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Jianyi / Antelope - Design

Tianjian I missile is an air defense weapon developed by Taiwan. It was originally an air-to-air missile, mounted on IDF and F-5E fighters. It has been in service in Taiwan's air force for many years and has undergone many air launches to verify its effectiveness. The vehicle-mounted Jianyi air defense missile system modified the original air-launched Jianyi missile into a ground-to-air air defense missile, centered on the Jianyi missile, equipped with mobile vehicles, reconnaissance radar systems, and control systems. With communication systems this forms a field air defense system which can be independently engaged or cooperate with other ground air defense systems to form a regional air defense system to defend important institutions or facilities, such as command centers, airports, ports, etc.

The vehicle-mounted Jianyi air defense missile system is very convenient in its operation. It can be operated by the shooter, the tracker and the squad leader and driver. When the system enters the tactical position, the tracker will start the generator first. Remove the safety latches of the shooting tower and missiles; at the same time, the shooter moves the control display to the selected remote control operation position, and then starts the system power supply temperature controller. The tracker sets up the sight sight and executes the calibration procedure of the sight sight. After the warming machine is completed, the system enters the combat readiness state.

The CS/MPQ-78 is a mobile fire control radar, which can be incorporated with both gun and missile to execute low altitude air defense missions. The CS/MPQ-78 short-range air defense fire control radar developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology is composed of a search radar, a track radar and a photoelectric monitor. The search and track radars cover both medium-altitude and low- altitude air space, with a distance precision accuracy of around 10 meters. Its fire control system, combined with 35mm and 40mm rapid-fire guns and land-based Sky Sword I air defense missile, can offer an adequate short-range air defense; and it has a multiple anti-jamming function.

When the shooter receives the command of the shooting commander and completes the range and distance of the guard zone, he can enter the engagement state. At this time, the system will search and identify enemy aircraft according to the set area. The control computer will display the enemy aircraft information in the alert area on the control screen as a reference for interception. The system will also automatically control the tower to track the target, and the missile finder will lock the target and be ready to launch at any time. When the system radar and the missile finder both lock the target, the system missile sound (MISSILE TONE) will send out the lock sound (ENGAGE TONE) to inform the shooter, the shooter only needs to press the unlock button, even if the missile enters the tracking and ready-to-launch state. Finally, press the shooting button to complete the entire engagement process.

In addition, during the operation of the system, the control system will calculate the range of the missile at any time and report the status of the whole system to the command center by radio or wire, so that the commander can grasp the battle situation.

The functions of the vehicle-mounted Jianyi air defense missile system are as follows:

  • Capable of night combat.
  • High interception rate, capable of intercepting aircraft, helicopters or other aircraft.
  • Short preparation time and easy operation.
  • It has both overall air defense and independent engagement capabilities.
  • With high power.
  • With electronic and infrared countermeasure capabilities.

    The vehicle-mounted Jianyi air defense missile system is mainly composed of three major sub-systems: vehicle, shooting tower group and missile. The domestic medium-sized cargo truck, after minor revisions made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, includes four parts: chassis; engine; transmission system; and cockpit. The advantage is that the vehicle can be traded and maintained. Sword is a land-type passive infrared guided missiles, to destroy enemy aircraft.

    The roof of the carrier cabin has a reinforced structure to protect against the high temperature and impact force of the missile when it is launched. The surface has a flame-proof treatment, so that it can withstand the high temperature of missile launching. The expressway can run at speeds below 90 km/h. General road speed limit is less than 60km/h. The speed limit is less than 20km/h on gravel roads or field roads. The driving tilt angle is less than 20 degrees.

    The Fire tower is the main structure that carries the missile launch system, missile, sight acquisition system, communication system, control system, servo system, identification friend or foe system and system pipeline. The shooting tower can carry a weight of 2,500 kg. It can mount four missile launchers and missiles.

    In order to achieve high maneuverability and defensive fixed-point stability, the base set is designed to be combined or separated with mobile vehicles. The base carries the shooting tower, the target system, the launcher, the missile, the shooting control system, the display control processor, the power pack, the servo control, communication and other equipment, and the inside of the pedestal contains the generator, air compressor, hydraulic oil bBox and hydraulic pump.

    The power system includes generators, power packs, and internal and external power control boxes, which are the main sources of power for the entire system. The power required by the entire system can be provided by diesel generators or 220V city power. Analog and digital signals are processed by the input/output interface. The generator can run continuously for 12 hours to provide 220VAC, 60Hz, 20kW power.

    The Servo system is the main power source for the whole system direction and high and low drive, including hydraulic power components, servo brake components, servo control components, circuit pipeline group parts, oil pipeline components, etc. According to the command of the control computer, the control system of the shooting direction and the high and low angle position of the tower is executed. The lifting control of the radar base is carried out by hydraulic pressure. Under full load conditions, it provides a maximum angular velocity of 60(/SEC (single axis), and a maximum angular acceleration of 60(/S/S. The radar antenna can be raised within four seconds.

    The Identification friend or foe system, with automatic inquiry, the targets identification signal is used as a reference to point out an attack. Two interrogation modes, MODE 3 and MODE 4, can be provided. The radar target acquisition system is a pulse Doppler (PULSE-DOPPLER) radar. The system is one of the systems to effectively counter the threats of a variety of electronic and infrared countermeasures. It includes six parts including signal processor, transmitter, servo loop antenna system, multi-frequency device, heat dissipation loop and broadband radome. Part of the group have electronic counter-countermeasure system capacity (ECCM). It can fast track low-altitude aircraft or helicopter,, with distance, speed and angle tracking capabilities.

    The thermal imaging system with infrared search and track system, is one of the visual acquisition system, including three parts: thermal camera, tracker and flame-proof tube. It provides small area target search, automatic tracking, and shooter-specified target tracking. Search ability is within 7 miles of visibility under the weather, and detect a target of 9 kilometers. Tracking ability is to continuously track targets with an angular velocity of 20(/SEC or less. It has both automatic and manual tracking capabilities with infrared countermeasure (IRCCM) capability.

    Visual sight is a manual assisted method for searching and tracking targets. It mainly provides for short-range targets. It is one of the system's target acquisition systems. Under visual conditions, the radar or thermal image acquisition system can detect and lock the target within three seconds. The direction can be 360.

    With digital display, communication system provides a system and regional vial radar and system communication network in its own right associated wired line and a wireless communication system, functions to receive a finger head transmitted the control center marked warfare situation, the transmission system of the operating state back to the vial center for Commander's reference, and has a voice transmission function, so that the shooter can communicate with the staff of the guidance center. Wired communication includes optical fiber communication and voice communication, and the transmission rate of digital data is 4.8kbps. Wireless communication is voice communication and digital data transmission, with a transmission rate of 4.8kbps.

    Display control system includes display control processor and control display. The display control processor is the main controller of the system bus, which has the functions of graphics generation, optical fiber transmission control, digital video and audio processing, network management, status display, etc. The control display is a high-brightness integrated display console, which can be operated in a touch mode, with image capture and graphic functions. Both voice and data can be transmitted in both directions via optical fiber. It is a portable equipment.

    Control computer is the command center of the system. It obtains the target data from the target system or the control center , and controls the system to reach the interception target according to the shooter's instructions. The boot process can be completed within 1 minute of system power supply, including missile status detection, system function detection, radar target system temperature control and missile infrared finder cooling, and the normal radar temperature control can be completed within 3 minutes, and enter the first stage is in the preparatory state for the stage, and finally the thermal image is completed within 6 minutes and the system is cooled to enter the second stage of the preparatory state.

    Launcher set (including four sets of launchers and four sets of missile interface units) can be equipped with TC-1 Sword One Missile, which contains high-pressure gas cylinders, missile interface units, locking mechanisms, umbilical cord recovery mechanisms, etc. Among them, the missile interface unit provides the power and control required for the operation and launch of the missile , and can accept commands from the control computer to drive the missile to the target. ?Air conditioning system mainly provides temperature control and humidity control of the shooting tower group, so that the tower is equipped with equipment to operate at the specified ambient temperature, including the heat conduction pipe of the radar transmitter, the intake /exhaust circulation fan, and it starts to operate after the system is powered.

    Cable group is composed of power cables, signal cables, digital cables, and optical fiber cable trays. The optical fiber cables transmit audio and video and control two-way data.

    The operation of this system adopts a very user-friendly Chinese window interface. The operation screens include booting, system warming, standby mode, system calibration, warning zone setting, engagement mode, training mode, test mode, etc. After power is supplied, the radar detection system will automatically start to warm the traveling wave tube (TWT) (approximately 3 minutes), and the thermal image acquisition system and missiles will also automatically detect and cool (the thermal image acquisition system is approximately 6 minutes, the missile only needs 30 seconds) in order to enter the combat readiness state.

    After the system is deployed, the tracker and shooter will execute the calibration program of the visual sight to obtain the correct calibration parameters. After calibration, the system automatically saves the calibration parameter data. If there is no need to change it, there is no need to reset it when it is turned on next time.

    After the system is warmed up, the system will automatically be in standby mode. When the shooter receives the engagement command from the shooting commander , press the readiness mode accept button to enter the engagement state. The system both searches according to the set area and recognizes the friend or foe through the friend or foe identifier. The control computer will display the enemy aircraft information in the warning area on the control screen. After the target is captured , the system will automatically drive the tower to track the target, and the missile finder will lock the target. When the MISSILE TONE sends out the ENGAGE TONE to inform the shooter, the shooter presses the shooting button to launch the missile. If it encounters a friendly aircraft, a big "X" will appear to warn the shooter.

    The Jianyi land-launched missile developed from the Tianjian-1 air-to-air missile has a 4-piece launcher mounted on a Toyota commercial truck. However, since the system is mainly deployed in an air force base, the mobility problem is not counted.

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