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Yury Vasilievich Tomashov

Yury Vasilievich TomashovThe company's management called the designer Yury Vasilievich Tomashov "the founder of modern self-propelled artillery" [self-propelled artillery installation (SAU)]. In total, under the leadership of the former general designer of the Uraltransmash plant, Yuri Tomashov, 36 special military products were developed. Under his leadership, there were developed 36 special military products, including howitzers "Acacia", "Msta-S" and the mortar "Tulip".

Yuri Tomashov was born on August 8, 1929 in the village of Teplaya Gora, Chusovskoy District, Urals Region (now it is the Gornozavodsky District of the Perm Territory - ed.) In a working class family. In 1936, the family moved to the village of Verkhnyaya Sinyachikha, Sverdlovsk Region. In 1948 he graduated from the Ural engineering college. In 1954 he graduated from the evening department of the Ural Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Yuriy Tomashov's labor activity began in 1948 at Uralmashzavod as an assistant to the foreman at the assembly shop, a year later he was transferred to the chief designer’s department, where he consistently passed all stages of professional growth. In 1954 he was transferred as a design engineer to the OKB-3 of the Ural Transport Engineering Plant, then he was a senior design engineer, engineer, senior design engineer, OKB-3 group leader, deputy chief designer since 1961, chief designer, general designer of the SDB "Transmash" in the years 1978-1990. In 1990-2001 he was the general designer of the Central Design Bureau "Transmash". In 2001 he retired.

He took part in the development and development in the production of self-propelled artillery systems SU-100P, SU-100PM, SU-152G, SU-1.

About half a century ago the first author's certificate for the invention was issued, introduced into the product of the second generation of domestic self-propelled artillery. One of the author's certificates is dated February 26, 1971. A blank is left in the line where the document is to be specified. But this document, one of the piles of author's certificates by Yuri Tomashov, was the reason for our meeting. Even today, the question: "What phrase could appear in the blank line?" – Yuri Vasilyevich answers quite generatedly: "Write, for mechanization of loading of the self-propelled 240-mm mortar 2S4 Tulip".

Meanwhile February and December the seventy first form that same year of the birth of the second generation of domestic self-propelled artillery. As for December 1971, it was then adopted on the armament of 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2?3 "Acacia", followed by a similar fate befell "Tulip".

With the participation of Yuri Vasilievich and under his leadership, a total of 36 special products were developed, more than 20 of which were put into service. Under his leadership, the 152-mm self-propelled howitzer Msta-S (2S19), the 152-mm self-propelled howitzer Acacia (2S3M), the 152-mm self-propelled mortar Tulip (2S4), the 152-mm self-propelled Hyacinth C ”(2S5), modernized mine-layer mine starter GMZ-3, Krug air defense system (2K11), tracked minelayer ZSU-37-2 Yenisei, self-propelled radar station 1RL135, multipurpose transporter, etc. were created, which still serves as an example of outstanding technical thought. He also lead the creation of civilian products - Spectrum trams, lift winches, drives of sucker rod pumps of 12 types with carrying capacity from 4 to 12 tons, automobile dump truck with unloading on both sides (ZIL-UZTrM-345), fire extinguishing equipment for oil and gas wells “Shturm”, etc. were introduced into production.

Yury Vasilievich TomashovTomashov did not lose his head in difficult times for the military-industrial complex. It was difficult. There were accumulated defaults. Workers once blocked the street, demanding payment of salary. No money was paid for months although the work was done. He came up with a proposal: to create a board of chief designers. And in 93, we created the Council of Chief Designers, which took upon itself the solution of all financial, technical and organizational issues. Combined all subcontractors. When the military enterprises were converted in the USSR, the designer could not only stay afloat, but also organize the production of “peaceful products”. Among them are the passenger tram car "Spektr-1", stationary fire extinguishing installation "Sturm", as well as drives for deep-well pumps of the rod type and a winch for elevators.

For the great personal contribution to the development and delivery of the 2S19 Msta-S product for mass production, for the work done on the creation of special equipment products, Yuriy Vasilyevich was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor (1990). He was awarded the Lenin Prize (1982) and the State Prize (1974), was awarded the Orders of Lenin (1979, 1990), the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1971), "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree (1999) and many other medals. Since 1993, Yury Tomashov has been a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences. He had over 60 copyright certificates for inventions. For their professionalism and skill, Tomashov was awarded the Medal of Honor for Services to the City of Yekaterinburg, the distinction for Services to the Sverdlovsk Region of the III degree.

Tomashov gave his vast experience and knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering to young engineers, graduates of the department "Automobiles and Tractors" of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the USTU. As a professor, Yuri Tomashov headed the state examination committee.

Tomashov noted in 2014 that : "The military designer is represented by a man similar to Archimedes: he sits, locked in his office, thinks, and suddenly: "Eureka!". In fact, designing a combat vehicle is a complex and long collective work. Often you give the same task to several specialists. But in the end, it is you, as the chief designer, who should choose the most promising development. This is your responsibility. The price of a mistake is not only years of labor, invested funds, but also human lives."

The former general designer of the Uraltransmash plant (part of the Uralvagonzavod corporation) Yury Tomashov died 26 March 2019 at the age of 89 in Yekaterinburg, after a long illness. Until the end of days, Yury Vasilyevich showed a vital active position, was interested in today's developments, advised Uraltransmash on the development and improvement of self-propelled artillery in Russia. They say the time of designers at the factories has passed, the time has come for managers.

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