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Kung Feng 6

Entered Service 
nameWorker bee-6 117mm 45-barrel rocket launcher
CategoryArtillery rocket
Model numberWorker Bee-6 Caliber117 mm
Performance characteristics
  • Long range , great power, and good shooting accuracy.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • With many kinds of ammunition, it can perform a variety of shooting tasks.
  • reloading time is long.
  • Carrying model M52A1 5 ton truck
    Number of crew 6
    Number of tubes 45 tubes (5 9)
    maximum range about 20,000 meters
    Effective range 15000 meters
    direction of fire 90 degrees to the left and right
    Type of fire Single shot or burst
    rate of fire 45 rounds/22 seconds
    Reload method filled manually from the rear with bare hands
    Reload time 15 minutes
    Kill area 30,000 square meters (45 volleys)
    Guidance mode 
    Single-shot hit probability 
    Warhead Weight 
    Maximum Speed 
    Projectile length1.8 meters
    Projectile diameter 117 mm
    Projectile weight 62.8 kg
    Identify features
  • launcher is divided into 5 layers, 9 tubes are arranged side by side on each layer, and there are two reinforcement sections in the middle and rear.
  • carrier is an M52A1 10-wheel heavy truck.
  • Variants
  • Kung Feng V - Experimental version that did not enter service.
  • Kung Feng VI - 117mm x 45 round launcher mounted on M52A1 truck. 2 types of rockets,
  • Kung Feng Sea - Naval version, mounted on destroyers to launch ECM chaff.

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