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The newest Russian mobile VHF-band radar is designed for use in AA units against small-sized and low-observable air targets including Stealth aircraft. It has range of 500km. Deployment time 10-15 min. Crew consist of 3 men. Radar antenna rotation speed 5, 10 rpm. Ideologically, Niobium-SV is from the old Soviet system of the 1980s, one of the blocks of the multi-level subsystem of the radar (operational) air defense of the territory, with improved signal processing algorithms, energy, angular and altitude characteristics, and greater reliability.

The Russian procurement website on April 18, 2016 was posted information about the conduct of Russian Ministry of Defense tender for purchase in 2017-2018 six new radar standby meter waveband 1L125 "Niobium-NE". According to the tender documents, the first two stations 1L125 "Niobium-CB" must be placed by October 25, 2017 to the Military Academy of Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Marshal of the Soviet Union AM Vasilevsky in Smolensk, and to the military unit 33860 (106 th Training Center Army Air Defence of the Armed Forces) in Orenburg. The other four radar must be placed by October 25, 2018 to the military units in the Red River (Khabarovsk), Rybinsk-18 (Yaroslavl region), Novocherkassk (Rostov region) and Gagarin (Sverdlovsk region) - in all cases refers to the storage and repair of military base art.

air defense units of the Russian Ground forces expect the new radar standby 1L125 "Niobium-SV", which will eventually replace the existing stations. "It is planned to replace the entire series radar standby, which stand on arms air defense of Land forces, said the Agency interlocutor. "Niobium-SV" can detect over a large range of all types of targets, including small and inconspicuous".

According to the information available to the Ground forces already passed 6 stations. Here is their place of "residence": the Military Academy of the Troops of air defense. Marshal A. M. Vasilevsky (Smolensk) and in/h in Orenburg, in the red River (Khabarovsk, Russia), the Rybinsk-18 (Yaroslavl region), Novocherkassk (Rostov oblast), Gagarin (Sverdlovsk region).

Radar "Niobium-SV" is the development of the Nizhny Novgorod research Institute of radio engineering (NNIIRT), which is included in the concern "Almaz-Antey". Belongs to a class of radar standby mode, which is designed to detect, track maintenance, and determine the nationality of aerial objects of all types of aircraft, including built in stealth technology, helicopters, cruise and ballistic missiles, small unmanned aerial vehicles. Information about the state of controlled airspace is transmitted to the command centers, air defenses, and directly at SAM.

"Niobium-SV" is not entirely new station. In the mid 80-ies of NNIIRT developed radar standby "Sky", which was a significant step forward in the field of radar standby medium and long range. 10 years later appeared a more advanced modification of the "Sky". And subsequently, the citizens continued to develop this area, creating stations "Nebo-SV", "Sky-IED". In 2013 appeared the station "Niobium". Well, the radar "Niobium-SV" at the moment, is the most effective in this range.

Radar works in the meter range, which makes it easy to distinguish, and for a very considerable distance, planes-"invisible" and bombers B-2 Spirit and F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. Experts say that any "invisible" to radar meter range differs little from the normal plane of the third or fourth generation having the same dimensions.

According to its characteristics, station 1L125 Niobium-SV is capable of detecting an inconspicuous air object (ESR = 1 square meter) at an altitude of 10,000 meters at a distance of 230 kilometers, at an altitude of 500 meters at a distance of 53 kilometers. The radar has a field of view at a range of up to 500 kilometers and in height - up to 65 kilometers. The maximum speed of the tracked target is 5400 km / h. The radar is mounted on the chassis of a 4-axle KamAZ and is transferred from traveling to combat position in 15 minutes. We also add that this radar is designed for long-term operation (capable of being on combat duty for months).

Radar "Niobium-SV" has the following characteristics.

    Radar equipped with an antenna with a phased antenna array. Scanning in elevation is electronic. The target detection range in altitude: 500 m 53 km, 10,000 m, 230 km 27000 320 km. Simultaneously monitored up to 300 targets. Deployment time station 15 min. The mobile station, placed on a wheeled chassis of KAMAZ.

Radar "Niobium-SV" is produced at the Nizhny Novgorod machine-building plant. The 70th anniversary of the Victory, which was recently built especially for the production of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and s-500. "Heaven" and "Niobium" is not the only line of radar, in service with the land forces air defense. There are other stations that began to be produced recently. However, they have slightly different characteristics. And, consequently, different characteristics.

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