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Zagon-1 Antisubmarine Corrected Air Bomb

The Zagon-1 (index S3V) antisubmarine corrected air bomb is designed to engage submarines on sea surface, under periscope and under water cruising at down to 600-m depth. The air bomb can be effectively employed in splashdown water areas at least 150-m deep, at Sea States up to 6, in any region of the world ocean. It is best of all suited for combat employment in fiords, bays and similar areas where efficiency of other types of guided weapons is limited.

When dropped against underwater targets the bomb descends on the  parachute released at the moment of the bomb's splash-down. The bomb then sinks down under graviational g-force and at the same time is steered towards the target by active sonar target location and bomb motion control system. The S3V Zagon-1 antisubmarine air bomb is a very attractive "cost-effective" solution - rather inexpensive thanks to simple manufacturing technology and operational robustness (it does not require special technical maintenance or testing when in storage). Yet its combat effectiveness is several times higher compared with that of conventional antisubmarine bombs. The S3V antisubmarine guided bomb is unified for combat use from Tu-142/II-38 type antisubmarine warfare aircraft, and helicopters of Ka-38 and other types.

Delivery set:
The S3V air bomb is completed with operational documentation.
No maintenance facilities are required during bomb's operational period.
At customer request the supplier renders technical assistance and provides consultations and personnel training.


Developer and manufacturer: State Research and Production Enterprise "Region"


 Vertical dive speed, m/s
 Max gliding angle, ang.deg.
 Target lock-on radius, m
 High explosive weight, kg
 Bomb dimensions, m:
 Bomb weight, kg

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