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Uraltransmash OJSC

UraltransmashThe foundation for the modern development of the enterprise Ural Transport Engineering Plant" - Uraltransmash - was laid during the Great Patriotic War, then military equipment became the fundamental direction of production. Today, Uraltransmash OJSC, a subsidiary of Uralvagonzavod, is the only Russian enterprise producing self-propelled artillery mounts. This technique is widely known both in Russia and abroad. The latest development, the Msta-S, is not inferior, but in some ways superior to the best world models of this type of weapon.

OJSC "Uraltransmash" was founded in 1817. Currently, the company produces a number of military equipment products that meet international standards (the only Russian enterprise for the production of self-propelled artillery). Some of them have no world analogs. Since 1991, due to the conversion of production, the share of civilian products has increased, including: trams, spare parts for trams, pumping machines for oil production, elevator winches for passenger elevators and automatic devices for railroad crossing obstacles.

Today, Uraltransmash includes foundry, forging, machining production, production of protective coatings, assembly and assembly work, tool production, production of means of mechanization and non-standard equipment. The civilian products of the plant are widely known - rocking machines, railway products. Since the 1990s, the company has been supplying tramcars to the market, which were appreciated by passengers and employees of urban electric vehicles. The tram developed by the designers of Uraltransmash, by its technical characteristics, is the most modern produced in the country. Its converter makes it possible to return electricity to the network and leads to energy savings of 30 - 40 percent.

Today, the company is carrying out technical re-equipment and modernization of the machine park, which will allow Uraltransmash to continue to carry out the widest range of technological operations with consistently high quality. The technical potential of the enterprise combines foundry, forging, thermal, welding, machining, tool production and allows you to perform a wide range of technological operations.

Currently, the company successfully operates a special design bureau that has created a number of military equipment products that meet world standards. Some of them have no world analogues. Scientific, design and technological developments accumulated in the process of manufacturing military products are successfully used in the development and manufacture of civilian products.

The fact that the plant belongs to the military-industrial complex determined a high level of applied technologies. Uraltransmash uses the latest types of metal processing - electron beam welding, laser cutting, gas thermal spraying, investment casting, injection molding, organized the production of plastic and powder parts, created sections of CNC machines, robotic lines. Widely used machines such as "machining center". Currently, remaining the only enterprise in Russia producing self-propelled artillery at the level of world standards, Uraltransmash OJSC produces prestigious civilian products. To this end, a full technical base is used - own casting, forging, machining, well-equipped production of protective coatings and assembly and installation works, tools and mechanization tools.

OJSC Uraltransmash - History

The Ural Transport Engineering Plant is one of the oldest enterprises in the Urals: for almost two hundred years, the plant has been working for the good of Russia. Throughout history, the profile of the plant has changed - from the production of complex military products (assemblies, components and spare parts to the T-34, T-54, T-55 and T-72 tanks, as well as self-propelled guns SU-122, SU-85, SU -100) to the production of national economic engineering products (drilling rigs, oil pumps, coal and rock loading machines, hydraulic tractor loaders).

Almost two centuries ago, on the site of modern workshops, by order of the main office of the Yekaterinburg plants, the Melkovskaya gold-washing plant was launched. The products of the Melkovsky factory began to replenish the gold reserve of the state treasury. However, gold-containing sands lasted only 12 years. After their development, the factory had to be closed.

In the early 1840s, an abandoned complex of hydraulic structures and industrial premises on the Melkov River attracted the attention of the Englishman P.E. Theta. In a short time, he built a new factory building, a dam, launched hydraulic structures, a steam engine and other mechanisms. For the mid-nineteenth century, the Melkovskaya manufactory was a large-scale production. Its main products were steam engines and boilers supplied to enterprises and shipping companies of Siberia, the Urals and the Volga region. In September 1872, P.E. Tet sold the Melkovsky Plant to his compatriot Gasper Yates. In 1896, the machine-building plant of G. Yates was among the eight best enterprises in Russia. The turbines made by Yekaterinburg were especially appreciated. Information on the highly skilled workers has been preserved.

In 1928, the company received the name "Metalist". Continuing to increase production capacity, the plant prepared a base for specialization. In 1936, it began production of drilling rigs, pumps, oil pumps and other products. The modern history of the enterprise dates back to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

In autumn and winter 1941, teams of evacuated enterprises from Moscow, Podolsk and Stalingrad were housed in factory buildings. 39 days after the installation of the equipment began, the first light tank T-60 was sent to the front. In the first six months alone, 1238 light tanks were manufactured.

In October 1942, a special design group was created that laid the foundation for the Transmash Central Design Bureau (TsKB) FSUE Uraltransmash, which became the head design bureau in the USSR and Russia for the creation of self-propelled artillery of the division-army link. For more than 60 years, the Central Design Bureau developed or modernized about 40 items of military equipment: from self-propelled guns SU-122 and SU-100. More than 20 military artillery and engineering products were adopted by the Russian (Soviet) Army and were mass-produced and manufactured at Uraltransmash OJSC.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Soviet Army received modern weapons of the Uraltransmash development and production: the Circle anti-aircraft missile system, the GMZ tracked minelayer, as well as a whole bunch of self-propelled artillery guns: 152 mm Acacia 2S3M self-propelled howitzer, 240 mm self-propelled mortar 2S4 "Tulip" and others.

A new stage in the development of the Russian self-propelled artillery was the creation in 1989 of the self-propelled howitzer 2S19 Msta-S, which surpassed all foreign analogues in its tactical and technical characteristics. Recently, the enterprises specialists have been intensively working on the modernization of self-propelled artillery pieces in terms of equipping with modern hardware systems.

But not only military products are famous for Uraltransmash OJSC. The first steps along the conversion path allowed the team to master the production of rocking machines for oil production. The geography of company deliveries covers the Tyumen region, Perm region, Kaliningrad region, the Volga region, the Komi Republic, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania. For the needs of housing and utilities, the company mastered the production of winches for passenger and freight elevators.

The search for products that would define a portfolio of orders for many years to come brought the company to design and manufacture a tram car. In a short time, the design of the first samples of model 71-402 carriages under the name "Spectrum" was created. The company organized the serial production of modern safe, highly efficient trams with an asynchronous traction drive and computer control of all car systems. In autumn 2003, the plant released a new modification of the tram car model 71-403. In the spring of 2006, the company hosted the presentation of a new tram car 71-405.

Uraltransmash not only develops itself, but also gives an impetus to the development of priority and main industries: mining and metallurgy, oil production, housing construction, railway transport. The fundamental values of the company have remained unchanged for many years - this is professionalism, responsibility, quality and impeccable service. Uraltransmash, with the dignity and honor of its entire history, the work of generations, rich production traditions, is confidently looking to the future and is heading for new victories for the good of the homeland.

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