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Navy Facilities - Introduction

Northern Fleet

Pacific FleetBlack Sea FleetBaltic Fleet Caspian Flotilla
Upravlenie / Management [Headquarters]

Voienno Morskaia Baza / Naval Base
  • Belomorsk
  • Novorossiysk
  • Sevastopol
  • Crimean

  • Baltic
  • Leningrad
  • Punkty Bazirovaniya / Base Points
  • Severomorsk
  • Gremikha
  • Gadzhievo
  • Vidyaevo
  • Zapadnaya Litsa
  • Polar
  • Deer lip

  • Vladivostok
  • Fokino
  • Danube
  • Sovetskaya Gavan
  • Vilyuchinsk
  • Balaclava
  • Kerch
  • Theodosius
  • Black Sea
  • Baltiysk
  • Kronstadt
  • Astrakhan
  • Makhachkala
  • Kaspiysk
  • Vooruzheniya Ispytatelnaya Baza / Weapons Test Base

    Zakrytye Administrativno- Territorial'nye Obrazovaniya
    Closed Administrative Territorial Unit (ZATO)
  • Zaozersk

  • Fokino
  • The term "naval base" has a double interpretation.

    The first and most common: any seaport that is used to base warships. In this definition, there are no restrictions on the composition of the facilities of this port and on the number of forces based there. This may be one pier, which can have two ships moored, and there may be dozens of berths, plants, huge warehouses, etc. If the base has a fleet headquarters and a significant number of ships, then it is usually called the main naval base of the fleet. Vladivostok was the main base of the Pacific Fleet, Sevastopol - the Black Sea, Severomorsk - the North, Kaliningrad - the Baltic.

    The second interpretation is a regular organizational one. In the army there are such structures that are referred to as a division, corps, army, military district. In the navy, they correspond to: division, naval base, fleet, navy. This comparison is rather arbitrary, but gives an idea of the naval base as one of the organizational structures of the Armed Forces of the country.

    A Punkty Bazirovaniya (from the Latin punctum “point”) - base point - is a section of the sea or river coast with an adjacent water area equipped for parking and all types of support for ships (vessels). Depending on the purpose and nature of the engineering equipment, the basing points are divided into basic, maneuverable basing, supply, and also parking places. The main basing points are intended for the safe parking of ships (vessels) and units in a given degree of combat readiness, restoration of combat readiness, combat training and ensuring versatile activities both in peacetime and in wartime.

    As a point at which the supply and repair facilities of the fleet are concentrated, a naval base should include: 1) harbors and raids, sheltered from unrest, winds and from enemy attacks by appropriate structures, so that the fleet can safely and safely load stocks and repair and give rest to ship crews; 2) stores and warehouses for storage of military supplies, fuel, supplies and weapons of military vessels, equipped with loading facilities and calculated on the amount of reserves that the fleet, which relies on this base during one naval campaign, can use according to the war plan. The time of the latter is determined by the same plan of war; 3) docks and workshops for the correction of ships and mechanisms; 4) hospitals and infirmaries for the wounded and sick, designed for 8-10% of the total personnel of the fleet, and 5) the floating means of guarding harbors from attacks by enemy destroyers, submarines and barriers; these means consist of special guard vessels, a trawling caravan, coast observation posts, aeronautical parks, etc.

    The abbreviated name of the formation Voienno Morskaia Baza / Naval Base is, for example LenVMB ( Leningrad Naval Base). This is a set of coasts. and floating. facilities designed to supply the fleet with the necessary supplies and to repair its damage. Since the fleet at this time is not capable of self-defense, coastal and land fortifications are inextricably linked with the concept of warfare, having the purpose of protecting both the coastline itself and the land, as well as the fleet in its harbors and inland raids.

    The meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense was held 27 March 2019 in Moscow. he main topic of the meeting was the draft program “Development of the Quay Front of the Naval Force Base Points until 2030”. This was reported by the channel "Star" . The need for such a program is due to the increase in the number of ships of our navy. This year alone, it is planned to put into operation 15 ships and combat boats, as well as 20 support vessels. In total, the State Armament Program for 2018-2027 provides for an increase in the naval composition of the Russian Navy by 180 units.

    Now the defense department was faced with the task of providing all ships with modern parking conditions. It also required modern maintenance of the latest nuclear submarines Yasen and Borey. Multipurpose frigates of the ocean zone and ships equipped with high-precision weapons also need new berths. The Ministry of Defense will not need additional appropriations in the implementation of the program “Development of the Quay Front of Naval Force Base Points until 2030”, since there will be enough funds already included in the defense budget.

    To implement the program last year, the Ministry of Defense proposed the creation of a military construction public law company. Russian President Vladimir Putin supported this initiative. Currently, the ministry, together with the Presidential Administration and the Government, is carrying out relevant work.

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