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CM-21 Armored Vehicle



The current CM-21 model is CM-21A1. The CM-21A1 is still only a basic armored personnel carrier in terms of infantry transportation, and cannot be upgraded to a CM-21A2 infantry fighting vehicle. Since then, after the introduction of the CM-32 wheeled armored vehicle, it was even more impossible to modify it.



CM-21A2 is an improved version of A1. Its improvement concept comes from the American-made M113A2 armored car. Because the engine room intake mode of the M113A1/CM21 series is positive pressure, it is easy to cause exhaust gas to enter the car, causing the occupants to inhale too much exhaust gas and reduce the combat capability. Therefore, the air intake method is changed to a negative pressure type, so that the air enters the car first, then enters the engine room, and finally is drawn out from the engine room. The armor on both sides of the car body is an anti-armor weapon that uses net armor to counter shaped charges. The CM-21A2 might be directly upgraded to an armored combat vehicle. The French GIAT DRAGAR type single-person 25mm machine gun turret was once used for testing purposes, but it was not used, and a single exa,[;e was developed by itself. The captain's gun turret was only for testing purposes.


CM-22 armored mortar vehicle

The CM-22 is a 107mm mortar (currently a 120mm mortar ) version of the CM-21. The infantry compartment is modified to be equipped with mortars, and the rifle perforation and hollow armor are eliminated . The imitation version of the US M106 mortar car, the overall appearance details are very similar. The CM-22 was developed in 1987 and was still in production until around 1999. However, in the later production of the CM-22, the internal mortar ammunition compartment was different from the US M106 mortar vehicle, plus detailed parts such as headlights and CM- 21A cars are common.


CM-23 armored mortar vehicle

The CM-23 is an 81mm mortar version derived from the CM-22, which is the same as the US M125 mortar vehicle.


CM-25 TOW Missile Armored Vehicle

The CM-25 is a TOW missile anti-armor missile vehicle derived from the CM-21 armored vehicle and is used in anti-armor combat. The CM-25 is only equipped by the Marine Corps of the Republic of China and is distributed to the anti-A company under the Marine Brigade. Each company has 12 CM-25s, and the total production scale does not exceed 30. Compared with the M130 anti-armor missile vehicle, CM-25 modified the infantry compartment to carry towed missile ammunition, which can store 10 towed missiles. In addition, the design different from CM-21 is that the smoke grenade launcher is moved to the front of the vehicle, and the rifle perforation is eliminated. The side hollow armor layer is extended. Under the special requirements of the Marine Corps amphibious combat environment, the inner armor layer is filled with polystyrene to facilitate increased buoyancy, but the protection is not enhanced. The ROC Army still uses the M130 towed missile armored vehicle derived from the M113A1.


CM-26 Armored Command Vehicle

CM-26 is a derivative of CM-22 armored command vehicle, with the US M113 armored personnel carrier same derived M577 command vehicle.

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