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Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT]

On 07 March 2017 Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov visited the Zvezda Far Eastern plant in course of his working trip to defence industries in Far East and Siberia. According to the Deputy Defense Minister, the Russian military department is preparing a contract with the Zvezda plant on building a Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT - Prospective Universal'nyy Bolshoi Tanker] with 29,000 tons displacement for the Pacific Fleet. Yuri Borisov noted that the Zvezda plant had been one of the most top-requested companies of the Russian military department as underwater forces of the Pacific Fleet had been serviced in it.

Defense minister of the Russian Federation (Deputy defense minister) Yuri Borisov told reporters when visiting the company. "We will assign an order for the construction of the auxiliary fleet to the lubricant ship series, utilizing the fact that the factory is developing a new production facility for large-scale construction work. We are planning to conclude a contract for a tanker-type general-purpose supply ship to be delivered in 2020", Borisov said. The 130-meter medium marine tanker of the new Russian project 23130 has a displacement two times less than the vessel that is planned to be built on the "Zvezda"

According to him, the displacement of the refueling ship will be 29,000 tons, and the ship will ensure the needs of the Pacific Fleet. The factory "Zvezda" is one of the most promising assets for military authorities because it carries out repair and maintenance services. "Following this, we are always here and we are very careful with this factory that is showing us and we are rebuilding it, which is a very good outlook for the private components of the shipbuilding industry" Borisov concluded.

The tanker is capable of transporting 6,000 tons of fuel oil, 6,000 tons of diesel fuel, 1,500 tons of aviation kerosene, 250 tons of lubricating oil, 1,500 tons of fresh water, 200 tons of food and 250 tons of spare parts. Its displacement is 29,000 tons, its length is about 185 meters, its width is 24 meters, its draft is 9 meters, its maximum speed is 20 knots, autonomy is 60 days, and its cruising range is 10,000 miles. Drivers - two full-rotor screw-type columns with a capacity of 7000 kW. Enhancement of maneuverability is also facilitated by two thrusters of tunnel type with a capacity of 1300 kW. This is a highly automated vessel. Therefore, the crew is expected from 76 people. The tanker with a quenching system is designed to transport 6,000 tons of fuel oil, 1500 tons of aviation fuel, 1,500 tons of fresh water, 250 tons of oil and 200 tons of provisions. It is also capable of carrying packaged loads and twenty 20-foot containers with a wide variety of equipment. The vessel is equipped with four pillars with filling hoses for fuel replenishment of ships in the sea on the move, three hydraulic cranes of lifting capacity of 50, 5 and 2.5 tons. It has a landing site and a hangar for the helicopter, as well as rescue and diving equipment.

The Zvezda Shipyard was established at the premises of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center by the Consortium of Rosneftegaz, Rosneft and Gazprombank. The Pilot Scope of Work for the shipyard will be provided by Rosneft that has an exclusive agreement with FESRC regarding placement of all the orders for manufacturing of new marine equipment and vessels at its facilities, as well as contracts for design, construction and delivery of multi-purpose supply vessels of the reinforced ice-class.

Annoyingly, this ship does not have a Project number. It seems the explanation is that it is not a Russian design, but rather is a variant of the French BRAVE class replenishment and support ship. DCNS presented its new-generation underway replenishment tanker and logistic supply vessel named BRAVE (Bâtiment RAVitailleur d'Escadre) during Euronaval 2010 . The design currently in development should answer French Navy needed to replace the Durance class. BRAVE will also be available to international customers.

Displacement 30,000 tons 29,000 tons
Length 195 m185 m
Breadth 28 m 24 m
Maximum Draft 8.7 m 9 m
Top Speed 20 kts 20 knots
Range 10,000 nm @ 18 kts 10,000 miles
Endurance N/A 60 days
Engines N/A
  • Spots: 2, one for heavy helicopter.
  • Hangar: 2 mid-size helicopters (10 tons class)
  • 76 people
    Crew 100 (+ accomodations for 100)

    Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT]

    Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT] Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT] Prospective Universal Large Tanker [PUBT]

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