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TsKB - Central Design Bureau - Projects

The aircraft developed in the Central Design Bureau had, in addition to the standard designation of the Air Force, its own, "proprietary". It consisted of the abbreviated name of the organization and the ordinal number of the project to be executed. For this reason, the maneuverable fighter I-15, designed by brigade No. 2, was also referred to in the documentation as CKB-3.

This whole thing is a bit of a mess, since there were at least three distinct entities using the TsKB designator, "the" TsKB associated with TsAGI, and the two numbered TsKB associated with the secret police.

TsKB-39 (XII.1929 - VIII.1931)
only some numbers are known
No.5LShKocherigin attack biplane (not finished)
No.6TSh-1Kocherigin armored attack biplane (Probably TSh-1 is wrong designation. Some documents mean it as TSh-2 first version; according to those, TSh-1 was Tupolev ANT-17 project known also as the TSh-B).
No.7I-ZGrigorovich fighter
No.8TB-5Grigorovich heavy bomber
No.9DI-3 two-seat fighter
No.10R-5a (MR-5)Polikarpov float version of Polikarpov R-5. (Not U-2M / MU-2!)
No.11MDR-3Chetverikov flying boat
No.21TSh-2Kocherigin (or TSh-2 second version)
No.23ShONKocherigin carrier-based attack biplane
No.25MBR-2Beriev flying boat
TsKB (1933-37)
TsKB-29 (1937-41)
TsKB-1LRKocherigin experiental light scout
TsKB-2..real double designation: firstly Kocherigin DI-5 two-seat fighter (project only), later reassigned to Chizhevsky SS stratospheric aircraft (BOK-1).
TsKB-3I-15Polikarpov fighter
TsKB-3bisI-15bis / I-152 fighter
TsKB-4TSh-3Kocherigin/Gurevich experimental heavy assault aircraft
TsKB-5RK / BOK-2Krichevskyexperimental aircraft with slotted wing
TsKB-6..Ilyushin 6-seat passenger/utility aircraft (project only)
TsKB-7I-Z Grigorovich fighter
TsKB-8TB-5 Grigorovich Experimental heavy bomber
TsKB-9BOK-3Tsebrikov utility/liaison aircraft
TsKB-10BICh-14Cheranovsky Parabola tailless flying wing
TsKB-11DI-6Kocherigin/Yatsenko two-seat fighter
TsKB-12I-16Polikarpov fighter with the M-22 engine
TsKB-12bisI-16 experimental fighter with the Wright-Cyclone engine
TsKB-13BOK-5 /
LK M-11
Chizhevsky experimental tailless flying-wing
TsKB-14DI-7Polikarpov two-seat fighter (I-17 derivative, project only)
TsKB-15I-17Polikarpov fighter (first prototype)
TsKB-16MBR-5Samsonov / Beriev? reconnaissance flying boat (later TsKB MS-2)
TsKB-17BOK-6 /
LK 2M-34
Chizhevsky tailless twin-engine bomber (project only)
TsKB-18I-16ShPolikarpov (I-16 attack version, M-22 engine, fixed landing gear)
TsKB-19I-17Polikarpov fighter (second prototype)
TsKB-19bisI-17Polikarpov fighter (third prototype, with motor-cannon)
TsKB-20 .. ?
TsKB-21SIPolikarpov fighter/speed record aircraft (twin-boom pusher, coupled engine, project only). According to some sources, it was used as a base for Beriev B-10 project.
TsKB-22 ..?
TsKB-23..experimental aircraft with slotted wing (project only)
TsKB-24 .. ?
TsKB-25I-19Polikarpov There were two totally different projects under this designation. The first one was I-16 derivative for Gnome-Rhone Mistral Major (M-85) engine (kind of I-180 precursor; some sources also proclaim it a base for infamous Silvansky I-220). It was projected in mid-1935 but soon cancelled, and the designation was re-used for I-17 version with Mikulin M-34 engine.
TsKB-26BB-2, SB-39Ilyushin experimental bomber / DB-3 first prototype.
TsKB-26P passenger aircraft
TsKB-27SR, R-9KocheriginExperimental high-speed scout
TsKB-28I-20Polikarpovfighter project of I-17 family, with HS 12Ybrs engine (no more info)
TsKB-29SPB long-range high-speed dive bomber based on modified I-16 with Wright Cyclone F-54 engine and redesigned landing gear (project only)
TsKB-30DB-3Ilyushin long-range bomber
TsKB-30F Il-4 / DB-3FIlyushin long-range bomber
TsKB-32I-21Ilyushin fighter (first prototype: M-34FRN engine, 4xShKAS, evaporative cooling system)
TsKB-33I-18Polikarpov (I-17 version with evaporative cooling system). Uncompleted.
TsKB-34 ?
TsKB-35 ?
TsKB-36 ?
TsKB-37 ?
TsKB-38DI-6ShKocherigin (DI-6 attack version)
TsKB-39 ?
TsKB-40 ?
TsKB-41DI-6Kocherigin single-seat version (project only)
TsKB-42TsKB-3RV record airplane
TsKB-43I-18bisPolikarpov TsKB-33 with smaller wing, for speed record attempt. Project only.
TsKB-44I-16 modification with Wright Cyclone F-54 engine and 4x ShKAS. Project only (1935). Probably later reassigned to Polikarpov MPI-1 / VIT-1.
TsKB-44VIT-1 Polikarpov experimental air fighter of tanks
TsKB-46TsKB-12P fighter I-16P gun
TsKB-48VIT-2Polikarpov attack / bomber / anti-tank aircraft
TsKB-51 DB-3TPIlyushin torpedo bomber seaplane (on floats).
TsKB-52I-21Ilyushin second prototype (AM-35 engine, 2x ShVAK cannons, normal cooling system). Was in construction in 1938-39. Most probably uncompleted.
TsKB-53DB-3TIlyushin torpedo bomber
TsKB-54DB-3SSIlyushin escort aircraft (aka DB-3 cruiser)
TsKB-55BSh-2Ilyushin first prototype (Il-2 precursor): AM-35A engine, two-seat
TsKB-55PIl-2 attack aircraft
TsKB-56DB-4Ilyushin long-range bomber
TsKB-57 BSh-2Ilyushin second prototype (AM-38 engine, single-seat) armored ground attack aircraft
TsKB-60Il-6 2AM-38Ilyushinheavy armored twin-engine ground attack aircraft. Project only. The last design under TsKB index.

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