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GRAU Index

The GRAU index (Ministry of Defense index) is a conventional alphanumeric designation for weapons assigned by one of the ordering directorates of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and Russia. GRAU indices were introduced by the Main Artillery Directorate (GAU, later now GRAU) in 1938 to designate products of artillery weapons in non-classified correspondence. The indexing system of armament (indexer) has developed over time. In 1956 the system underwent a number of changes, due to the fact that the index of 1938 had exhausted its capacity and did not satisfy the requirement of keeping state secrets, as well as in connection with the emergence of fundamentally new types of weapons, for example, rocket technology.

air defense and anti-tank missile
2P1starting complex of C-122A (PU 2n2 + TLV 2P3) TRK 2K1
2n2propelled launcher C-119A "Peony" TRK 2K1
2P3transport and loading vehicle C-120A dispenser 2K1
2P4propelled launcher "Tulip" TRK 2K2
2P5propelled launcher SM-44 TRK 2K5
2P11towed launcher PTRC 9K71
2P13towed launcher Br-230 TRK 2d6
2P16propelled launcher C-123A dispenser 2d6 (caterpillar)
2P17transport and loading vehicle C-124A TRK 2d6
2P19propelled launcher OTP 8K14, 8K14, 1 (caterpillar)
2P19-1self-propelled launcher OTP 8K14, 8K14, 1 (tracked with the BMF and the remote P61502-1 for MS 8F44G)
2P20propelled launcher OTP 8K14, 8K14-1 (wheel)
2P21propelled launcher Br-226-II TRK 2d6 (wheels, chassis ZIL-135)
2P24propelled launcher KC-41 air defense missile system 2Q11, 2K11A
2P24Mpropelled launcher SAM 2K11M
2P24M1propelled launcher SAM 2K11M1
2P25propelled launcher SAM 2Q12
2P25Mpropelled launcher SAM 2K12M
2P25M1propelled launcher SAM 2K12M1
2P25M2propelled launcher SAM 2K12M2
2P25M3propelled launcher SAM 2K12M3, 2K12M4
2P26fighting machine ATGM 2K15
2P27fighting machine ATGM 2K16
2P28propelled launcher SAM 2K11M with SAM 3M10
2P30propelled launcher RK 2K17
2P32fighting machine ATGM 2K8
2P32Mfighting machine ATGM 2K8M
2P130launcher for lighting shells 9M41
2P130-1launcher for lighting shells 9M41
2P130, 2launcher for lighting 9M41 missiles
2P131launcher for lighting 9M41 missiles
2P132122mm portable launcher ROS 9K510
self-propelled howitzers
2S1 122-mm self-propelled howitzer "Carnation"
2S1M120-mm self-propelled howitzer with a weapon 2A80
2S2122 mm Airborne self-propelled howitzer "Violet"
2S3152-mm self-propelled howitzer "Acacia"
2S3M152-mm self-propelled howitzer
2S3M1152-mm self-propelled howitzer
2S3M2152-mm self-propelled howitzer
2S4240-mm self-propelled mortar "Tulip"
2S5152-mm self-propelled gun "Hyacinth-C"
2S5M152-mm self-propelled gun
2S5M1155-mm self-propelled gun
2S6fighting vehicle IRC 2K22
2S6Mfighting vehicle IRC 2K22M
2S6M1fighting vehicle IRC 2K22M1
2S6M2fighting vehicle IRC 2K22M1 (on the chassis of the GM-5975)
2S7203-mm self-propelled gun "Peony"
2S7M203-mm self-propelled gun "Malka" ( "Pion-M")
2S8120-mm self-propelled mortar "Astra" ( "Lily")
2S9120 mm airborne self-propelled gun "Nona-S"
2S9-1120mm airborne self-propelled gun "Sviristelka"
2S9-1M120 mm airborne self-propelled gun
2S11120-mm self-propelled gun "Nona-SV" (based on the BTR-70)
2S12120-mm self-propelled mortar complex "Sunny"
2S13120-mm self-propelled gun "Nona-CSA"
2S1485-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun "Sting-C"
2S15100-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun "Norov"
2S17120-mm self-propelled gun "Nona-SV" (based on. 6)
2S18152-mm self-propelled howitzer "Pat-On" (based on. 6)
2S19152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer "MSTA-C"
2S19M152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer
2S19M1152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer
2S19M2152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer
2S21120-mm self-propelled gun "Vienna" (1st version)
2S23120-mm self-propelled gun "Nona-SVK"
2S2482-mm self-propelled mortar
2S25125 mm self-propelled anti-tank gun "Sprut-SD"
2S27152-mm self-propelled howitzer "MSTA-K"
2S28125-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun "Sprut-K"
2S30152-mm self-propelled howitzer "Iset"
2S31 Vena120mm self-propelled gun "Vienna"
2S32120-mm self-propelled gun "crimping"
2S32self-propelled mortar "Boot"
2S33152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer "MSTA CM"
2S34120-mm self-propelled gun "Host"
2S34-1120-mm self-propelled gun
SAM & operational-tactical missile
3M1operational-tactical ballistic missile complex "Onega"
3M2operational-tactical ballistic missile complex "Ladoga"
3M6anti-tank guided missile SDI-61 ATGM 2K15, 2K16
3M7 (9M7)anti-tank guided missile TKB-574 ATGM 2K4
3M8antiaircraft guided missile KC-40 air defense missile system 2Q11, 2K11A
3M8Msurface-to-air missile SAM 2K11M
3M8M1surface-to-air missile SAM 2K11M
3M8M2surface-to-air missile SAM 2K11M
3M8M3surface-to-air missile SAM 2K11M1
3M9surface-to-air missile SAM 2Q12
3M9Manti-aircraft guided SAM missile 2K12M
3M9M1surface-to-air missile SAM 2K12M1
3M9M2surface-to-air missile SAM 2K12M2
3M9M3surface-to-air missile SAM 2K12M3, 2K12M4
3M9M3Ssurface-to-air missile SAM 2K12M3S
3M9M4surface-to-air missile SAM 2K12M3A
3M10surface-to-air missile in-757Kr SAM 2K11M (experienced )
3M11 (9M11)anti-tank guided missile SDI-62 ATGM 2K8
3M12 (9M12)anti-tank guided missile ATGM "Gadfly"
3M14 (9M14)anti-tank guided missile SDI-64 ATGM 9K11, 9K14
3M15 (9M15)anti-tank guided missile 301P ATGM "Typhoon"
3M16 (9M16)122-mm rocket "Writer" MLRS 9K51, 9K54, 9K55 with cassette warhead (5 min POM-2)
3M17 (9M17)anti-tank guided missile ATGM 2K8M
3M20M3missile-target complex " Singing "
3M105teaching and missiles SAM 2Q11
3M105Mteaching and missiles SAM 2K11M
3M105M2teaching and missiles SAM 2K11M1
3M105M3teaching and missiles SAM 2K11M2
Division 9 (Grau) Missiles
9Afighting vehicles rocket complexes
9Bonboard rockets elements of control systems
9VControl and Test Equipment
9Gfilling equipment missiles
9Drocket engines
9Andthe power supply of missile systems
9Kmissile systems
9Hmissile warheads
9Cmissile systems management tools
9Ttransport equipment
9Feducational and training equipment
9Xcharges of solid rocket motors, tracers, explosive charges
9SHoptical sighting devices
9EFusing device homing
9Kcapping (boxes)
Division 8 (Grau later ASU RVSN) rocketry
8Aballistic missiles, launch vehicles
8Dfilling equipment
8Drocket engines
8Kballistic missiles, launch vehicles
8K6missile development OKB-5
8K7missile development OKB-1
8K8missile development OKB-52
8K9solid rocket
8Lonboard rockets aggregates management systems
8Hground equipment
8Plaunch complexes. ...
8P8 ground
8Cbuilding blocks (stage) rocket
8Ttransport equipment
8U starting equipment, as well as special (nuclear) bombs
8Fmissile warheads
8SHoptical sighting devices
8containers, covers
Division 11 (GUKOS) Aerospace Technology
11Btarget spacecraft equipment
11Dfilling equipment
11Drocket engines
11 AndTools and Accessories
11Lboard assemblies missile control systems and spacecraft
11Mavionics spacecraft
11Hground equipment
11Plaunching and technical complexes
11P8ground launch complexes
11Rradio equipment onboard spacecraft
11Cbuilding blocks (stage fairing) missiles
11Ttransport equipment
11ystarting equipment
11TSground flight control equipment
11SHoptical sighting devices
11Eground systems of power supply
Division 14 (GUKOS) Aerospace Technology
14Gfilling equipment
14Drocket engines
14ITools and Accessories
14Krocket and space complexes
14Lboard assemblies missile control systems and spacecraft
14Mavionics spacecraft
14Hground equipment
14Plaunching and technical complexes
14Cbuilding blocks (stage fairing) missiles
14Ttransport equipment
14Ustarting equipment
14TSground equipment flight control, receivers of space navigation systems
14SHoptical sighting devices
14Eground systems of power supply
Division 15 (ASU RVSN) rocketry
15Aballistic missiles (liquid)
15Bonboard missile system
15Bmanagement and communication RVSN
15Gfilling equipment
15erocket engines
15ZHballistic missiles (solid)
15ITools and Accessories
15Lonboard rockets aggregates management systems
15Hground equipment
15PMissile, launch and technical complexes
15P6mobile ground missile systems,
15P7mine start,
15P8ground start,
15P9Fighting rail missile systems
15P supply system RVSN
15Cbuilding blocks (stage) rocket
15Ttransport equipment
15Ustarting equipment
15Fhead of the missile warheads
15Xcharges of solid rocket motors
15SHoptical sighting devices
15Emanagement and communication RVSN
Division 17 (GUKOS) Aerospace Technology
17Btarget spacecraft equipment
17Gfilling equipment
17Drocket engines
17 andTools and Accessories
17Krocket and space complexes
17Lboard assemblies missile control systems and spacecraft
17Mavionics spacecraft
17Hground equipment
17Plaunching and technical complexes
17Pradio equipment onboard spacecraft
17Cbuilding blocks (stage fairing) missiles
17Ttransport equipment
17Ustarting equipment
17Xcharges of solid rocket motors
17TSground flight control equipment
17SHoptical sighting devices
17Eground systems of power supply
17bcontainers, covers

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