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T-34 - Production

The T-34's main advantage was its simple design which made it easy to mass produce and repair. In total, more than 54,000 T-34 tanks were manufactured. Produced in four main variants, the T-34/76 would be the front-line Russian medium tank until late 1943, and constituted a major portion of the Red Armys armored strength throughout the remainder of the war. First built in Ukraine in the Kharkov Steam-Engine Factory (KhPZ), over 34,000 T-34/76s were produced between 1941 and 1944.

The welding work on the T-34 was at first immensely crude, but as The Welding Engineer (Dec. 1952) pointed out: "The T-34 was designed with one idea in mind - to provide firepower. Any humanitarian considerations, like protection of the crew, are purely secondary."

During the Great Patriotic War Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (CTZ) produced the famous T-34 tanks, and the city was then called Tankograd Chelyabinsk. In the most hectic and difficult days and hours of the war, in the late summer of 1941, Isaac Zaltsman was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor - twentieth in the country. Then there was a Stalin Prize, three Orders of Lenin, the Order of generalship of Suvorov and Kutuzov I degree II degree. But who, apart from Chelyabinsk, heard of Isaac Moiseevich Salzmann?

At 32 years old Isaac Salzman became director of the Kirov (formerly Putilov) factory in Leningrad. In the first months of the war line of defense of the city took place on the territory of this company, which manufactures products for both the front and led the evacuation of tank production in the southern Urals in Chelyabinsk. It is the job of a young director was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and soon, in October 1941 (when the defense of Moscow has begun under the leadership of Georgy Zhukov), Supreme Commander Stalin appointed him Deputy Commissar of the tank industry.

Tanks were constructed at the expense of the working people of the Chelyabinsk region. In the summer of 1942, when the Nazis were eager to overrun Volga and the Caucasus, Chelyabinsk was given the task of not terminating the production of tanks, and mastering mass production of T-34 tanks. It was considered technically impossible for one month in the war to rebuild the plant for production of a new vehicle. But the tank builders decided: Homeland need it and they need to do. The staff of the plant fulfilled the task in 33 days.

A great role in increasing the production of military goods was played a Komsomol youth front brigades that began in the fall of 1941. The initiator of the creation of such teams on Tankograd made women who came to the factory to replace the fathers and brothers who went to the front. All team members mastered several professions, working on two or three different machines.

1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 19451946TOTAL
T-34 (Shmelev) 1122996125271582114648122512706
T-34 (Maksarev) 12220 15696
T-34 (total) 117 3014 12527 15821 1464854,000
Plant number 183 (Kharkiv) 117.
Plant number 183 (N.Tagil) 1560 5684 7466 6583
Plant number 174 (Omsk) 417 1347 2163
Plant number 112 (Sormovo) 173 2584 2962 3619
Kirov (Chelyabinsk) 1055 3594 445
UZTM (Sverdlovsk) 257 452
STZ (Stalingrad)12562520

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