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Prime contractor MiG-MAPO
Country of origin Russia
Function Multi-role fighter
First FlightFebruary 7, 2007
In-service year 2019
Unit costUS$40 million ???
Use of designations in other projects At various times, the designation "MiG-35" was used in the title:
  • Project multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation MiG 1.44 ;
  • further development of the project MiG-29M2 second half of the 1990s (they MiG-29M3 and MiG-29M4 );
  • demonstrators test radar " Zhuk-A " (opytnyx copies of the MiG-29M , MiG-29K , MiG-29KUB )
  • project on the Indian Competition MMRCA (Eng.) Russian. ;
  • development project of aircraft MiG-29K / KUB for the Navy and MiG-29M / M2 for the Russian Air Force; Single version labeled as the MiG-35, two-seater version is designated MiG-35D.
  • differences MiG-35 from the MiG-29
  • Radar " Zhuk-A " with an active electronically scanned array ;
  • increase payload;
  • increased fuel with possibility of in-flight refueling tanker and use like;
  • corrosion protection by type of MiG-29K;
  • lowering of radar visibility;
  • three-channel FBWCS with fourfold redundancy;
  • increased reliability, service life, and the life of the aircraft engines;
  • reducing the cost of flight hours is 2.5 times;
  • an increase in the autonomous-based features (such as kislorododobyvayuschaya station on board);
  • new electronic engine management system of the RD-33MK ;
  • the possibility of using the RD-33MK versions with thrust vectoring, tried and tested at the pilot of the MiG-29M OVT;
  • built container and optical location station (OLS) and helmet-mounted target designation system and sighting;
  • defense system with electronic warfare means, detectors attacking missiles and laser irradiation, guns ejection of decoys;
  • open architecture avionics .
  • Length 17.32 m
    Wing Span 12 m
    Wing area 42 m
    Height 4.44 m
    empty 13,500 kg
    normal take-off weight 18,500 kg
    maximum take-off weight 29,700 kg
    Engine type Turbojet dual circuit with afterburner
    Model RD-33MK or its modification with UHT RD-33MKV with
    all-view thrust vector deviation (within + - 20 ).
    Maximum Thrust 2 9000 kgf
    Flight performance
    Maximum speed
    at height 2560 km / h
    at land 1450 km / h [25]
    Practical ceiling 17,500 m
    Range with normal combat load 1000 km
    Flight range without refueling with PTB 3,500 km
    Maximum operating overload +10 G
    Cannon 30 mm aircraft gun GSH-30-1
    Weapon suspension units 9
    Suspended weapons weight 6 tons
    Suspended armament all types of guided and unguided
    air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions
    Crew 1 or 2 people [D & UB models]

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