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OJSC Machine Engineering Technologies

NPK Tekhmash
NPK Tekhmash AO
NPK Tekhmash OAO
NPK Tekhmash OJSC
OJSC Machine Engineering Technologies
Mechanical Engineering Technologies
NPK Technologii Maschinostrojenija
Scientific Industrial Concern Manufacturing Engineering OJSC Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo Nauchno-proizvodstvenny Kontsern Tekhnologii Mashinostroeniya
Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo Nauchno Proizvodstvenny Kontsern Technologies Mashinostroeniya
Joint Stock Company Scientific Industrial Concern Manufacturing Engineering
JSC Scientific Industrial Concern Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering Scientific Industrial Concern Open Joint Stock Company

D. 58 Str. 4 Shosse Leningradskoe, Moscow 125212, Russia

OJSC Machine Engineering Technologies is a major Russian holding company. Its product range includes precision-guided munitions and artillery rounds, multiple rocket launchers and small-caliber ammunition. OJSC Machine Engineering Technologies was established by Russian Technologies in 2011 as a holding company operating in the ammunition and special chemicals sector.

Sergey Nikolayevich Rusakov was General Director of the Holding. Some 90 percent of equipment and materials used by Russia's largest arms manufacturer, Machine Engineering Technologies, is domestically produced, the company's CEO Sergei Rusakov said on 30 September 2014. 'Our localization is 90 percent. We are able to produce everything within Russia,' Rusakov told reporters.

Russian arms manufacturers are still interested in cooperating with foreign colleagues, he noted. According to Rusakov, Russia has 'considerable experience in developing new weapons from scratch', which 'makes it possible to set up joint ventures abroad'. 'What the market demands is what we are making a bet on,' he said. 'We are also ready to create service centers, accept orders for pilot construction work,' Rusakov added.

On 02 December 2015 the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control [OFAC] added TechMash to the Ukraine-related sanctions program – both on the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) and Sectoral Sanctions Identification (SSI) List. The Ukraine\Russia-related sanctions program represents the implementation of multiple legal authorities. Some of these authorities are in the form of an executive order issued by the President. Other authorities are public laws (statutes) passed by The Congress. These authorities are further codified by OFAC in its regulations which are published the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Prohibited transactions are trade or financial transactions and other dealings in which U.S. persons may not engage unless authorized by OFAC or expressly exempted by statute

The history of many enterprises and research institutions that are included in the holding company goes back several decades. For example, NPO Pribor has occupied a leading position in Russia’s industry for over fifty years. The company is a specialized manufacturer of ammunition for small-bore automatic artillery systems, automatic, hand-held and rifle-mounted grenade launchers for all service branches of the Russian armed forces. The company also produces food processing, medical, agricultural, environmental, drying and point-of-sale equipment, instruments and other products.

Splav Research and Manufacturing Company which joined the holding company in summer 2012 is one of the world's leading manufacturers of multiple launch rocket systems. The history of this organization can be traced back to 1945. Using its high scientific and technical potential, Splav was able to establish production of the high-tech civilian goods on the basis of traditional military technology.

High-performance models of modern weapons manufactured by Machine Engineering Technologies are put into service by armies of more than 100 countries worldwide. Basalt has transferred licenses for production of 61 types of ammunition, including 20 types of aircraft bombs, anti-tank grenade launchers, 28 close combat weapons, 13 types of mortar rounds to 11 countries which set up over 20 plants to manufacture these products.

Machine Engineering Technologies’ product range includes:

  • cannon-launched precision-guided munitions and artillery rounds for different purposes
  • multiple launch rocket systems
  • unguided air-delivered small-calibre ammunition
  • prospective models of aircraft and bomb weapons and other military products

The range of civilian goods includes:

  • agricultural machines with mounted and trailed equipment
  • metal products and components for mechanical engineering
  • equipment for mining and exploration
  • electrical products
  • industrial explosives and products made from them
  • bellows, main pumps, and consumer goods.


OJSC Research and Industrial Concern Pribor

a sub-holding company including the following companies:
  • FSUE Pribor Federal Research and Industrial Center, Moscow
  • OJSC Saratov Instrumental Device Plant, Saratov region
  • OJSC Nizhnelomovskiy Electromechanical Plant, Penza region
  • OJSC Kemerovo Mechanical Plant, Kemerovo region
  • OJSC Sergo Industrial Association, Republic of Tatarstan
  • OJSC Signal, Chelyabinsk region
  • OJSC Sibpribormash Biysk Industrial Association, Altai Krai

OJSC NPO Bazalt, Moscow

a sub-holding company including the following companies:
  • FSUE Bazalt State Research and Industrial Company, Moscow
  • OJSC Planta Chemical Plant, Sverdlovsk region
  • OJSC Samara Electromechanical Plant, Samara region
  • OJSC Research Engineering Institute, Moscow region
  • OJSC Snegirev Research Technical Institute, Moscow region
  • OJSC Polymer, Samara region
  • OJSC Rubin Rostov-on-Don Plant, Rostov region
  • OJSC Ural Solikamsk Plant, Perm Territory
  • OJSC Tomsk Radio Engineering Plant, Tomsk region
  • OJSC Orsk Engineering Plant, Orenburg region
  • OJSC Balakirev Mechanical Plant, Vladimir region
  • FSUE Elastic Synthetik Fiber Plant, Ryazan region
  • OJSC Novo-Vyatka, Kirovsk region
  • OJSC Novovyatsky Mechanical Plant, Kirovsk region

OJSC NPO Pyrotechnic Systems, Moscow region

a sub-holding company including the following companies:
  • OJSC Federal Research and Industrial Center of Applied Chemistry, Moscow region
  • OJSC Chapayev Cheboksary Industrial Association, Chuvash Republic
  • OJSC Iskra Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Kristall State Research Institute, Nizhniy Novgorod region
  • FSUE Krasnozavodsk Chemical Plant, Moscow region
  • OJSC Muromsky Instrument Engineering Plant, Vladimir region
  • OJSC Kalinovsky Chemical Plant, Sverdlovsk region
  • FSUE Aleksinsky Experimental Mechanical Plant, Tula region

OJSC NPO Mashinostroitel, Moscow

a sub-holding company including the following companies:
  • FSUE Research Engineering Institute, Moscow
  • FSUE Delta Research and Industrial Company, Moscow
  • OJSC Central Design and Technology Bureau for Polymer Materials and Experimental Plant, Moscow
  • OJSC Temp Research and Industrial State Plant, Moscow
  • FSUE Ritm State Experimental Contract Company, Moscow
  • OJSC Krasnoarmeysky Research Institute for Mechanization, Moscow region
  • OJSC Kovrov Instrument Engineering Plant, Vladimir region
  • OJSC Tula Research Technical Institute, Tula region
  • OJSC Karl Libknekht Leningrad Mechanical Plant, St. Petersburg
  • OJSC NPP Krasnoznamenets, St. Petersburg
  • OJSC Kalinin Plant, St. Petersburg
  • FSUE Polymer Material Research Institute, Perm krai
  • OJSC Sverdlovsk Mechanical Plant, Sverdlovsk region
  • FSUE Verkhneturinsky Engineering Plant, Sverdlovsk region
  • OJSC Luch Novosibirsk Industrial Association, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Sibtekstilmash. Spetstekhnika. Servis, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Sibselmash Novosibirsk Industrial Association, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Sibselmash Spetstechnika Plant, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Sibselmash Instrumental Plant, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Yenisey Repair and Engineering Plant, Novosibirsk region
  • OJSC Plastmass Plant, Chelyabinsk region

OJSC Splav, Tula region

a subholding company including the following companies:
  • FSUE Splav State-Owned Research and Industrial Company, Tula region
  • FSUE Vannikov Shtamp Engineering Plant, Tula region
  • OJSC Bryansk Chemical Plant named after 50th Anniversary of the USSR, Bryansk region
  • FSUE Poisk Research Institute, Leningrad region
  • OJSC Stankomash Federal Research and Industrial Center, Chelyabinsk region
  • OJSC Novosibirsk Synthetic Fiber Plant, Novosibirsk region

FSUE Raschet State Research Company for Automated Research Calculation and Complete Deliveries, Moscow

FSUE Informkhimmash Federal Research and Technical Center Moscow

FSUE Central Research and Design Bureau, Moscow

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