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499th Tactical Fighter Wing
(2nd Tactical Fighter Wing)

The 499th Tactical Fighter Wing is located at Hsinchu Air Base and is the first and only wing in the ROCAF to have the Mirage 2000-5 aircraft. The unit is comprised of one fighter group and three squadrons, the 41st, 42nd, and 48th.

The 499th is also referred to in some publications, most notably Jane's Sentinel as the 2nd Tactical Fighter Wing.

In August 2000 the ROC government announded that a wing centered around the Mirage 2000-5 jet fighters would form in April 2001. On May 20, 2001 the 499th Tactical Fighter Wing was "commissioned" as a Mirage 2000-5 fighter wing.

Between 1997 and 1999 the 499th Wing of the ROC Air Force established the 41st, 42nd, and 43rd squadrons, each assigned 20 Mirage aircraft. However, the loss of two Mirages during training - the first in a crash off the cost of Hsinchu on 25 October, 1999, the second in an accident near Hualien on 14 December, 1999 - reduced the fleet to 58 planes.

This wing was reorganized at the Hsinchu AFB Command on January 8, 1953 and assigned the code as the 2nd Wing with the 8th Light Bomber Group, the 20th Air Transports Group under its command. This wing is equipped with the P-4Y bomber, the B-24 bomber, and the C-46 cargo plane.

The 4th Squadron, equipped with the B-25 bomber, was assigned to the command of the 8th Group on April 16, 1953. On July 1 of the same year, the 11th Tactical Bomber Group, equipped with the F-47 Thunderbolt, was assigned to the command of this wing. The armament was started to replace with the F-86F Sabre jet fighters from August 1, 1955 with procurement completed on August 30, 1956. This wing performed combat duties and has shot down 9 and damaged 3 MIG-17 in the air space of Wenzhou Bay on September 24, 1958. The AIM-9 air-to-air missile was used for the first time in this air battle that stunned the whole world. The 8th light bomber group was reorganized as the 8th Composite Wing on October 1, 1957, but was ordered to dissolve on August 1, 1958.

This wing was reorganized into the 2nd Tactical Fighter Wing on June 16, 1960. The 11th Tactical Bomber Group was reorganized as the 11th Tactical Fighter Group and continued using the F-86D all-weather interceptor, the F-100 Super Sabre, the F-104 Star Fighter.

The first Dassault Mirage Fighter was received in May 1997. The 41st Squadron was formed in December 1997 for the inspection for acceptance of this fighter. In November 1998, the 60th Dassault Mirage was accepted with the formation ceremony of the 42nd Squadron. By May 10, 2001, the Dassault Mirage was officially procured by the ROCAR. On November 14, 2002 a Mirage 2000-5 aircraft from the 499th Tactical Fighter Wing was damaged following an accident. The crew were uninjured but the aircraft sustained damage to the front portion of the aircraft.

In supporting the “streamlining” for organizational adjustment, the 11th Group was dissolved on November 11 2004 with the formation of the 41st and the 42nd Tactical Squadron, and the 48th Maintenance and Training Company.

The Taoyuan Command was dissolved on June 2005, and was replaced by the Taoyuan AFB Logistics Company on July 1 under the command of this wing. All the military personnel carried on the glorious heritage of the Air Force and unveiled a new page of the history of ROCAF.

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