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R-74M (RVV-MD) / K-74 / Izdeliye 760

Air-to-air missiles were, are and will be the main weapon of air combat. Even the most expensive fighter, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with the most advanced glider and incredible electronics, but without missiles (or ineffective), in modern combat is no more use than a flying piece of metal.

The main weapons of the Su-35 are the R-74 (RVV-MD) air-to-air missiles which allow firing out of line of sight. Almost identical in appearance to the R-73, the R-74M is distinguished by a new two-band infrared seeker which provides increased seeker range and an expanded off-boresight capability. After the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Ukrainian Arsenal company which provided the seeker for the R-74M, ended its cooperation with Vympel.

Development of guided weapons for the PAK FA is carried out by the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV). Air-to-air missile systems are being created by the II Toropov Moscow State Design Bureau Vympel, which is part of the KTRV. For PAK FA, Vympel is developing promising air-to-air products of short, medium and long range for internal deployment and with a gradual increase in their combat characteristics.

In the field of short-range weapons, work is underway to modernize the R-73 missile family. The main direction of its modernization was the creation of the "product 760" (Raketa Vozdukh-Vozdukh - RVV-MD) of the so-called "second stage of modernization". The characteristics of the rocket were increased by equipping it with a combined control system as part of a thermal homing head, an inertial control system (ISU) and a radio correction line receiver. Target capture can be carried out after the launch on target designation from the ISU. The transverse size of the rocket is 320 x 320 mm. She is able to lock the target on the trajectory and, when launched, make a turn by 160 degrees. It was stated that the "product 760" had passed government tests and is ready for mass production.

The RVV-MD is a short-range air-to-air guided missile for short-range maneuverable air combat with a combined aerogasdynamic control system is designed to engage air targets (fighters, bombers, military aviation aircraft, helicopters) at any time of the day, at all angles, with active enemy countermeasures. The missile is part of the armament of fighters, attack aircraft, and can also be used as part of helicopters.

The state-owned enterprise of special instrument making "Arsenal" (KP SPB "Arsenal", Kiev) intended to start production of improved homing warheads for air-to-air missiles. This is stated in the investment project published by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In particular, within the framework of the investment project, it is planned to prepare and master production at the enterprise of the IS-90 infrared homing head (GOS) for short-range air-to-air missiles using a multi-element photodetector, new digital information processing algorithms, new design solutions and modern element base.

The total amount of financing for the investment project was UAH 357.297 million. Start of project implementation - 2013, end of implementation - 2016. KP SPB "Arsenal" specializes in the production of navigation systems, orientation and aiming systems for rocket and space technology; infrared homing heads for surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles; household and industrial gas meters; banking equipment; medical technology; road LED traffic lights; photographic equipment; optical and electro-optical devices.

As reported, in April 2009, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to reorganize the state-owned enterprise "Central Design Bureau" Arsenal "into the state-owned enterprise of special instrument making" Arsenal". The Cabinet of Ministers decided to join the state-owned enterprise the Arsenal plant and the Ukrainian technological center for optical instrument making.

On 07 July 2015, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisov paid a working visit to the Kurgan Region. He visited 2 of the largest defense enterprises in the region: Kurganmashzavod and Kurganpribor. And on August 20, 2015, the Kurganpribor Special Design Technological Bureau (SKTB) rocket plant was opened in Kurgan. The enterprise produces a new short-range air-to-air missile R-74 (RVV-MD). For the first time a new rocket was publicly presented at the ARMY-2018 forum.

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