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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Personality

While being interviewed for Time Magazine's Man of the Year international award by the Magazine's editors, his hyper vigilance shown through: "He is impatient to the point of rudeness with small talk . . . Charm is not part of his presentation of self - he makes no effort to be ingratiating. One senses that he pays constant obeisance to a determined inner discipline. . . . he misread several of ours attempts at playfulness. Putin himself is sardonic but humorless. In our hours together, he didn't attempt a joke... The Russian President's brusqueness is jarring. Have our questions angered him? Bored him? Does he have another appointment? It's not clear."

Putin's unusual walk is the subject of a small but growing debate among medical specialists. Judi James, a “body language expert” analysed his stance for MailOnline after viewing footage of 06 March 2015. She said: "His stride has most of its normal energy, but his left arm could be showing signs of weakness. In some poses it hangs lifelessly down at his side and when he sits he appears to support it with his right hand, although he can clearly use it as he shows when he unbuttons his jacket.”


One childhood friend told Masha Gessen, the author of The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, that “If anyone ever insulted him in any way, Volodya would immediately jump on the guy, scratch him, bite him, rip his hair out by the clump — do anything at all never to allow anyone to humiliate him in any way.”

Putin is a black belt in judo and an active sportsman. Vladimir Putin’s martial arts training began with judo and the somewhat rougher Russian variant sambo at an early age. Judo helped him overcome his own weaknesses in terms of his size and strength relative to others. Putin learned judo to fight neighborhood toughs. Putin is an avid martial artist with a black belt in judo, and the press has covered his attendance at martial arts events with action film stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Judo training acquaintances of Putin in St. Petersburg were fequently seen in high and trusted government positions.

Judo (Japanese for "the gentle way") emphasizes winning in combat by using your opponent's weight and strength as weapons against him, while preserving your own mental and physical energy. It embodies the principle that good technique can win out over sheer strength. In a judo match, a slight person can overcome a heavier, stronger opponent. Judo was created in the late 19th century by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educator. A pacifist, Kano modified the ancient samurai art of jujitsu ("the gentle practice"), a system of weaponless defense, by changing some dangerous holds and dropping others altogether.

Asperger's Syndrome

Brenda Connors, in an anlysis for the Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense in January 2008, wrote that Vladimir Putin's "... movement patterns and his microexpressions, analyzed on open source video so clearly reveals that the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality, a profound behavioral challenge identified by leading neuroscientists as Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions. His primary form of compensation is extreme control and this is isomorphically reflected in his decision style and how he governs.... very early in life perhaps, even in utereo, Putin suffered a huge hemispheric event to the left temporal lobe of the prefrontal cortex which involves both central and peripheral nervous systems, gross motor functioning on his right side (head, rib cage, arm and leg) and his micro facial expression, eye gaze, hearing, and voice and general affect....

"The movement of Putin's right arm and right leg has a loss of immediacy in the initiation of the actjon. It takes his CNS longer to kick in, in order to move these extremities. He is not "weak" as he has spent the better part of his life strengthening his body.... Putin is likely most comfortable with routine, and personally struggles with novelty ...

"Putin's lack of psychophysical stability requires that he impose a sense of deep control and willful power over his every conscious move in order to simply remain balanced. ... Putin's default will to extend his time indefinitely until he can accomplish his large and unfilled agenda of fulfilling a deep sense of wholeness for himself and that Russia's and it's former glory."

In December 2015, a team of European neurologists said in a new study that Russian President Vladimir Putin walks with a peculiar 'gunslinger's gait' -- a reduced swing in his right arm -- possibly related to weapons training he received in the Soviet KGB. The study, published December 14 by the weekly peer-reviewed British medical journal The BMJ, notes that Putin has shown in public appearances a 'clearly reduced right-sided arm swing,' the type of asymmetrical arm movement that can be an early sign of Parkinson's disease. They found the same characteristic walk in Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in former Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Sergei Ivanov, and in senior Russian military commander Anatoly Sidorov.


Narcissism ranges from healthy and proactive to pathological and malignant. Early life experiences, such as particularly insensitive parenting, are thought to play a role in the development of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Freud noted narcissistic mortification as intense fear associated with narcissistic injury and humiliation. He also observed the shocking reaction when individuals face the discrepancy between an endorsed or ideal view of the self and a drastically contrasting realization.

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-IV, NPD was characterized as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy, with interpersonal entitlement, exploitativeness, arrogance, and envy. Other notable phenotypic characteristics included interpersonal distancing and avoidance, insecurity and vulnerability, hypersensitivity, aggressivity, and proneness to shame. The narcissistic intrapsychic trauma may be caused by the loss of a bond with a good object associated with ideals and meaning. Such a trauma threatens the individual's sense of continuity, coherence, stability, and wellbeing.

Fear related to self-esteem regulation and risk of falling short can underlie and motivate a range of behavior in narcissistic personality disorder. High achievements can be motivated by fear of incompetence and failure; selfenhancement by fear of worthlessness and inferiority; perfectionism by fear of shame and self-criticism; pursuit of special affiliations by fear of losing status or influence.

Remarkable lapses in some narcissistic individuals' decisions can force them into unbearable situations and life crises. Sometimes such lapses can have devastating consequences. There is a paradoxical discrepancy between consistent self-control and proactive competence, and the sudden disparate decision strategies that seem ruled by immediate short-term gain and misjudgment, or by ignorance of salient negative or even destructive consequences. Narcissistic factors accompanying and guiding decision-making can include arrogance, overconfidence and overestimation, visibility, or impulsivity and risk taking.

Some of Putin’s behavior might support the narcissism theory—but there’s always competing explanations. But assuming Putin is a narcissist may help the United States’ foreign-policy establishment mitigate risk in the ways it deals with him. President Obama spoke March 25, 2014 in the Hague at a summit on nuclear security at a news conference. " Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors -- not out of strength, but out of weakness."

Marriage and Divorce

He married Lyudmila Alxandrovna Putina and had two daughters, Maria (b. 1985) and Katerina (b. 1986). Putin's authorized biography "First Person" included an interview with his wife, who, when asked if her husband ever gets drunk, responds: "There hasn't been any of that." (After Yeltsin, this is apparently of concern to Russians.) The interviewers also ask her whether he ever looks at other women. She replies with a question of her own, intriguingly: "Well, what sort of man would he be, if he weren't attracted by beautiful women?"

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila announced 06 June 2013 they were divorcing after nearly 30 years of marriage. "It was our joint decision," the President said. The couple called their divorce "civilized". President Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said "there is no other woman in the president's life," dismissing rumors that Putin will re-marry soon after divorce, noting that one should look at Putin's busy schedule.

The President also added that the reason behind his divorce from Lyudmila is rooted in the fact that not every person is ready for such a high degree of publicity which the President's wife has to face on an every day basis. "All my work is related to the public sphere, where absolute publicity is a necessary prerequisite. Some people like it, some do not, but there are people who cannot live with it at all". Lyudmila Putina said "It's true that it was our joint decision. And it's also true that the reason why our marriage is over is that we practically don't see each other. Vladimir Vladimirovich is completely immersed in his work, our children have grown up, each of them has her own life. To sum up, we've ended up in a situation where each of us has our own life. And it's true that I don't like publicity."

Alina Kabaeva Does the king have a queen? He can do anything, he's a king. What is very important is precisely the fact that there can be no clarity in this issue in Russian society. This is a special society, quite different from any other Western society. It is based on fundamentally different principles and the peculiarity of the system of political power is such that it just remains to speculate, to engage in ridiculous divination, over whether their president is married. The very fact that Russians cannot answer this is a symptom of something serious.

Alina Kabaeva, an Olympics gymnast, is widely reputed to be Putin’s girlfriend. In 2008 the newspaper "Moscow correspondent" reported this to the world, for which it was brutally crushed, crushed, closed. Rumors about Putin and Kabaeva continued after 2008, even though the President was married to Lyudmila at that time. The divorce of Vladimir Putin with Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 2013 revived the old story.

The next wave of rumors was the appearance of Alina Kabaeva in public in 2016. Then she went to the figure skating competitions in the Moscow Palace "Megasport" not alone. With her there were two boys about eight or ten years old, with one of whom she constantly talked, and after the performance of the skaters photographed him along with Evgeni Plushenko. In the camera lens, the ring on Kabayeva's unnamed finger was also caught. This allowed to ripen new rumors that the former sportswoman had long given birth to the president of the Russian Federation two sons and is his secret wife. An anonymous source claimed that these children were indeed the children of Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin, but they were registered for Laisan's younger sister Kabaeva in their certificate of birth.

In 2014, Alina Kabaeva denied this in an interview. She also denied that she had a dacha in the suburbs. But two years after the interview, it turned out that not for Alina Kabaeva, but for her grandmother, her sister decorated luxury real estate in St. Petersburg, Moscow and and in near Moscow.

She has been seen with the President many times. She was an MP of the Duma, resigning in 2014 to take up a director level position in the Russian media establishment. After the termination of the deputy term in September 2014, she held the post of chairman of the board of directors of the holding National Media Group, which owns the First Channel, REN TV, Channel Five and Izvestia.

Alisa KharchevaIn 2010, 17-year old Alisa Kharcheva in a group with other 11 students and would-be students of Moscow State University starred in an erotic calendar for Putin's 58th birthday as Miss April. In 2012, Kharcheva posted photographs with a cat and Putin portraits in a personal blog post entitled "Pussy for Putin." She sent a note to Putin’s office and posted her phone number on her LiveJournal entry just in case. “Until Vladimir Vladimirovich decides to pick up his [birthday] gift, the kitty will live with me,” she wrote. According to Reuters, in 2015, a business associate of Arkady Rotenberg, a close friend of Putin, transferred into her possession an apartment in a smart gated complex in a desirable part of Moscow. She was 23 at the time.

Vladimir Putin’s comments about reports that Donald Trump cavorted with prostitutes in Moscow continues to fascinate Russians, with many of them asking what prompted the Kremlin leader to say that Russia’s prostitutes are “the best in the world.” Some think he did so just because for him, everything in Russia is better, but others wondered whether this reflects his own experience either professionally or personally.

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