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MiG (Mikoyan and Gurevich) Projects

Until the 1960s, the Soviets continued to use the "I" designator for fighters [Istrebitel = fighter, exterminator, ]. From 1954 the Mikoyan OKB designated alll prototypes as E for Experimental [ = Eksperimentalnyy] and it can be seen is Soviet photographs that the westernized designation "Ye" is incorrect. E is also known as backwards e. Ye is a letter of the Cyrillic script, and in some languages this letter is called E.

105.11 EPOS
"3.01"project, hypersonic reconnaissance bomber
"7.01"198? project Multifunctional Far Interceptor
A-144 ANALOG Experimental Aircraft
E-2Faceplate experimental fighter
E-4 fighter prototype
E-5 fighter prototype
E-8 fighter prototype
E-50 experimental fighter-interceptor
E-50A experimental fighter-interceptor
E-150 experimental fighter-interceptor
E-152 experimental fighter-interceptor
E-152A experimental fighter-interceptor
E-152M experimental interceptor
E-152P experimental fighter-interceptor
E-155MMiG-25 experimental interceptor
E-155MPMiG-25 experimental fighter-interceptor
E-166 experimental fighter-interceptor
E-266MMiG-25 experimental interceptor
EPOS Experimental Aircraft
I-1L Goblin light multipurpose aircraft
I-3U tactical fighter
I-7 fighter-interceptor
I-75 interceptor
I-200 Fighter
SP-201 Cannon Fighter
I-210 Fighter
I-211 tactical fighter
I-220(MiG-11, A) fighter Multilevel
I-221(2A) High-altitude interceptor
I-222(3A) High-altitude interceptor
I-224(4A) High-altitude interceptor
I-225(5A) High-altitude fighter
I-230 fighter-interceptor
I-231 fighter-interceptor
I-250 Fighter Naval Aviation
I-270(ZH) experimental fighter-interceptor
I-301T training fighter
I-302 multi-role fighter
I-305 multi-role fighter
I-307 multi-role fighter
I-310 tactical fighter
I-320(R-1, R-2) all-weather interceptor
I-340 tactical fighter
I-350(M) tactical fighter
I-360 Fighter
I-370 tactical fighter
I-380(I-3) tactical fighter
I-410(I-3P) fighter-interceptor
I-420(I-3U) fighter-interceptor
K (K-1, K-2, K-3)For experimental aircraft
K-9-155 (90, 91, 92, 93)
K-10S, K-10D, K-10DG (Kometa-10)
KFOR Experimental Aircraft
KS (Kometa-3)
KSS (S-2)
Kh-20 Kh-20D, Kh-20M
Kh-22 Kh-22P
KS-7 (FKR-1)
M-19 target drone
M-21 target drone
MIG-1 Fighter
MIG-1 AM-37 Fighter
MiG-3 Fighter
MiG-3 AM-38 Fighter
MiG-3U Fighter Interceptor
MIG-5 (T) Far fighter escort
MIG-5 (IT) Far fighter escort
MIG-7 Fighter
MIG-8 "Utka - Canard" DUCK Easy auxiliary plane
MIG-9 Multipurpose fighter
MiG-9 (FIRST) Fighter
MiG-9E tactical fighter
MIG-9L experimental aircraft
MIG-9M multipurpose fighter
MIG-9 UTI training fighter
MIG-11 fighter Multilevel
MIG-13 Fighter Naval Aviation
MiG-15 (C) tactical fighter
MiG-15 (NE) tactical fighter
MiG-15 (SU) tactical fighter
MiG-15bis tactical fighter
MiG-15bis (GRAD) Strike Fighter
MiG-15bis (IB) fighter-bomber
MiG-15bis (ISH) Assault
MiG-15bis (CA) tactical fighter
MiG-15bis (SD-5) Strike Fighter
MiG-15bis (SD-10) Strike Fighter
MiG-15bis (SD-21) Strike Fighter
MiG-15bis (CE) tactical fighter
MiG-15M UAV target
MIG-15Pbis (SP-1) fighter-interceptor
MIG-15Pbis (SP-5) fighter-interceptor
MIG-15Rbis Frontline scout
MIG-15Sbis fighter escort
MIG-15UTI training fighter
MIG-15UTI (ST-7) training fighter
MIG-17 tactical fighter
MiG-17AS Strike Fighter
MiG-17P (SP-2) Fighter-Interceptor
MiG-17P (SP-6) fighter-interceptor
MIG-17 (SR-10) tactical fighter
MIG-17 Strike Fighter
MIG-17 (SG) tactical fighter
MiG-17 (SDK-5) Experimental Aircraft
MiG-17 (SDK-7) Experimental Aircraft
MIG-17 (CH) Assault
MiG-17F tactical fighter
MiG-17F (SF-3) tactical fighter
MIG-17PF fighter-interceptor
MIG-17PFU Fighter Interceptor
MiG-17 (SM-1) tactical fighter
MiG-17P Frontline scout
MIG-19 tactical fighter
MiG-19 (SM-2) Strike Fighter
MiG-19 (SM-6) fighter-interceptor
MiG-19 (SM-10) Fighter
MiG-19 (SM-20) Experimental Aircraft
MiG-19 (SM-30) Fighter
MIG-19C tactical fighter
MiG-19SV Multilevel fighter
MiG-19SU Multilevel fighter
MiG-19P fighter-interceptor
MIG-19PV Fighter Interceptor
MiG-19PM Fighter Interceptor
MiG-19PT Fighter Interceptor
MiG-21bis tactical fighter
MIG-21I ANALOG Experimental Aircraft
MiG-21M fighter-interceptor
MiG-21MT Fighter Interceptor
MIG-21MF Fighter Interceptor
MiG-21E fighter-interceptor
MiG-21PD fighter prototype with OHR
MIG-21PF fighter-interceptor
MIG-21PFM Fighter Interceptor
MIG-21PFS Fighter Interceptor
MiG-21R reconnaissance Frontline
MIG-21C fighter-interceptor
MiG-21SM fighter-interceptor
MIG-21SMT Fighter Interceptor
MiG-21U training fighter
MiG-21UM training fighter
MiG-21US training fighter
MiG-21F tactical fighter
MiG-21F-13 tactical fighter
MiG-21FL Fighter Interceptor
MiG-21-93 fighter-interceptor
MiG-21 multirole fighter LANCER
MIG-23 [19] (FIRST) Multipurpose fighter
MIG-23 [19] (SECOND) Multipurpose fighter
MIG-23 [19] (THIRD) Multipurpose fighter
MIG-23 (FOURTH) tactical fighter
MiG-23-98 multi-role fighter
MIG-23A tactical fighter
MiG-23B fighter-bomber
MiG-23BN fighter-bomber
MiG-23BM fighter-bomber
MiG-23BK fighter-bomber
MiG-23Kcarrier fighter Deck
MIG-23M tactical fighter
MiG-23ME tactical fighter
MIG-23MF tactical fighter
MiG-23ML fighter Multipurpose
MIG-23MLA multipurpose fighter
MiG-23MLD multipurpose fighter
MIG-23MLDG multipurpose fighter
MiG-23MS Multi-purpose fighter
MiG-23P multipurpose fighter
MIG-23C tactical fighter
MiG-23UB combat training destroyers
MiG-25BM fighter breakthrough defense
MiG-25M fighter-interceptor
MIG-25MR Scout Weather
MiG-25P fighter-interceptor
MiG-25PD fighter-interceptor
MIG-25PDZ Fighter Interceptor
MIG-25PDM Fighter Interceptor
MIG-25PDC Fighter Interceptor
MIG-25PDCL Fighter Interceptor
MiG-25PU training fighter
MiG-25R reconnaissance Multilevel
MiG-25RB reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RBV Tactical reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RBK Tactical reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RBN Tactical night fotorazvedchik
MIG-25RBS Tactical reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RBT electronic reconnaissance aircraft
MIG-25RBF Tactical reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RBSH Tactical reconnaissance bomber
MIG-25RD Scout Bomber
MiG-25RU trainer aircraft
MiG-27 fighter-bomber
MiG-27D fighter-bomber
MiG-27K fighter-bomber
MIG-29KUB deck combat-fighter
MiG-27M fighter-bomber
MiG-27ML Bahadur fighter-bomber
MiG-29 (9-12) tactical fighter
MiG-29 (9-13) tactical fighter
MiG-29 (9-14) tactical fighter
MiG-29BM multirole fighter
MiG-29K deck fighter-bomber
MIG-29KVP Experimental Aircraft
MIG-29M multi-role fighter-bomber
MiG-29M2 multi-role fighter-bomber
MIG-29MRCA multipurpose fighter-bomber
MiG-29N fighter Multipurpose
MIG-29OVT multipurpose fighter-bomber
MiG-29S multi-role fighter
MiG-29SD multipurpose fighter
MiG-29SM multirole fighter
MiG-29SMT fighter Multipurpose
MiG-29SE multi-role fighter
MiG-29UB combat training multipurpose fighter
MiG-29UBT multipurpose combat-fighter
MiG-29E (9-21) Experimental Aircraft
MiG-31 fighter-interceptor
MiG-31M fighter-interceptor
MiG-31B fighter-interceptor
MiG-31BM multirole fighter
MiG-31D anti-satellite missile carrier aircraft
MIG-31ISHIM aircraft carrier rocket
MIG-31F/FE multipurpose fighter
MiG-31E fighter-interceptor Far
MIG-33 tactical fighter
MiG-49 advanced fighter [FAKE ?]
MiG-59 advanced fighter [FAKE ?]
MIG-110 multipurpose transport aircraft
MIG-125 Administrative plane
MiG-AKS 'Oryol' TSTO spaceplane
MiG-AT trainer aircraft
MFI experimental fighter
P-500 UAV interceptor
SH Assault
SHPD-1 Dive Forward
SM-12 Fighter
SM-12PM Fighter Interceptor
SM-12PMU Fighter Interceptor
Spiral (50-50)
T-101 multi-purpose transport aircraft GRACH
T-208 EAGLE multipurpose transport aircraft
X 20 supersonic cruise missile
X 22

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