about being abandoned by Washington, set off a "self-defense independence" movement and relied on international arms brokers to obtain a large number of weapons samples. , Including the Soviet-made BM-21 "Hail" rocket launcher. In 1982, Taiwan’s "Chinese Academy of Sciences" launched the localized "Worker Bee"-6 rocket launcher based on the BM-21.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed the Worker Bee 4 multiple rocket rocket in 1973 and used M113, M38 & M151 jeeps and LVTP5 as vehicles. In 1975, it developed the Worker Bee 6 multiple rocket rocket under the "Songshan Project" and mass-produced in 1982. It replaces the Worker Bee 4, and the Worker Bee 6 is now replaced by the Thunder 2000 Multiple Rocket System after many years of service.

The Worker Bee 6 is developed with reference to the West German LARS multiple rocket system. It is easy to operate, highly maneuverable, and can be launched intensively in a short period of time, forming a large-area instantaneous bombardment of the target area. Although the accuracy is not as good as that of tubular artillery weapons, An instant concentrated explosion can still cause great lethality.

The whole system of the Worker Bee 6 is composed of rockets, launcher/vehicle platform and shooting commander. The vehicle uses a US-made M809 5-ton truck. The launcher adopts hydraulic system adjustment. The launcher adopts 9 tubes, 1 row and a complete set of 5 rows. 45 tubes, and the shooting can be adjusted for single or burst shooting, and 45 rockets can be launched in 22.5 seconds.

The maximum range is about 20,000 meters, the effective range is 15,000 meters, and the rate of fire is 45 rounds/22 seconds. The direction of fire is 90 degrees on the left and right, and the firing method is single shot or burst. The loading method is manual from the rear with bare hands, and the loading time is 15 minutes. Killing area is 30,000 square meters (45 rounds of salvo), sports vehicle-mounted, carrying model M52A1 5-ton truck, It is equipped with high-explosive bombs, yellow phosphorus incendiary bombs, and smoke bombs. The bomb is 1.8 meters long, 117 mm in diameter, and 62.8 kg in weight.

The worker bee 6A rocket is 2.166 meters long and weighs 42.64kg. It is equipped with high-explosive or yellow phosphorous bombs. The high-explosive bombs are pre-fragmented, equipped with bumper fuzes, solid fuel rocket motors, and stabilized by slow-rotating tails.

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