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SS-N-14 Silex
RPK-3 Metel / RPK-4 Musson

SS-N-14 Silex is a Russian anti-submarine weapon. It was initially and incorrectly given the SS-N-10 designation. There is also an ASuW(SSM) version where a homing head is mounted on the nose of the carrier and the torpedo is replaced by a warhead-  the whole missile is then guided onto the target. it uses UPRK-3, UPRK-4 or UPK-5 missiles.

85 RU - antisubmarine missile of sea basing, which carries on the pylon warhead - torpedo. BOOSTER ENGINE - RDTT - SOLID-PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINE (8SHCHRSD), SUSTAINER ENGINE - RDTT - SOLID-PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINE (8SHCHRMD). System Of control - RK. Glider - all-metal, freely carrying monoplane with the midwing. Basic materials used: AL -19, AMG-', AL -19T, steel E0KHGSA.

The searches for the reliable protection of details, aggregates of the assembled article from the corrosion under the conditions of the sea atmosphere, the sea smoke proved to be the most difficult problem with the mastery of this article. For example, beams APU were chrome-plated to the thickness 50-60 m with the subsequent cleaning (mechanical grinding 35-45 m). In this case frequently were obtained propolirovki to the base metal, which not to distinguish by naked eye without the copper test. By the introduction (on the request of production) of additional parkerizing of beams, after which steel sections became dark gray, and the chrome-plated surfaces - light grey, the marriage of beams with the grinding of chromium was excluded. Parkerizing itself additionally still strengthened the protection of beams from the corrosion.

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