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JSC OKB Novator

Experimental Design "Innovator" Bureau carries out development and production of missile equipment for various purposes (missiles, guided missiles, launchers, missiles, training tools, and so on.) Of land, sea and air bases for the Navy, the Army, the Air Force . Experimental Design Bureau "Innovator" was created in December 1947 based on the Department of Chief Designer Plant M.I.Kalinin (Plant #8) as the OKB-8.

In 1966, the OKB-8 was renamed Sverdlovsk Machine-Building Design Bureau "Innovator". In 1991 MCBN transformed into an independent company Experimental Design Bureau "Innovator". In 2002, by decree of the President of the Russian design bureau it became part of the Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". OKB "Innovator" is the developer of export family of missile systems "Club" , designed to destroy surface ships, submarines, and land targets. Systems can be deployed on submarines, surface ships, mobile chassis and combat aircraft.

Today the company is a research and production complex, equipped with modern equipment and allow for the production of series of parties in accordance with the available orders. The company has implemented a quality system in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001. Currently OKB "Innovator" directs CEO, Chief Designer, double winner of the State Award, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences Pavel Ivanovich Kamnev.

Pavel Ivanovich Kamnev since 1981 carried out the scientific and technical guidance to a number of important research and development work on the creation and modernization of more than 20 missile samples of 6 different classes for the Army, Navy, Military air force, to missile defense and air defense systems, as well as export models of weapons. PI Kamnev is co-author of over 300 scientific and technical reports (sketch projects, advance projects on research, the State acts testing reports, etc.) and 19 inventions implemented in OKB "Innovator" developments. As head of design bureau "Innovator" in 1996, PI Kamnev undertook a large set of measures to create conditions for the implementation of an active policy in the field of scientific and technological development. The company successfully and dynamically develops and is one of the leading centers of the military-industrial complex of the country for the development of modern models of missiles.

Under the leadership of PI Kamnev and with his active direct participation, a number of current research on the problems of development of conventional weapons and the creation of new types of missiles of various classes, the most important results of which were: the successful completion of flight tests of surface-to-air missile 9M82MD with unique performance characteristics of which have no analogues in the domestic, any rocket the world; completion of state tests anti-ship cruise missile 3M-54 and 3M-54E; conduct preliminary tests of 3M-14 long-range cruise missile, designed to destroy ground targets; flight tests of missiles prototype "water-air-water" 91RU.

In 2006, OKB "Innovator" successfully carried out a series of tests 9M82MV missiles, and in 2007, as a result of successful launches of cruise missiles 9M728 (OCD "Iskander") made the decision to move in 2008 to the final stage of testing. Made for state testing prototypes of surface-to-air missile 9M83M, modified to ensure the destruction of a new types of goals (OCD "Kica"). A series of research papers, technical proposals and advance projects developed the concept of a phased development of strategic and non-strategic missile defense systems and presented specific types of missiles. During the period from 2000 the OKB "Innovator" 5 Defense Ministry test ranges has made more than 80 launches missiles domestic and export 10 types, including in 2005-2007 - 44 launches.

In the period from 1998-2007 years. OKB "Innovator" conducted a large set of measures for the development, modernization and expansion of its production. As a result of the replacement of 43% of obsolete equipment, as well as the transition to CNC machines, which greatly contributed to the reduction of high non-production costs and allowed a 320% increase in capacity utilization, increase 3.3 times per production worker. The measures taken allowed to ensure that all tasks for the state defense order and export contracts for the supply of military equipment.

OKB "Innovator" is an active participant in the military-technical cooperation. The most important feature of the export activity of the enterprise was the use of export development results to promote the domestic development projects. Carried out under the supervision of PI Kamnev development, testing and manufacture of the export of arms designs were ahead of domestic counterparts, allowing for a significant part of the work on the creation of national missile samples (not less than 75%) due to the export of funds. In 2000, the Republic of India set a new diesel-electric submarine of Project 877 EKM equipped with «Club-S» missile system with anti-ship cruise missile 3M-54E development OKB "Innovator" 4 more similar diesel-electric submarines have been deep modernization of the Russian Federation shipyards «Club-S» the purpose of placing them on the complex. In addition, the Republic of India delivered 3 Project 1135.6 frigates, equipped with 3M-54TE anti-ship missile. In the period 2004 - 2006, China put in eight diesel-electric submarines of Project 636, equipped with «Club-S» complex with RCC 3M-54E. Export contracts for the supply of foreign customers modern missile system loaded orders dozens of ship-building industry in Russia.

According to the catalog 2007 "Top 100 of the Ural Federal District industrial enterprises", composed of "Rosfinprom", OAO "OKB" Innovator "among the 100 largest and strategically important for the economy of the Ural federal district enterprises, producing a unique and world-famous products. In 1998-2006, much has been done to stabilize the financial condition of OKB "Innovator" and related key enterprises included in the cooperation. Timely payment of wages, there are no debts on taxes and duties, the volume of sales from 2002 to 2006 increased by 4.5 times (2002 - 1.6 billion rubles, in 2006 -.. 7310000000 . rub.). JSC "OKB" Innovator "has an active social policy, work to create safe working conditions and improve the culture of production.

P.I.Kamnev paid much attention to the development of social and domestic sphere and all types of social support, the use of different measures of moral and material incentives. Expenditures on social security of employees is increasing annually. The average wage in OAO "OKB" Innovator "for 2002 - 2006 years has increased 2.5 times, reaching 29 thousand rubles a month.

Initial specialization was development of anti-aircraft guns of large caliber. Anti-aircraft guns development OKB-8 different high performance, novel design solutions, unique altitude and rate of fire. In 1948-1954 gg. It was carried out a complete re antiaircraft artillery of the Land Forces of the country with new guns caliber 100 mm and 130 mm in the development of OKB-8. Guns were produced in big series and for a long time formed the basis of anti-aircraft artillery of the Armed Forces of the country. In 1957, the OKB-8 has been charged with the development of anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAMs) and self-propelled launchers (PU) for them. In the mid 60s the Design Bureau was assigned the development of sea missile.

During its existence, the Design Bureau created and adopted for service 6 and 24 samples of artillery missile sample performance characteristics (TTX) is usually superior performance characteristics of foreign and domestic counterparts: COP-1 anti-aircraft gun KS-12, KS 18, KS-19, KSM-65 and COP-30; SAM ZM8 for the SAM "Circle", for which the EDO has developed and self-propelled PU 2P24; 9M38 missiles for land SAM "Buk" and sea-based SAM "Calm"; SAM 9M83, 9M82 and propelled PU 9A83, 9A82 for anti-aircraft missile systems (AAMS) Air Defense Ground Forces C-300B and so forth. The creation of the S-300V Russia reached the radical superiority over similar weapons to foreign countries, providing an effective air and missile defense groupings of troops and most important front of objects.

At the end of the 1960s a completely new type of managed anti-submarine weapons was created in the bureau. this class of missiles fired from torpedo submarines are submerged, then come out of the water and the main part of the distance to the target overcome through the air, moving at high supersonic speeds. Delivery of military equipment to the target is so small that the opponent is almost no chance to evade attacks.

In addition to military orders, OKB "Innovator" developed and put into operation land and marine meteorological missile systems MP-12 and MP-25, which provide atmospheric soundings to 120 and 250 km respectively. Recognition of EDB's contribution to strengthening the country's defense was awarding him the 1982 Order of Lenin. For creative contribution to the creation of new models of weapons 52 leading experts EDO awarded the Lenin and State Prize of the Russian Federation Government Prize, over 500 employees were awarded state awards and honorary titles of the Russian Federation.

Since its inception and until 1985 headed the design bureau twice Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State Prizes, PhD Lev Veniaminovich Leo Lyulyev (1908-1985). Under his leadership, the department is relatively small factory became a powerful design organization that provides a complete cycle of design development of missile technology, equipped with all the design tools, experimental development and pilot production of the developed products.

OKB "Innovator" continues to work actively to develop new missile technology samples that meet the challenges of the time. Among them - the missiles and launchers for the air defense system "Antey-2500", and exported an integrated missile system "Club" (Club), which embodies the best technical development OKB "Innovator" in the field of weapons systems.

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