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Military Transport Aviation - Order of Battle

2015 - Order of Battle

1.12.2009 renamed Military-Transport Aviation Command.
Command of the Military Transport Aviation
12th VTA Division Tver MigalovoAn-124, An-124-150, Il-76MD, An-22
8th VTA Regiment of tanker aircraft Tver Migalovo Il-76/78, An-22, An-26, An-12
117th VTA Regiment Orenburg Orenburg-2 Il-76MD, An-12
144th Aviation Regiment DLRO Ivanovo-Severny A-50, Il-76MD
334th Guards Berlin VTA Regiment PskovKresty Il-76MD, Il-78
566th Solnechnogorsk VTA Regiment Seshcha An-124, An-124-100
708th VTA Regiment Taganrog Central Il-76MD

2008 - Order of Battle

61st Air Army of the Supreme High Command (military transport aviation)
Headquarters 61st Air Army Moscow
Node of communication Noginsk Moscow region
463rd Separate Communication Battalion Noginsk Moscow Region
12th Mgin VTA DivisionMigalovo Tver
117th Berlin VTA Regiment Orenburg Il-76, An-12BKPPS
196th Guards Minsk VTA Regiment Migalovo Tver An-12, IL-76
566th Solnechnogorsk VTA regiment Seshcha Bryansk region An-124, IL-76
76th Guards Leningrad separate military transport squadron Migalovo Tver An-22
78th Separate Military Aviation SquadronKlin-5 Moscow Region An-12, An-26, Tu-134
103rd Guards Krasnoselsky VTA regimentSmolensk-Severny IL-76
110th Komsomol Transylvanian VTA regiment Krechevitsy Novgorod region IL-76
334th Berlin VTA Regiment PskovKresty IL-76
708th Guards Kerch VTA Regiment Taganrog Rostov Region IL-76
Aircraft storage facility MigalovoTver
610th center of combat employment and retraining of flight personnel Ivanovo-Severny
Instructor's military transport squadronIvanovo-Severny IL-76
224th flight detachment, Migalovo Tver An-124, IL-76

1991 - Order of Battle - USSR

3rd Gv.Vtad Vitebskformed in 1946
110th VTAP Krechevitsy, Novgorod Region) IL-76 Russia
334 th VTAP Pskov IL-76Russia
339th VTAP VitebskIL-76Belarus
6th Gv.Vtad Kryvyi Rih1946
37th VTAP ArtszIL-76Ukraine
338 th VTAP ZaporozhyeIL-76Ukraine
363rd VTAP Krivoy RogIL-76Ukraine
7th DivisionMelitopol1965
25-th gv.vtap MelitopolIL-76Ukraine
175th VTAP Melitopol)IL-76Ukraine
369 th VTAP DzhankoyIL-76Ukraine
12th Gv.VtadTver1946
8th VTAP TverAN-22Russia
81st VTAP IvanovoAN-22Russia
235th VTAP Sescha2 ae-An-124 and 1 ae-Il-76Russia
566 th Vtap SeschaAn-124Russia
The 18th Gv.Vtad Panevezys1966
128th VTAP PanevezhisIL-76Russia
196th stap TartuIL-76Russia
600th VTAP KedainiaiIL-76Russia
117th RAB SiauliaiAn-12-PP and -12-PPSRussia
Organisation 1970:
000 Central Communications Center Noginsk Moscow Oblast
463rd independent Communications Battalion Noginsk Moscow Oblast
81st Military-Transport Aviation Regiment Ivanovo Ivanovo Oblast
194th Guards Military-Transport Aviation Regiment Fergana Fergana Oblast
708th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment Kirovobad Azerbaidzhan SSR
3rd Guards Military-Transport Aviation Division Vitebsk Vitebsk Oblast
6th Guards Military-Transport Aviation Division Krivoi Rog Dnepropetrovsk Oblast
7th Military-Transport Aviation Division Melitopol Zaporoshye Oblast
12th Military-Transport Aviation Division Migalovo Tver Oblast
14th Military-Transport Aviation Division Zavitinsk Amur Oblast
18th Guards Military-Transport Aviation Division Siauliai Lithuanian SSSR

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